Wednesday, May 30, 2007

songs we like: lupe fiasco feat kanye west and pharrell - us players (free mp3)

lupe fiasco feat kanye west and pharell - us players (legal mp3 yo!)

[originally part of a kanye west mixtape, it looks like lupe convinced kanye to release it under his own name. sampling thom yorke, this song is gorgeous!!! thanks to gvb for the heads up!]

songs we like: the new pornographers - my rights versus yours (free mp3)

the new pornographers - my rights versus yours (legal mp3 yo!)
[imagine my happiness when i discovered that one of my favorite canuck bands are not only releasing a new album, challengers in mid august, but as a bonus to fans, you can also download their 1st single for free! with neko case back in harmony with the boys, this song is just plain joyful!]

Monday, May 28, 2007

live wongie: rufus wainwright @ the old vic, london 5/28/07

one of my post cannes film festival gifts to myself was to book tix to the rufus wainwright concert at london's old vic theatre. originally scheduled for two performances, rufus extended the gigs to 5 consecutive sold out nights at the small prestigious theatre.

for our show, rufus pulled the amazing feat of not only singing almost two hours of songs taken from his current album release the stars, but also showcasing a few numbers from his judy garland concert, singing sans mic (to hear the acoustics of the theatre) and getting dragged up for a show stopping finale. add to the fact that his amazing 7 man band managed to perform the insane orchestral arrangements of the album AND sing lovely backup at the same time, you can imagine the heaven i was in!

as a teaser for those going to see him in the US, here is what you can expect (as recorded a few days earlier in paris).

rufus wainwright - tulsa / the art teacher (live @ le trianon, paris)
[I LOVE the art teacher! just love it!]

rufus wainwright - c'mon get happy (live @ le trianon, paris)
[this is the hilarious judy finale. it's cute online, but to see it live is just joyous!]

UPDATE 5/29:
so more and more pics and reviews have come in since last nights performance (including a lovely detailed one from tricky). also just in is this moving mic-less performance of "macushla" that rufus decided to sing at the old vic to "try out" the acoustics.

rufus wainwright - macushla (live @ the old vic theatre, 5/28)
[thanks to rufus board member chinthe for the recording]

new video monday: unkle feat ian astbury, simian mobile disco, ash, faithless

unkle feat ian astbury - burn my shadow
[damn this is intense! goran visnjic (ER) stars in this killer vid with it's own in built countdown. taken from unkle's upcoming double album war stories, the dramatic vocals were provided by the awesome ian astbury (the cult) and is pretty darn wonderful! thanks to both stereogum and ifmv for the heads up]

simian mobile disco - i believe
[not as instantly catchy as "it's the beat", but still pretty cool nonetheless]

ash - polaris

faithless - i won't stop / i never stop (free uk/european itunes download only)
[here's something weird, faithless and coke have collaborated on a wacky interactive animated project with the creative collective paranoid. i don't really get it, but maybe i'm not their demo]

Sunday, May 27, 2007

gossip - listen up (uk version premiere)

gossip - listen up (2007 uk radio mix /original mix)
[i'm in london! taking a week long break post cannes and the first thing i get to see (cause they still show music videos on tv here) is this reworked 2007 mix of the gossip single "listen up". more disco-ey than before, looks like beth and co are primed to cross over into the uk mainstream like the scissor sisters. heck the video even has choreography! awesome really!]

eve feat swizz beatz - tambourine (world premiere)

eve feat swizz beatz - tambourine
[with one of the hottest hooks i've heard in ages, eve kicks off the summer with this happy ditty. thanks to alis blog for the heads up]

Saturday, May 26, 2007

live wongie: iron and wine feat calexico - he lays in the reins

iron & wine / calexico - he lays in the reins (studio version)
[as a precursor to iron and wine's upcoming new release, i thought i'd post a gorgeous performance of this beautiful song recorded live in studio 1A with the band calexico. the trumpets really make my day!]

dance bitch dance: super mal feat luciana - bigger than big

super mal feat luciana - bigger than big
[i've been looking for this song for the past month and finally found it a few days back. featuring luciana from the bodyrox track last year, this has a similar electro punk vibe with a bit of summer beachside anthem thrown in. ibiza will be going mad for this one.]

