Tuesday, September 25, 2007

rihanna feat neyo - hate that i love you (video premiere)

rihanna feat ne-yo - hate that i love you [link 2]
[now this is the way a pop song and video should be. yet another gem from the surprisingly wonderful good girl gone bad album, i've been listening to this song all summer so the fact that it's finally a single just rocks. throw in a gorgeous rihanna and a nice bittersweet twist at the end makes this the best video of the week. LOVE IT! thanks to xolondon and perez hilton for the tip.]

pop dis: alicia keys, kanye west, nicole scherzinger, taio cruz, sugababes

though the following acts have produced underwhelming content (whether musically or visually), i want it on record that i'm actually a fan and just want them to do better!

[now that you've seen the misguided video (i mean, c'mon, a shot of a watch when she sings 'time'!), check out the fabulous live performance at the VMA's a few weeks back...]

alicia keys - no one [link 2]
[it actually took this performance above that convinced me how much i really liked this song. this also proves that alicia is a far better live artist than a video one.

kanye west feat t-pain - good life [link 2]
[how commercial does it have to get? well in the case of kanye, bringing the lame vocoder stylings of hitmaker t-pain is the ingredient for success. am i the only person not into his latest album graduation?]

nicole scherzinger feat will.i.am - baby love [link 2]
[simplistic melody, middle of the road sentiments, do YOU think head pussycat doll nicole scherzinger is doing a good job of going solo? this video just makes me want to go to the beach, NOT listen to the song. all i can say is release the neyo penned 'sway' already.]

taio cruz - moving on [link 2]
[trying so hard to be the 'next' neyo, uk artist taio cruz has shamelessly released two tracks that sound like tossed aside demos of the 'ney-ster'. how do you spell bland? apparent with a 't' and ending in an 'o'.]

sugababes - about you now [link 2]
[how shiteous can a video be? the yellow outfits, the lame guy jumping over everything, the mediocre pop song. where is the edge that we loved about this group? bring them back!]

live wongie: athlete - with every heartbeat (robyn cover @ bbc radio 1 live lounge)

athlete - with every heartbeat (@ bbc radio 1 live lounge)
[link 2]

[been meaning to update for a bit, but stupid deadlines and travelling have been the cause of my complete lack of postings. so unfortunately, i'll have to do some quickies of stuff that i've found in the past few weeks. enjoy this lovely cover version of robyn's #1 hit by the deptford, uk singalong band athlete.]

live wongie: marissa nadler - diamond hearts (live @ lou's)

marissa nadler - diamond hearts [link 2]

[like all wonderful music encounters, i came across marissa nadler completely by accident. i was surfing the web and saw the design of her current album song III: bird on the water and decided to check out the music behind the pretty cover. and what a great choice that turned out to be, marissa's haunting voice is at once creepy (in a good way) and soothing like a lullabye. kind of like a damp chilly fall evening that you don't mind walking home to. trust me, that's not a dis! check out marissa as she performs this gorgeous song live with just a guitar, reverb and a playback.]

Friday, September 14, 2007

roisin murphy - let me know (video premiere)

roisin murphy - let me know [link 1] [link 2]
[not as fun as her previous video, but i love the fact that every video so far is associated with food and everyday situations. can't wait for the new album to drop already!!!!]

Monday, September 10, 2007

video flash: britney's VMA performance

britney - gimme more
[unfortunately i'm still at the toronto film festival, but i thought i'd give myself a mid-fest break and pass on the horrible perforance by britney at the VMA's last night. she's like pop's own version of anna nicole at this point. ugh, but enjoy!]

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

pardon the break

for the next week and a half i'm off to our cousin's up north and attending the toronto international film festival. it'll be an intense visit for me and therefore i will be making fewer postings on this music blog. drop in every few days, but i can't guarantee too many musical gems for you. but i promise after the 17th, things will be back in order.

see you in a week and a half!

