Thursday, August 30, 2007

beirut - postcards from italy (video premiere)

beirut - postcards from italy [link 2]

[it's kind of fitting that a new video would be made for a 'classic' Beirut song that's almost two years old. but that's exactly what director Alma Har'el decided on shooting for her 2nd collaboration with Zach Condon aka Beirut.

grabbing footage from home videos bought on ebay mixed in with shots of Zach and his girlfriend Kristianna dressed to fit a bygone era, this is pretty much how i pictured the video in my head. a reminder of just how timeless and sentimental the song really is, it's just perfect that we get this on the eve of his fabulous new album. can you tell i'll be in 'sigh' mode all week? thanks to pitchfork/forkcast for the video tip!]

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the best 3 min 50 seconds you'll hear this week: beirut - cliquot

beirut - cliquot [link 2]

[we got a taster of this beirut song last week thanks to a lovely live cover version performed by final fantasy. turns out owen has an even bigger connection to this song as he's not only offered up backing vocals but string arrangements to this here studio version.

and oh, what a song it is. all the wistful elements of beirut swoon throughout, as castenets, warm horn sections and vocal harmonies drift plentifully. is this the best tune from his upcoming album the flying club cup ? i'm not quite sure (just got ahold of the album today), but it's definitely the song that i've listened to the most. beirut is back and this wongie is a happy camper!]

(pop) songs we like: jamie scott & the town - when will i see your face again

jamie scott & the town - when will i see your face again (click here to watch the video)

[i don't know what the UK is putting in their water for the past few years, but they seem to be coming up with one sweet white soul r&b influenced artist after another. the latest US airwaves ready act is 25 singer/songwriter jamie scott. though his debut album was due for release back in 2005, things got held up indefinitely when his label was caught up in a merger and he had to wait out his contract in the process.

but good things definitely come to those who wait because the boy is not only signed with a new label, but the same kind of care taken to build label mate james morrison's career is being set for jamie scott his band, the town. check out the gorgeous harmonies in his latest single... sigh, can you tell i'm already won over!]

jamie scott & the town - weeping willow
[less poppy as the current single, but this showcases jamie's talented vocal abilities... i'm a fan!!! if you like what you hear, pre-order his debut album park bench theories now!]

jamie scott - smile (lily allen cover)
[a lovely cover, but what the heck is he doing in the middle of a rocky field?]

dance bitch dance: axwell feat charles salter - i found you

axwell feat charles salter - i found you (radio mix) [link 2]
[who knew that a swedish dj could make me dance so hard (and he throws in a cutie dancer in the video to boot!)? easiest my favorite club song this summer, "i found u" has got all the elements that i like in my dance music; 80's keyboard house hooks, a killer breakdown and sweet old cheesy vocals that just brings a smile to my face. i'm so happy that this song is FINALLY getting a proper crossover!]

remix baby: cousin cole offers up 3 new remixes for timbaland, soulja boy and cassidy!

it's been awhile since i've had the time to go through my wongie's music world inbox, so imagine my total joy when i found THREE kick ass remix gems from my brooklyn boy cousin cole today! if you haven't heard these yet, grab these asap!

timbaland - the way i are (cousin cole's unwound mix) [link 2]
[mashing in a bit of marva whitney's "unwind yourself", this totally sounds like a timbaland/dap kings collaboration (hm... weirder things have been known to happen) hot!]

soulja boy - crank dat (soulja boy) (cousin cole remix) [link 2]
[i have to admit that i just discovered the original version by soulja boy last week. i think my lack of interest (to this top 10 smash) has to do with the fact that there are way too many self emposed dance 'crazes' these days. thanks to good ol cousin cole, i'm dancing like a superman, no I MEAN YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU]

cassidy - my drink & my 2 step (cousin cole remix) [link 2]
[definitely better than the original version by rapper cassidy. i'm surprised he's still signed to a label.]

Saturday, August 25, 2007

the leak: roisin murphy - let me know

roisin murphy - let me know [link 2]

[with popjustice hyping roisin's album overpowered as one of the best of 2007, i'm super happy to hear that their proclamation can't be denied with the release of her sweet scorching 2nd single! co-written and produced by andy cato (groove armada) this track is just 80's disco heaven! thanks to the roisin murphy blog for the cover pic and check out behind the scenes of the wacky shoot below!]

roisin murphy - let me know (photo shoot)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the sound of suck: madonna feat. pharrell - the beat goes on

madonna feat pharrell - the beat goes on [link 2]

["on and on the beat goes, on and on the beat goes" (repeat til ad nauseam), what the frick kind of annoying chorus is that? this better be a leaked demo that has nothing to do with madge's upcoming 'urban' influenced album, cause it's painfully obvious that pharrell has lost his touch. ugh!]

live wongie: zach condon & kocani orkestar - siki siki baba (live @ blogotheque)

zach condon & kocani orkestar - siki siki baba [link 2] (live @ blogotheque, paris)
[after playing this song as his encore every night, zach condon (aka beirut) finally gets to perform with the band that inspired his last album gulag orkestar's sound. it's a total mess, but it's pretty darn touchingly cool at the same time! thanks again for deaf indie elephants for the music!]