weekly additions: pete tong's fast trax

pete tong's fast trax 5/24/07
[On Fast Trax this week Pete has videos from Supermal feat Luciana and Armand Van Helden, an Upfront Tune from Deepest Blue, and an exclusive interview with Ben Watt]

pete tong's fast trax 5/17/07
[On Fast Trax this week Pete has videos from The Shapeshifters and Mauro Picotto, an Upfront Tune from Eyrer and Chopstick feat Zdar, The Bedroom Bedlam track from Jay North and an exclusive interview with Micky Slim]

new video saturday: the view, josh pyke, evermore, beverly knight,

the view - face for the radio
[sweet song! these boys keep on surprising me with what they can do.]

josh pyke - fed and watered
[yet another great song from josh's debut album memories and dust. bring this kid to the states already!]

evermore - never let you go
[good old fashioned epic guitar ballads don't come easily these days. so it's kind of surprisingly that this sweet ditty comes from a trio of brothers hailing from new zealand. must be all that greenery that inspires them so.]

beverly knight - after you
[not the best follow up single (at all) after the awesome no man's land. what's going on beverly?]

Friday, May 25, 2007

cannes 2007: les chansons pop du festival

it's official, cannes 2007 is finally over for me and though i will leave with less filmic highlights than in previous years, there have been a few surprisingly conventional films that i have a feeling will end up on my year-end list.

but since this is a music blog, i thought i'd share with you some of the pop songs that have been accompanying me (whether i liked them or not) during this hectic fest.

shym - t'es parti
[catchy mid tempo r&b track from one of the contestants of nouvelle star. looks like there's some buzz around this girl. truthfully i was too tired to find out.]

emmanuel moire - ca me fait tu bien
[cutie that sings songs that remind of the simplistic chinese ballads that i grew up listening to.]

enur feat natasja - calabria 2007
[this song was everywhere. using the calabria track and throwing on a completely new vocal over it, this one works so much better than that other version that features crystal waters.]

christophe mae - on s'attache
[from theater to the pop world, there is something wonderfully sweet about his voice. definitely works for me.]

superbus - lola
[kind of cool band with an indie edge, but not quite...]

christophe willem - double je
[last year's nouvelle star winner sings like the french cousin of mika and the scissor sisters. it's weird but i like it!]

lord kossity feat chico - hotel room
[absolutely nothing original here, but they play this song everywhere and it's filtered into my conscious. oh well...]

freebies: bonde do role (legal mp3's yo!)

in conjunction with the upcoming release of bonde do role's anticipated debut album with lazers, the good people at domino records have offered up a slew of free mp3's for you to boogie to before the official release next week.

Bonde do role - James Bonde
[hot rocked out fun]

Bonde do role - Quero Te Amar
[domino records says: "old-skool electro, Bambaata-style"]

Bonde do role - Bondallica

UPDATE 5/28: for one week only, itunes is offering their current single solta o frango for free! go download it now!

bonde do role - solta o frango

if you wanna check them out in person, here are their summer tour dates:
May 25th Sheffield, England Plug
May 26th Leeds, England Bad Sneakers @ Faversham
May 27th Nottingham, England Dot To Dot
May 28th Newcastle, England Orange Evolution Festival
May 30th Dublin, Ireland Crawdaddy
May 31st London, England Corsica (with Diplo)
June 1st Barcelona, Spain Primavera Festival
June 3rd Montreal, Quebec La Tulipe (with CSS)
June 4th Toronto, Ontario Horseshoe Tavern (with CSS)
June 6th Vancouver, British Columbia Richard's On Richards (with CSS)
June 7th Seattle, Washington Neumo's (with CSS)
June 8th Portland, Oregon Doug Fir (with CSS)
June 9th San Francisco, California Mezzanine (with CSS)
June 10th Los Angeles, California Henry Fonda Theatre (with CSS)
June 15th Hultsfred, Sweden Hultsfred, SwedenJune 23rd Glastonbury, England Glastonbury Festival
July 6th Amsterdam, Holland 5 Days Off Festival
July 7th Roskilde, Denmark Roskilde Festival
July 18th London, England Lovebox
July 22nd Glasgow, Scotland Trochabrahma
July 28th London, England Trochabrahma
July 29th Liverpool, England Trochabrahma
August 3rd Lisbon, Portugal Sudoeste Festival
August 8th Oslo, Norway Oya Festival
August 11th Tokyo, Japan Summer Sonic Festival
August 12th Osaka, Japan Summer Sonic Festival
August 16th Hasslet, Belgium Pukkelpop Festival
August 25th Cardiff, Wales Get Loaded
August 26th London, England Get Loaded

dance bitch dance: the chemical brothers - do it again

the chemical brothers - do it again
[oh the wacky things dance music makes everyone do! taken from their awesome upcoming album we are the night.]

