Monday, March 27, 2006


after just releasing their 11th studio album last year, erasure return with the acoustic album union street.

recorded at a brooklyn studio on union street, vince clarke and andy bell went back into their catalog and found 11 less populist tracks to strip down completely to just vocals and guitars.

the end result is something quite wonderful and i highly suggest you get the album when it comes out in april. with a sold out acoustic tour beginning april 18th, lets hope these two will be adding more dates in the future!

erasure - boy (originally from: cowboy)
erasure - spiralling (originally from: the circus)
erasure - rock me gently (originally from: erasure) (my personal favorite!)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

natasha bedingfield

i've been a fan of natasha since her album came out in the uk back in 2004. now that the US is finally realizing her pop fantastic talents, i'm reaquainting myself with these songs and enjoying her on local tv as opposed to watching everything via the internet.

funnily enough i ask you to check out a recent performance of 'unwritten' from a regis and kelly tv appearance below

ll cool j

welcome to my guilty pleasure of the moment.
ll cool j feat jennifer lopez - lose control (jason nevins elektrotek edit)

neko case

though neko case was born in virginia, vancouver, british columbia was where this alt- country talent found her true voice.

channelling retro country with elements of punk bravado, neko case not only has proven herself one of the more exciting solo female artists around, but her ongoing collaboration with the new pornographers allows her to diversify her amazing voice and sound.

this month neko releases her first studio album in two years called fox confessor brings the flood, it's really beautiful and i've been listening to it nonstop for the past week. check out neko performing on leno last week to get an idea of her strong dynamo voice.

neko case - star witness

neko case - a widow's toast

neko case - train from kansas city

Thursday, March 09, 2006

sondre lerche

23 year old norwegian musical wunderkund sondre lerche returns after a mini break with the 1st of his two planned releases of 2006 called 'duper sessions'.

focusing on his love of jazz and its spontaneous live sound, sondre went into the studio with three other musicians and recorded the album.

the result is a breezy sweet jazzy affair that further shows this kids versatility and talent. until the proper release of his pop album later this year, get to know sondre in a different light.

check out the first video for the duper sessions 'minor detail' below

sondre lerche and the faces down quartet - night and day
sondre lerche and the faces down quartet - the curse of being in love

girls aloud

girls aloud are Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Tweedy, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, and Kimberley Walsh. created after an audience vote selected them as the winning girl group in 2002 uk reality TV series, Popstars: The Rivals. The show adopted a new twist on the Popstars theme, picking opposing boy and girl bands to battle it out in the UK charts. Their debut single, "Sound Of The Underground", was released in December 2002 and stayed at No.1 in the UK charts for four weeks beating not only the boys, but also introduced an interesting group that weren't opposed to releasing left of center power pop.

4 years later and the girls have exceeded all expectations. collaborating with hot producers xenomania, girls aloud have found a strange mix of rock a billy meets hyper pop meets retro 60's to successfully call their own. add to the fact that these ladies have been repackaged to look like nouveau riche trashy chicks and you've got a group that reminds me of what the bratz dolls would be like if they were slutty and in their 20's.

needless to say, i love them!

check out theie performance of 'whole lotta history' on cd:uk below and while you're at it, their myspace site.

girls aloud - sound of the underground
girls aloud - whole lotta history


the cult popularity of 80's icon morrissey has been making the rounds over the past few years. with hot theme parties thrown in his honour all over the world, morrissey finally broke his silence in 2004 with the album 'you are the quarry' to the delight of his many fans.

two years on, the buzzing of a new album ringleader of the tormentors is in our midst and i must say, there a few boys (and girls) like me, who are in tizzy just thinking of it!

co-written with his new writing partner jesse tobias, the new album offers melodious rock anthems mixed in with some dramatic songs of woe. the album also promises to cover multiple themes of mortality, love and a few angry anti government comments for measure (would it be a morrissey album without?).

the album comes out next month, but until then, here are two tracks for you to check out:
morrissey - you have killed me
morrissey - dead god, please help me

jose gonzalez

for those of you who never saw the hypnotic sony bravia ad, may i suggest that you click on the 1st image then check out the making of piece right below.

as for those of you wondering who is that sweet voice singing the cover version of the knife song 'heartbeats', well it's none other than swedish/argentine jose gonzalez.

though this folk singer's awesome album 'veneer' was released in april 05, it took the above ad to bring him into the mainstream and also into the charts. quiet and sublime, check out two of his songs right here:

jose gonzalez - heartbeat #1
jose gonzales - crosses #1

busta rhymes - touch it (remix)

weirdly enough, during the filming of this video, bodyguard izzy ramirez was shot and killed. then artists were brought back in to finish shooting the video with the whole thing now dedicated to izzy. weird indeed.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

keyshia cole

just 23 years old, bay area vocalist keyshia cole has (in my eyes) slowly edged her way to the top of the r&b female singer heap in the past year.

with a killer voice that not only speaks from the heart, keyshia has the ability to also bring in a street vibe that doesn't sound fabricated or fake.

i'm sure comparisons to early mary j blige are all over the place, but keyshia's forte at the moment seems to be street ballads. i'm in love with her current single and can't wait to karaoke it soon!

keyshia cole - love

sugababes vs arctic monkeys

already in version 4 mode, the hipper than thou girls of sugababes have been making some of the best non-commital pop music for awhile.

part ghetto fabulous, part post hipster and yet totally pop at the same time, their awesome catalog is only matched with the behind the scenes drama in which key members seem to drop inexplicably all the time.

late last year, founding member mutya beuna (the one that looked like she could cut you in an alley if she wanted to) left for personal reasons and almost overnight amelle berrabah (the one in the middle) jumped in, re-recorded her vocals on their recent album and is preparing to go on tour with the girls in a couple of months.

it seems like the change hasn't affected their fanbase, their current single 'red dress' went #1 in the charts and they made a bit of a surprise ruckus when they performed a version of the arctic monkeys smash ' i bet you look good on the dancefloor'.

with talks to work with scissor sisters and andre 3000 for the next album, looks like V4 will be doing well for the time being.

check out their version of the arctic monkeys while you're at it....
sugababes - i bet you look good on the dancefloor

josh rouse

josh rouse
josh rouse myspace

there's something about josh rouse's southern laid back vocals meets high class romanticism that has mad me adore his music for years. on his latest venture 'subtitulo', josh is inspired by a small town in spain where he recorded a bulk of this album.

if you haven't heard about this guy, now's the time (though i'm a bigger fan of his last album 'nashville').

check out something from his latest album subtitulo quiet town or right click here


montreal based, dirty-electro maven, tiga, has been filling the dancefloor with his brand of retro 80's new wave meets funk grooves for years. but it's only been in the last two years that his music has finally started to make dents on club charts around the world.

released in feb of this year, his debut album 'sexor' is a mixed bag of drama and sexy (can't really say that it's changed my life, but it's a nice fun album to bide the time until something better comes along!)

but there has been that one song that's been standing out
check out his current release
tiga - far from home

or try this link (right click)