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

new video wednesday: rilo kiley, jose gonzalez, the bees, shocking pinks, the shins, new buffalo, wisely, the go team, handsome furs, shy child

hey guys, may i bring to you this massive batch of awesome videos that came out in the past week! so enjoy this big post while i go on a work related assignment through the weekend.

rilo kiley - silver lining [link 2]
[now this is more like it, the 2nd single off the just released under the blacklight album is pretty darn catchy (possible song of the week?). jenny lewis sounds amazing and looks fabulous as the runaway bride. thanks to spinner for the world premiere!]

jose gonzalez - down the line [link 2]
[swedish argentinian singer songwriter (that's alot of hyphens) jose gonzalez returns to our stereos with his upcoming long player in our nature. it's been almost two years since his last release and well, he's still as mellow and introverted as ever (in his case, that's a good thing!).]

the bees - listening man [link 2]
[i can't believe i missed this video two months back! it's like watching a wes anderson movie set to music. directed by dominic leung, this is easily my video of the week!]

shocking pinks - end of the world [link 2]
[originally developed as a side project for new zealander nick harte (the brunettes) has now become a full fledged buzz act now that hip label DFA have jumped on board to release his last two albums as one collection. i'm digging what i hear so far!]

the shins - turn on me [link 2]
[the most 'shins' sounding track off their last album wincing the night away. i'm surprised that it's taken so long to release (and a 3rd single to boot!), but better late than never right?]

new buffalo - cheer me up thank you [link 2]
[new buffalo is actually melbourne based singer songwriter sally seltmann's alter ego. with her sweet vocals and catchy pop tracks, it's always nice to discover something cool from aussie-land. taken off her 2nd album somewhere, anywhere, just wanted to thank to ifmv for the video tip!]

wisely - through any window [link 2]
[when the ever cool actress jenna fischer (aka pam beesley from the office) fawns over a band, she's pretty whole hearted about it. so much so that when california singer songwriter, willy wisely asked her to be in his latest video, she agreed instantly (even though 80% of it is through a bunch of polaroids which she happily posed for). told you she was cool! wisely's album parador is available through itunes.]

the go! team - doing it right [link 2]
[i talked about the go! team two weeks back and have nothing new to add, so here is the new video for their album proof of youth.]

handsome furs - cannot get started [link 2]
[yet another side project from an established band member, this time it's dan boeckner from montreal's wolf parade and his wife alexei perry. the duo, handsome furs, try to make as much beat driven noise with their music but through sparse instrumentation. i kind of dig it! check out their album plague park if you like what you hear too.]

shy child - summer [link 2]
[ny duo shy child continue to find buzz abroad with their nu-rave, rock, dance sound. noise won't stop is the album to find this latest gem (can you tell my brain is fried? see you guys in a few days).]

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

live wongie: interpol, final fantasy, kt tunstall

interpol - mammoth [link 2]
[so they're saying this is the official video for interpol's 2nd single off their our love to admire album, but i'm not quite sure about that. if it is, then, woohoo video premiere! nevertheless, this was recorded live at the astoria in london, so enjoy!]

final fantasy - cliquot (beirut cover) [link 2]
[final fantasy is obviously a big fan of beirut (and vice versa since they tour together all the time), but to do a cover of an unreleased song from beirut's upcoming album the flying club cub, now that's love! check out owen's beautiful cover as he performs it live at le divan du monde in paris. big thanks to deaf indie elephants and musicslut for the tip and then some!]

kt tunstall - funnyman (live) [link 2]
[from her upcoming album drastic fantastic, check out this exclusive t4 performance of the new track 'funnyman' featuring her wonderful backup singers Gita Harcourt and Cat Sforza (the harmonies on this are killer!)]

the leak: just jack featuring kylie minogue - i talk too much

just jack feat kylie minogue - i talk to much
[link 2]

[you are not imagining things, kylie minogue has indeed contributed some accompanying vocals to the now-classic just jack single "i talk too much". easily one of my favorite songs off the 2006 overtones album, this new version is part of the repackaged US release coming out on august 28th. the album rocks, so go out and get it will ya?]

if you've been wondering where i've been...

the 411: apologies if you've come for a visit to wongie's music world and discovered that i've taken a bit of a break from spreading my music love. in the past month, i kind of took on a new gig that has been eating up my free time and well, i kind of had to disappear. though i am back, there will be pockets of time every month where i'll go missing but don't worry, i'll try to return with even more goodies and stuff to appease my guilt.

as a return present, i bring you a bit of viral fun that was created by the new york based group connected ventures one day after work. the result of this video (which was placed on their youtube like site vimeo) has been over 1 million plays and countless resumes sent in from people who think this place rocks.
heck, i wanna work there too!