the white stripes - icky thump (world premiere)

the white stripes - icky thump
[is it just me or is there is something kind of disconcerting with watching meg white in a wig and corset. thanks to ifmv for the tip]

video of the week: tracey thorn - raise the roof

tracey thorn - raise the roof (cagedbaby remix)
(check out the awesome cagedbaby remix to hear a more beat driven version of this cute song)
[this is just totally cute and a perfect visual ending to my cannes film festival experience. in the past two weeks i've seen so many movies based in eastern europe/central asia/north africa/middle east that it's just so brilliant to see innocent images of this side of the world for a change. thanks to xolondon for the tip]

Monday, May 21, 2007

release the b-side: rufus wainwright - cowboy song

rufus wainwright - cowboy song
[still at cannes (which is why i'm keeping this short) but i just found out rufus will be attending the festival to promote the denys arcand film L’Âge des ténèbres (days of darkness, age of innocence)! though one side of me wants to stalk him like a good fanboy, the cineaste in me will most likely just go attend the world premiere this friday and call it a day. until then, check out this bonus track from his album release the stars.
UPDATE 5/25 - just heard rufus will NOT be at cannes after all! poo! i'll just have to see him on the big screen instead.]

Thursday, May 17, 2007

free mp3: madonna - hey you (live earth charity single)

madonna - hey you (live earth charity single)
[as part of its efforts to promote the upcoming live earth concert series, msn is letting fans of madonna download her latest song inspired by the upcoming events. not only that but they will also donate .25 cents per download for the 1st million people who do so. get clicking people (even though the song is kind of naff!) big up to xolondon for the tip.]

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

travis - selfish jean (world premiere)

travis - selfish jean
[not quite sure is this is the official video but comedian dimitri martin offers up a literal version of the catchy travis ditty via cotton. i guess t-shirts are the latest video accessory of the moment.]

loney, dear - saturday waits (world premiere)

loney, dear - saturday waits
[taken off his album loney, noir, one begs to ask the question 'how does one create one of the nicest wistful tunes of the year'? if you're loney, dear apparently it's quite easy. i can't wait to play this on a lazy weekend loop... sigh]

live wongie: tom mcrae (promotional performance video)

tom mcrae - 4play
[check out one of the most underrated singer songwriters around as he performs new tracks from his upcoming album king of cards while introducing them himself.]

mika - relax (take it easy) (premiere)

mika - relax (take it easy)
[3rd single off of mika's life in cartoon motion sounds the most like the scissor sisters (and that is always a good thing)]

fergie - big girls don't cry (new video)

fergie - big girls don't cry
[who knew that heroes star milo ventimiglia would look so good with fake tattoos? while we're at it, why does fergie insist on wearing that lame ass hat plopped on her wimpy permed hair? does that make her more 'serious'? oh the questions, they keep coming! thanks to alisblog for the tip]

Monday, May 14, 2007

mini break: i'm off to the cannes film festival!

for those of you who didn't know already, i actually have a day job covering films and stuff. so as of today, i will be off to the 60th annual cannes film festival to be the ultimate nerd in cinema. i will be posting updates on my pop culture blog wongie's world and will try to keep up on the music front here (but probably not as much). keep coming back to check in on me will ya?

songs we like: the veils - advice for young mothers to be

the veils - advice for young mothers to be
[hailling from new zealand by way of london, the veils is actually the brainchild of lead singer finn andrews. though some may have already been fans through his 2004 critically acclaimed debut album the runaway found, the veils circa 2007 is actually a completly new lineup that now features finn's classmates from highschool. their gorgeous album nux vomica was released late last year in a few territories and is only now getting a proper release here in the states. romantic, melancholic and lush, i'm a sucker for this kind of music (and so should you!)]

remix baby: just jack - writers block (seamus haji big love remix)

just jack - writers block (seamus & haji big love remix)

[seamus haji seem to be everywhere these days! the indian/irish remixer is also becoming quite the producer with the single booty luv in the top 10 this week. this time around, he creates a nice low key housed up number on one of my fave uk singer/rappers of the moment. boogie-licious if you ask me]

wilco - what light (world premiere)

wilco - what light
[yes, i know wilco might be a tad AAA format for me, but i've always had a soft spot for these guys ever since i saw their 2002 documentary i am trying to break your heart in which they were unceremoniously dropped from their label during the recording of the album yankee hotel foxtrot. ironically, they are now signed on to a label that is distributed by the same parent company that dropped them in the first place. the world works in wacky ways!]