Monday, September 03, 2007

it's britney bitch: britney feat t.i. - gimme more (remix)

britney feat t.i. - gimme more (remix) [link 2]
[flooding the internet over the weekend, britney's 'comeback' single had the potential to be interesting, but something was missing... turns out a more bombastic beat and an awesome fan mash up featuring t.i. was the answer! now i'm all buzzed about this trailer trash's return to the charts. speaking of which, who are the gal enablers surrounding the brit-ster in the above pic? they just look like bad news!]

(pop) songs we like: sophie ellis bextor - today the sun's on us

sophie ellis bextor - today the sun's on us [link 2]
sophie ellis bextor - today the sun's on us (richmann radio remix) [link 2]
[easily one of the best pop songs of the summer, this track slowly crept on me over the past few weeks and is now lodged on my ipod repeat. my feelings for sophie ellis bextor has always been a mixed bag since i feel she is only as good as her last single. in this case, i feel like the tune is kind of a pop classic and the fact that video director sophie muller creates yet another batch of interesting images, (retelling a modern day bonnie & clyde story) is pretty all around cool. btw, i've thrown in the equally lovely richmann radio mix for your pleasure!]

old skool dance bitch dance: sonny j - can't stop moving

sonny j - can't stop moving [link 2]
[cutting up various samples into one of the catchiest retro dance songs of the summer, mystery artist sonny j is getting some serious instant play these days. you'll be bopping along to this in no time and will be sick of it in a week! you have been warned!]

(pop) songs by bands we like: goldspot, the enemy & rooney

goldspot - friday [link 2]
[any song that begins with bollywood strings deserves a good listen, add to the fact that this los angeles band has written a perfectly sweet post-summer love ditty is an added bonus! named after the gold spot soda (if you grew up in asia during the 80's you'd totally remember them!), lead singer siddhartha khosla and his band are getting some play in the UK and hopefully on home turf soon!]

the enemy - you're not alone [link 2]
[the first single by the enemy, that i heard a few months back, kind of passed my blip only cause it just sounded derivative of the other uk band stuff out there. the good news is that their follow up single not only reminds me of something from a john hughes movie, but is actually catchy and quite wonderful. playlisted on bbc/radio 1 for eons, i'm finally jumping on the bandwagon of the enemy. enjoy!]

rooney - when did your heart go missing [link 2]
[great pop song but this video trying to 'sex' up these cali boys is kind of lame. oh well, just press play and use it as background music.]

Saturday, September 01, 2007

remix baby: m.i.a. feat akon & r.city - boyz (remix)

m.i.a. feat akon & r.city - boyz (remix) [link 2]
[just in time for the rest of the weekend, check out this HOT blazin remix featuring everyone's favorite collaborator akon and reggae artist r city. i thought my love of 'boyz' was over by now, but with this remix... it's back on!!!]

okkervil river - our life is not a movie or maybe (video premiere)

okkervil river - our life is not a movie or maybe [link 2]
[just to show you how un-indie i am, i didn't 'discover' this austin based band until their latest album the stage names; it being their 5th album release since 1999. but better late than never cause this album is fast becoming one of my favorites of the summer. for those 1st time listeners, enjoy the lovely 'who-hoo' chorus that pops up a good minute into this cool dramatically tortured song. thanks to stereogum for the video tip.]

annie lennox - dark road (video premiere)

annie lennox - dark road [link 2]
[when did she get so literal with her lyrics? you can't deny that annie's voice is one of the most dynamic of our generation, but i'm kind of on the fence with this song. it's beautiful in some parts then gets too hokey for my tastes. nevertheless, i'm still looking forward to hearing the full songs of mass destruction album when it comes out in october.]

kate nash - mouthwash (video premiere)

kate nash - mouthwash [link 2]
[it's her 2nd release!!!! but on to some news. with the massive success of kate's single foundations (which i was clearly a big fan of), kate nash is now ready to bring her brand of anti-folk to the US. according to nme, geffen will release the foundations EP (via digital outlets) which will not only feature the song and video, but also b-sides 'caroline's a victim', 'habanera' and 'navy taxi'.

for those of you in the NYC area, kate will also be doing two showcases. so check the girl out at the following venues below.

September 24th Brooklyn, NY Luna
September 25th New York, NY Joe’s Pub

guess where you'll see me on the 24th?]