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta [link 2]

since we're sharing stuff from Harvey Danger, looks like the band are offering their latest album Little By Little completely free on their website. If you want to know why, check out their very practical and forward thinking reason here.

Monday, August 13, 2007

bjork - innocence (video premiere)

bjork - innocence [link 2]
[after looking at over 500 entries, bjork and her fans chose this wonderfully animated video by french duo fred&annabelle. what's up with psycho babies these days? thanks to ifmv for the video tip! enjoy!]

demo love: justin timberlake - ayo technology (no rap)

justin timberlake - ayo technology [link 2]

[though the release of this song is really a 50 cent track, i found a 50-less version floating around today with just good ol JT doing the honors. personally, i like it better, even though it's only a vocal demo with no lyrics other than for the chorus. bummer for 50, plus for us! enjoy!]

Sunday, August 12, 2007

kate havnevik - unlike me (world premiere)

kate havnevik - unlike me
though norwegian singer/songwriter kate havnevik released the album melankton last year, the single 'unlike me' has slowly crept into the mainstream through word of mouth from increasingly dedicated fans. is she this years imogen heap? sure, why not!

girls aloud - sexy! no no no (video premiere)

girls aloud - sexy no no no [link 2]
[after teasing their fans for the past week and a half, girls aloud finally premiere the video to one of the strangest pop singles of the year. as i've mentioned before the muso in me wants to fight my love for these girls. but the over the topness of them all just continues to draw me in! thanks to perez hilton and kevipod for the video tip!]

Saturday, August 11, 2007

virgin music festival 2007: day 2 (aug 5)

turns out i wasn't the only one completely shattered by hanging out in the insane sun for 9 hours straight. one member of the weekend posse (ironically the youngest) got heat stroke, ended up feeling nauseous and hitched a ride back to nyc with another friend. so then we were 6 tired festival go-ers.

we decided that regina spektor, spoon, css and girl talk were worth skipping in order to catch up on our lack of sleep. rock and roll? yeah, so not!
we got to the grounds around 5pm just in time to catch karen o of the yeah yeah yeahs do her thing on the main stage.

the crowd on day 2 was a tad more chilled out and hippy than the previous one. but karen's occasional glorious screech was enough to make any peace loving folk into a punk rocker.

after going through various rocked out songs, she led the crowd into a wonderfully mellow rendition of "maps". it was perhaps the only swoon moment of the weekend and i love her for it!
yeah yeah yeahs - maps (acoustic) [link 2]
of course all great yeah yeah yeah concert's always include some weird, but fierce, costuming. karen sure outdid herself with this american indian inspired poncho cape thingy. just look at the silver curtain tassles!

yeah yeah yeahs - cheated hearts [link 2]

after a mini liquid break, my friend with the pass brought me to the vip stage to check out interpol. i'm not lost on the irony that i had to go to baltimore to check out some of my favorite new york bands, but watching the boys of interpol command an audience of 5000-6000 people was pretty impressive. lead singer paul banks cooly went through the best tracks of their three albums and would rest a cigarette in his mouth during intrumental breaks.

rock n roll!

interpol - slow hands [link 2]
interpol - no i in the threesome [link 2]

[after awhile, i noticed that lead guitarist daniel kessler does some fancy footwork while playing on stage. i couldn't resist and recorded some of it to show you guys.]

look the guitarist from the yeah yeah yeahs was transfixed with daniel's dancing too!

by 8:50pm, i ran over to the dance tent to watch what i knew would be the highlight of my weekend, the m.i.a. gig! with her new album kala THE soundtrack for the weekend car ride, most of my posse were all jazzed up to party (and boy, does she throw a good one!)

starting off with the bombastic basslines of "bamboo banger", m.i.a. mixed in all the hits from arular with most of my personal favorites off her new album kala (though weirdly enough, the 2nd single "jimmy" was not on the set list).