live wongie: the white stripes, beirut, final fantasy

the white stripes - folk singer (live @ kcrw)
[a rocked out version of fellow raconteurs bandmate brendan benson. i can't wait to hear more stuff from their upcoming album icky thump]

beirut - siki siki ba ba (live @ bowery ballroom)
[more videos from beirut and final fantasy! this time it's the finale of the sold out bowery ballroom gig in which members of arcade fire and final fantasy all performed on stage with the band. a mayhem filled finale that would make anyone go silly!]

final fantasy - the butcher (live @ bowery ballroom)
[also part of the beirut concert, watch how owen creates music a quartet would make with just his one violin. it's amazing to watch and experience!]

Saturday, May 12, 2007

weekly additions: pete tong's fast trax

pete tong's fast trax 05/10/07
[with profiles on armand van helden, kleerup feat robyn and groove armada]

live wongie: final fantasy featuring beirut - that's when the audience died

final fantasy feat. beirut - that's when the audience died
[two of my favorite acts of last year collaborate on stage with the very essence of what i love about them most. owen pallett (aka final fantasy) plays his violin over a loop machine and creates lush dramatic fare that you find yourself completely transfixed with. beirut brings out a choir of brass that just fills you with instant energy and emotion that instantly makes you into an addict. check out the results when the two experiences merge! (shame that the video director was more obsessed with zach than owen...)]

indie video saturday: kate nash, fujiya and miyagi, motocade

kate nash - foundations
[is she this years lily allen? singer songwriter kate nash definitely has the looks, bitch-slap attitude and catchy tracks to make her buzz worthy of the myspace set. i'm game.]

fujiya & miyagi - ankle injuries
[videos with dominos rock! songs that repeat the bands name over and over again as a bridge is hot! i have no need to be sold on this.]

motocade - my friends
[it's rare that i get access to acts before they get signed to a label, but this new zealand indie quartet have been getting some props on some other blogs and i thought i'd check them out. and guess what, i really dig them! if you like what you see/hear, go to their myspace page to read up about these boys and also some more free downloads.]

Friday, May 11, 2007

what the frick: marilyn manson - heart shaped glasses

marilyn manson - heart shaped glasses
[NOTE: ADULT CONTENT, PLEASE WATCH WITH DISCRETION (and not at the office). this is neither edgy nor decent, just weird exploitation of a young impressionable actress (that i actually like) who will totally regret this years from now. oh rachel evans wood, you need to go through guy detox fast!]

ONCE asks "what does it feel like to be in love"

[call me a romantic (and maybe that's why i'm so enamored with this film), but the people over at ONCE want to know the answer to 'what it feels like to be in love'. if you have an opinion, i'd love to know in the comments section. sigh...]

Once - Hoover Guy (animated by Wendy Lee)
[simple and sweet, yet another musical highlight of the film, now set to stick drawings!]

hear good music: a fine frenzy

there's nothing more suspect than when an artists myspace bio spends a good 3 paragraphs about "dreaming of what was to come and reveling in the antics of her ant-sized neighbors...from the eyes of an outsider. A spectator" (i know, puke inducing right?). but luckily for 22 year old alison sudol, her intimate dreamy sound allows us to overlook the poor marketing judgement from her record label.

think regina spektor meets tori amos but filtered through a more pop aesthetic and you get the idea of a fine frenzy's sound. from her myspace page, the five tracks on offer are all pretty dynamic which makes me kind of eager to listen to her debut album one cell in the sea coming out in july.

until then, check out her 1st video below:

a fine frenzy - rangers (streaming only)

music for you: beirut - napoleon on the bellerophon

beirut - napoloen on the bellerophon

[can you tell i'm in a beirut state of mind these days? taken from his online EP pompeii (buy it at emusic or rough trade), zach condon apparently recorded these tunes before he became the leader of the gulag orkestar. one can also guess that his rumored current affinity to all things french is showcased in this song, so take your pic of theories. personally, i just love him.]

we [heart] mash-ups: lcd soundsystem vs gwen stefani - time to get yummy (dj a-trak)

lcd soundsystem vs gwen stefani - time to get yummy (dj a-trak mash up)

[a hot hot mash-up by kanye west's in house tour DJ a-trak. this montreal born youngin' is actually the youngest DJ to win the DMC World Dj Championship (at age 15 yo!). but the nice thing is he merges current hip hop with some left of center house, pop and indie in his mix. this combo of lcd soundsystem and gwen stefani just sounds so natural! enjoy!]

Thursday, May 10, 2007

live wongie: beirut @ bowery ballroom

beirut - gulag orkestar (live @ bowery ballroom)
[oh the mayhem and utter joy these guys create during their concerts! on sundays show members of arcade fire, final fantasy and every trumpet player in the tri-state area got on stage to perform the massive finale to beirut's sold out concert. awesome indeed! thanks to pitchfork for the vid]

music for you: the walkmen - red river

the walkmen - red river
[though spider man 3 is an overlong empty affair, at least it's soundtrack is packed with enough goodies from the likes of the killers, wolfmother, rogue wave and snow patrol. this is the contribution from NY based cutie patooties the walkmen. personally, i just love lead singer Hamilton Leithauser's screechingly soaring vocals!]

music for you: interpol - the heimrich maneuver

interpol - the heimrich maneuver
[with the blog world going gaga over the ny quartet's new release, i figured i'd check it out for myself. taken off their upcoming album Our Love To Admire, it sounds like interpol have moved away from their lush joy division sound into a more rockier arena. personally i'm a fan of their previous work.]

for the fans, the album tracklisting has been announced as the following:

'Pioneer to The Falls'
'No I in Threesome'
'The Scale'
'The Heinrich Maneuver'
'Pace is the Trick'
'All Fired Up'
'Rest My Chemistry'
'Who Do You Think'
'Wrecking Ball'
'The Lighthouse'

weekly additions: pete tong's fast trax

pete tong fast trax 05/03/07
[booty luv, audiobullys and an interview with the streetlife dj's]

pete tong fast trax 04/26/07
[mr v, martijn ten velden and an interview with chris lake]

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

wongie's old skool: sugababes - overload

sugababes - overload
[has it been almost 8 years for this still catchy song? i can still remember hearing it during a week long trip to london and was just obsessed with this track. much has to do with the nonchalant vocals and 'don't mess with us' image of these girls (in my mind still the best incarnation of the group). with siobhan and mutya both releasing solo albums, i thought i'd put this track out there to remind you of their alt-r&b roots]

siobhan donaghy - so you say (world premiere)

siobhan donaghy - so you say
[with the 1st single just out this week, may we present to you 2nd release from siobhan's awesome ghosts album. the ending is kind of body snatcher-ish, but besides that she looks lovely!]

new (indie) video tuesday: nathan, sea wolf, peter bjorn and john, great lake swimmers

nathan - trans am
[hailing from Winnipeg, canada, this juno award winning band return from a long break with yet another collection of sweet folk inspired songs. their lovely album key principles deserves to be discovered by music loving folk like you!]

seawolf - you're a wolf (legal mp3 yo!)
[basically the creation of one man band alex church, sea wolf has been doing the rounds touring live for the past year before signing with dangerbird records in december. releasing the EP get to the river before it runs too low this week, looks like buzz momentum is finally happening with mtvu on board. thanks to ifmv for the tip.]

peter bjorn & john - up against the wall (unofficial video)
[a video installation tribute to the artist martin arnold, don't say we're not cultural here on wongie's music world!]

great lake swimmers - backstage with the modern dancers
[i have to admit that prior to watching this video, i've never heard of this canadian band. but after listening to a few tracks from their album ongiara i have to say that i'm very intrigued by them. ironically diehard fans of great lake swimmers have stated that this is actually their least favorite album (which means their previous releases must have been amazing!) gimme some time to discover this band and i'll report back to you soon.]

remix baby: charlotte gainsbourg - the operation (cousin cole remix)

charlotte gainsbourg - the operation (cousin cole remix)

[brooklyn dj and cutie patootie cousin cole recently passed on to me his latest remix of charlotte gainsbourg's lovely song "the operation". though i kind of passed over charlotte's album 5:55 the first time around, after listening to this version, i'm definitely going to go back and see what i've been missing. thanks cousin cole! (also featured on the awesome dance blog call me mickey)]

songs we like: editors - smokers outside the hospital door

editors - smokers outside the hospital door

[ok, i'm going absolutely apeshit for this song! leaving behind the goth-ish influences of their previous album the back room, the editors return with a guitar driven anthem that ends with an epic choir finale. OTT never sounded so good! what a great way to tease their upcoming album an end has a start!]

editors - an end has a start (album promotional video)

the leak: m.i.a. - hit that

m.i.a. - hit that

[ever the first to break songs, the normally pop blog chris pix passed on this awesome track from the upcoming m.i.a. album kala. the album was originally supposed to be for a june release but for some reason is now pushed back to august. with a barrage of producers including timbaland and diplo involved, i'm already gagging for more...hurry up already!]