m.i.a. - bamboo banger [link 2]
m.i.a. - pull up the people [link 2]
though m.i.a. ended our 2 day live musical extravaganza, i realised that the 2nd day was just 4 hours of attendance in total. but that doesn't matter since the whole 48 hour experience was easily one of the best of this year.

i realise that after i catch up on my sleep, i will so be ready for virgin festival 2008!

virgin music festival 2007: day 1 (aug 4)

concert day! my posse and i have been psyched about going to the virgin music festival for awhile, but something about getting up at 5am to drive to baltimore kind of put a grouchy damper on the days excitement (it didn't help that i was up until 3am watching the summer finale of degrassi high ... oh yes, i go there!).

but once we got to the venue all fatigue was forgotten as our group of 8 music lovers split up to check out bands and dj's throughout the three spaces.
first up for me were the fratellis. the scottish trio played at the 2nd stage to a relatively enthusiastic, but small crowd, of about 200-300 fans (it was also 1:30pm). what surprised me were the amount of young (like 14/15 young) kids who knew the lyrics to the band. i'm so used to seeing people my age at nyc's venues that checking out kids who rock is just weird.
the band zipped through their hits before playing a few new tracks that showcased a rockier sound, but with all their trademarked sweet harmonies thrown in.

the fratellis - flathead [link 2]
the fratellis - chelsea dagger [link 2]

amy winehouse was next, but things were getting increasingly hot that afternoon, so the group met up at the vip lounge (where drinks were plentiful and massive cooling fans were placed on the viewing decks). yeah, we wimped out by watching the wine-ster from afar. it wasn't the best performance cause amy sings through her album with pure nonchalance. imagine what she would sound like if she actually put some effort into it!
amy winehouse - rehab [link 2]
after stocking up on liquids, i braved the 102F weather and headed out to the dance tent to check out felix da housecat.

now it's been awhile since i've gone clubbing, but i completely forgot how these guys play to the masses at these large venues. repetitive beats were plentiful and vocals were left to a minimum. luckily felix started his set with some good ol classics to get the room going. i haven't heard this in awhile so it was worth the sweat!
the prodigy - smack my bitch up [link 2]
oh look, richard branson!
peter bjorn and john were already a few songs deep into their set before i made my way back to live music. since i already saw these boys at the beginning of summer, i kind of stayed back and just bopped my head to everything. looking around, i quickly gathered that most of the people watching hadn't had the spring of 'young folks' like i did. some girls started to do some freaky hippy dancing and i knew that it was my cue to go back to the vip lounge for more drinks.
peter bjorn & john - young folks [link 2]

oh the wacky people of music festivals!
on the way back to the lounge, i stopped through the dance tent once again to see the 'legendary' danny tenaglia.

now i'm totally dating myself, but back in my day danny was an AMAZING dj that worked the room into a tribal frenzy. house was his sound at the time, and i was hoping for something other than the techno i was hearing so far.

but what i got was worse. danny circa 2007 has become a friggin minstrel of a dj. standing in front the crowd making cheesy faces and dance moves, it was completely embarassing to see a legend boiled down to this monkey of a level. after two songs, i had to walk out.

looking at my watch, i realised that i didn't have enough time to go back to the lounge, so i rushed back to the 2nd stage to get as close to the front of the lcd soundsystem performance as possible.

lucky i did that cause i bumped into a friend en route who told me he had an extra pass to watch the whole concert from the stage!

walking behind the stage to go to the vip side, i passed by the completely unassuming and adorably stocky james murphy (aka the lead singer of the band) and gave him this big smile that was half 'oh my god, there he is' and 'oh yeah, i've been around celebrities before'. i think i just looked constipated as a result.

minutes later james went on stage and rocked easily gave the best performance of the day with his band of multi-instrumentalists. i've never been able to catch lcd in new york, so this performance exceeded all my expections. energetic, raw and darn funky, i basically got my dance on throughout the 50 minute set. amazing!

lcd soundsystem - time to get away [link 2]
lcd soundsystem - yeah [link 2]

finally got my wish to go back to the lounge for a rest, but the area was completely packed with other people who had the same idea.

with no place to chill, i went back out and caught some tv on the radio before it got too hot for me to handle (visual proof i was there for one song).

tv on the radio - wolf like me [link 2]

ducked into the dance tent to see old schoolers sasha and digweed do their thing (i use that term loosely since i'm probably only 7 or 8 years younger than they are).
i have to admit the grooves were addictive, but the heat was really getting me (and the fact that i hadn't found any place to rest was putting a strain on me). i just bopped slowly as the rest of the energetic (and probably chemically enhanced) kids went apeshit around me.
here's one of the tracks they played during the set:
the chemical brothers - do it again (oliver huntemann mix) [link 2]

nightfall offered no reprise as the heat and the increasing sandy dust just made it unbearable. which is a total shame because by the time the police came on, i had turned into a crabby tired evil festival go-er.
i do have to say that sting sounded pretty amazing but dammit, i was ready to go.
the police - roxanne [link 2]

end of day one!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

free mp3: bats for lashes - horse and i (itunes)

bats for lashes - horse and i [itunes link]

[i was actually going to do a special write up about natasha khan and her bats for lashes alias, but itunes is offering a free mp3 of her song "horse and i" this week and i thought you should just listen to her stuff before i do a proper introduction in a few days. definitely falling on the kooky side of alt-pop, natasha's ethereal renaissance fair presentation is not for everyone, but with a mercury prize nomination, people are definitely interested... and so should you!]

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

m.i.a. - jimmy (world premiere)

m.i.a. - jimmy [link 2]
[by far one of the best songs on the new album kala, i'm just surprised that m.i.a. didn't perform this over the weekend at the virgin festival (the full report of those concerts tomorrow). but no worries, this is the song that we sang all weekend in the car! so for now, here you go, the world premiere of what may be one of the best singles of the summer... acha!!]

interview: glen hansard and marketa irglova (ONCE) backstage at the carson daly show

glen hansard & marketa irglova (ONCE) - falling slowly [link 2]
[just returned from my weekend at the virgin festival and am too tired to write about it tonight, but i did find this nice interview with glen and marketa backstage at the carson daly show last week as the lovebirds performed falling slowly live. i'm so happy that the song is getting play (finally!) but was shocked to hear that director john carney almost threw in an ending in which 'guy' and 'girl' kiss. thank goodness it didn't go down like that!]

Saturday, August 04, 2007

virgin music festival, here i come!

i'm at the virgin music festival this weekend and won't be doing any music updates until at least tuesday. so enjoy yourselves and expect a nice review of the whole event when i get back!
if you're going and see a bespectled asian bloke bopping around, say 'hey' will ya?

Friday, August 03, 2007

50 cent feat justin timberlake - ayo technology (video premiere)

50 cent feat justin timberlake - ayo technology [link 2]
[part of the new and improved kindler gentler 50 cent, this timbaland/timberlake produced track looks set to be more of a crossover than his previous release "i get money". hopefully it will also cause some extra positive buzz since the speculation of pushing back his album curtis twice this year is that the album isn't very good. yikes! personally, i'm kind of 'eh' about this track. but thanks to alis blog for the hook up to this hot joseph kahn directed video!]

Thursday, August 02, 2007

album leak: kate nash - made of bricks

it's been an amazing week with new albums by sia, m.i.a. and now kate nash all making it in my inbox!

the 20 year old singer songwriter (who has garnered her own music genre of "chavtronica") has moved from buzz act to being a full fledged chart sensation in the uk as her much loved "foundations" single has been stuck at #2 in the top 10 for what seems like eons (since june 26th to be exact). so much so, her label has moved up the release of kate's debut album made of bricks to next week!

we've been loving kate for quite some time now, so i'm kind of finished with superlatives, but my bud xolondon came up with a really nice review of the album here.

as for the album, the track listings are as follows:
1. Play
2. Foundations [link 2]
3. Mouthwash
4. Dickhead
5. Birds [link 2]
6. We Get On
7. Mariella
8. Shit Song
9. Pumpkin Soup
10. Skeleton Soup
11. Nicest Thing
12. Merry Happy/Little Red [link 2]

if you like what you hear, make sure you get the album made of bricks next week!

the white stripes - you don't know what love is (video premiere)

the white stripes - you don't know what love is (you just do as you're told) [link 2]
[can you write an instant american classic? seems like the white stripes have done so with this song. it just sounds like something that people will be citing as one of their all time favorite classic american tunes in the future. taken from their album icky thump, it looks like i gotta go back to the album as i see that i've missed something the first time around.]

on the fence: the go! team - doing it right

the go! team - doing it right [link 2]
[i have always been on the fence with the go! team. though i really love the fact that band leader ian parton created their distinct sound of merging heavy guitars with double dutch and car crash noises in his basement, i honestly can't go through a whole album without the music getting on my last nerves. one minute it's like cheerleaders on crack, the next it's a retro 70's movie spinning round and round and round and round (you get the picture). but when it works, it's almost magical. case in point, their latest single "doing it right" seems to represent a bright and hopeful britannica youth of the 60's. it's enough to make you want to take a time machine and grow a beehive! if you like this, get ready for more when their upcoming album proof of youth drops in september.]