Monday, May 07, 2007

dance bitch dance: armand van helden - nyc beat

armand van helden - nyc beat
[the video is completely shitty, but this song (taken from his upcoming album ghettoblaster) is easily one of this summer's best dance anthems. ironically, NYC hasn't felt this 'hip' in ages, but then again i don't wear leg warmers when i groove around town to this.]

hype wongie: ONCE (a new vid, glen hansard live)

once - when your mind's made up
[another week another reminder that one of my favorite movies of the year will be opening on may 18th (in LA and NY, then in other cities soon after). this time it's movie clips set to the awesome track "when your mind's made up". if you've been lucky enough to catch glen and marketa during their US film tour, then i'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.]

glen hansard - astral weeks (van morrison cover)
[doing double duty touring with both the frames and the film, glen stopped by the awesome radio station the current and performed this cover. gosh i love him...]

Thursday, May 03, 2007

robin thicke - can u believe (new video)

robin thicke - can u believe
[the record label has been going back and forth about the follow up to lost without you's success and this track is it. um... low key, pleasant and... really? maybe it's a grower... thanks to kevipod for the vid tip]

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

new video wednesday: lcd soundsystem, bobby valentino, css

lcd soundsystem - all my friends (franz ferdinand cover)
[is it me, or does james murphy look more and more like peter gabriel? so weird!]

bobby valentino feat timbaland - anonymous
[the whole timbaland sound is starting to get tired, but dammit is this song catchy! argh!]

CSS - alcohol
[love the photos taken when these puppets are drunk! hilarious!]

video of the week: robbie williams - the 80's

robbie williams - the 80's
[oh my god, this song is just plain horrible! the only redeeming factor is that the video by 12.50 pounds (aka Nahuel Lerena, Pato Byrne & Paula Alvarez Vaccaro) is pretty darn amazing. chosen from a group of video submissions, no wonder this one took the award for best vid. click here to watch the other versions. and thanks to if:mv for the tip]

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

hear good music: josh pyke

taking up the guitar at a young age, singer/songwriter josh pyke quickly found popularity back in 2005 when the influential australian station triple J pinpointed him as an artist to watch. his subsequent singles all ended up on their year-end list and culminated to josh's nomination in the ARIA's as one of the best pop artists in australia for 2006. all this from his feeding the wolves EP!

with the recent release of his 1st full length album memories and dust, josh is also extending his popularity and is taking his gentle sweet vocals over to UK touring with the awesome scott matthews. hopefully his label will want to push him stateside so we can check him out in the US soon.

josh pyke - middle of the hill
[check out the single that caught my attention a few months back. autobiographical and catchy, no wonder the aussies went loopy so quickly]

josh pyke - memories & dust
[title track to his full length album, there is just a hint of crowded house here; and that's a good thing!]

josh pyke - lines on palms
[josh's latest single in australia. enjoy!]

new video tuesday: xpress2, patrick wolf, newton faulkner, soulsavers, electric soft parade

thanks to if:mv for some of these vid tips!

xpress2 feat tim delaughter - witchi tai to
[old skool bootlegging! what the heck we did before downloading (B.D.) is beyond me]

patrick wolf - the magic position (live podcast performance)
[though everyone i know was in love with this guy, i have to say that i was very reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. much has to do with patrick's voice (which is kind of 'eh') but after watching this performance, i'm kind of warming up to this boy. oh well... better late than never right? if you like it check out his album the magic position]

newton faulkner - i need something
[looks like the uk finally gets their version of the john mayer/jason mraz hybrid. the trajectory to nice heights will probably be a sweet one, then let the backlash commence by november.]

soulsavers - revival
[the video is like a lost episode of the now defunct HBO series Carnivale. just one of the gems from the highly dramatic eclectic band's new album it's not how far you fall, it's the way you land.]

electric soft parade - if that's the case, then i don't know (legal download yo!)

electric soft parade - appropriate ending (here's another track from their album no need to be downhearted, personally i thiknk it's a better song)

songs we like: beverley knight - no man's land

beverley knight - no man's land
[one of the uk's most underrated soul singers gets an opportunity to release an album that showcases the essence of what she's all about. heading on down to nashville to record music city soul, this track gives you an example of the amazing range and quality of her voice. fingers crossed, this girl deserves proper recognition!]

beverley knight - music city soul EPK
[here is a nice epk for the making of her new album]