Saturday, October 20, 2007

bloc party - flux (video premiere)

bloc party - flux (radio rip) [link 2]
[so what prompted bloc party to put out this single only release? not quite sure, but when it comes out november 12th get ready for a slew of hot remixes for this wacky vocoder on speed song.]

Friday, October 19, 2007

kaiser chiefs - love's not a competition (but i'm winning) (video premiere)

kaiser chiefs - love's not a competition (but i'm winning) [link 2]
[i'm not the only one that was a tad underwhelmed by the kaiser chief's second release yours truly, angry mob, but i'm really happy that they've decided to release one of the few gems from that album. simple, yet evoking that dreamlike sound i love so much from 80's bands, this might be the sleeper hit that this band desperately needs. my song of the week easily!]

dance bitch dance: simian mobile disco - hustler

simian mobile disco - hustler [link 2]
[though not as good of a song as "it's the beat", the single release from attack decay sustain release is saved by the fact that this video is just so wrong that it's right. to tell you more would be spewing too much!]

Thursday, October 18, 2007

delays - love made visible (video premiere)

delays - love made visible
[what a total surprise to see that the delays have come up with a new single and a limited edition ep called love made visible to be released november 12th. as for a proper album release, it won't be til 2008. tease!]

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

we love pop! : leona lewis, celine dion, girls aloud

if you haven't figured it out by now, i give equal adoration to straight up pop as much as i do indie and other sounds. who cares if the cool factor is low in your books, i love pop! now check out three examples of good ditty's out at the moment that you'll be secretly singing in your shower for the next month.

leona lewis - bleeding love [link 2]
[last years x-factor winner gets a proper single release with the blessing of clive davis and sassy pants perez hilton. written by ryan tedder of one republic (see belew), the debut album spirit features collaborations with ne-yo, dallas austin and even jimmy jam and terry lewis. i simply LOVE this 1st single in it's simplicity and way too catchy chorus (though the video is a bit 'meh'). let the leona pop onslaught begin!]

celine dion - taking chances [link 2]
[oh no, you're not seeing things, our fave french canadian diva makes a return to the charts with her first english release since 2003 (helps that she's been sitting pretty at ceasars palace that whole time). the first single off the album of the same name is a dave stewart / kara dioguardi co-penned track that is actually very subtle and awesome! the video makes no sense whatsoever, but dave stewart does make a nice cameo in the end.]

girls aloud - call the shots [link 2]
[my favorite pop train wrecks comes up with a proper single that doesn't make me feel guilty for liking it. what gives?]

major thanks to ali's blog for the video tips!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

band of horses - is there a ghost (video premiere)

band of horses - is there a ghost [link 2]
[call me wrong, but whenever i listen to this first single off the album cease to begin, i just evoke images of deep folk americana. maybe it's the voice of ben bridwell that just has some roots quality to it. maybe i just need to get some sleep instead...]

timbaland feat one republic - apologize (video premiere)

timbaland feat one republic - apologize [link 2]
[though this song got heavy play during the summer show so you think you can dance, it wasn't until timbaland decided to do some light remixing (ie: a few 'hey's) and an official release through his shock value album, that this lovely song is finally getting into popular culture. here's an fyi, i just discovered that lead singer ryan tedder wrote and produced the awesome leona lewis single "bleeding love" (more on her in the coming days)! now you can call me a fan!]

maroon 5 - won't go home without you (video premiere)

maroon 5 - won't go home without you [link 2]
[probably the only song from the album it won't be soon before long that i felt any love for. yes the police sample is a factor, but the truth is that it's just plain old solid balladry at work here. sophie muller throws out her simple, yet gorgeous, trademark simple magic yet again and adam levine is still a hottie...sigh! thanks to poolparty and alis blog for the tip]

Monday, October 15, 2007

the new pornographers - challengers (video premiere)

the new pornographers - challengers [link 2]
[gorgeous title song and video from the album of the same name, neko case is just the best... sigh, what a great song!]

Sunday, October 14, 2007

wongie soundtrack: control

joy division - love will tear us apart [link 2]
joy division - transmission (cast version) [link 2]
[uber famous photographer anton corbijn makes his feature debut with this passionate ode to the short life and times of joy division lead singer ian curtis. fronting half of the films budget, control made it's world premiere at the cannes film festival (where it won the director's fortnight prize for best film) and is finally getting kudos on uk and limited us screens. i caught the film awhile back at cannes and though i have a few problems with it, my love for ian curtis and joy division have definitely been re-ignited.]

control - promo trailer
[this is actually the cannes film festival 4 minute promo trailer that gives you a very good (some might say too good) idea of what the movie is about. i gotta say that sam riley's performance of ian curtis is pretty transformative (he even sings live in the film). you can definitely count me in as a fan!]

fergie - clumsy (video premiere)

fergie - clumsy [link 2]
[a little bit of pop for your sunday enjoyment, this is single #5 from fergie's massively successful debut album the dutchess. though she's already recording her follow up album due for release early next year, clumsy is a perfect single to end this album's run. check out male supermodel alex lundquist dressing all cholo in one segment of the video. oh alex...!]

Thursday, October 11, 2007

3 happy videos for the day: regina spektor, catherine feeny, tunng

regina spektor - better [link 2]
[though the album is almost 2 years old, regina spektor's begin to hope still continues to give the gift of music. people just can't stop discovering songs on their own and the fact that her label is still comissioning new videos is a real testament in this age of throwaway artist. one of my fave songs off the album gets a cute/creepy visual undertaking!]

catherine feeny - mr blue [link 2]
[like regina spektor, the 2 year old album hurricane glass, by philly (via london) singer songwriter catherine feeny continues to find new fans who are discovering her songs via word of mouth. hopefully this posting will boost a few more fans in the process.]

tunng - bullets [link 2]
[there's something about these art school 'folktronica' guys that really draw me to them, but they just haven't been able to come up with a single that'll take them to the next level. perhaps this one from their latest album good arrows will do the trick. btw, i totally love this video!]

live wongie: travis barker kicks some soulja boy ass

soulja boy vs travis barker - soulja boy (crank that)[link 2]
[honestly i have no feeling whatsoever for travis barker, but the fact that he goes hog wild apeshit accompanying this song on drums is just wonderful!
drum nerds unite, we have our new king of the month!]

my 10 favorite songs of the mo: paddy casey, yoav, newton faulkner, adele, rogue wave, fink, brandi carlile, kate walsh, emmy the great, david ford

for the past few weeks i've been meaning to share the following songs that have been swirling in my ears via the ipod. perfectly capturing my street/travel soundtrack and my mood for the fall, these 10 acts have broken through my playlist to be my favorite tunes of the moment.

rather than write long bios (and therefore take longer to post this), i've supplied their videos and their wikipedia links (if you want to find out more about them). for now, just let the music do the talking.

hope you like my 10 fave songs of the mo in no particular order!

paddy casey - addicted to company [link 2]

yoav - beautiful lie [link 2]

newton faulkner - all i got [link 2]

adele - hometown glory [link 2]

rogue wave - lake michigan [link 2]

fink - this is the thing [link 2]

brandi carlile - turpentine [link 2]

kate walsh - your song [link 2]

emmy the great - easter parade [link 2]

david ford - decimate [link 2]

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

kylie - 2 hearts (video premiere)

what a reason to post this week as the lead single from the highly anticipated kylie album 'X' gets an online leak AND a video release on the same day!

of course sites like everything kylie and xolondon have been writing about every cool detail for the past few weeks and to add to that would be futile.

what i can offer you is the fact that from what i have heard from the album, my favorite tracks include The One (sounds like "I Believe In You" which i loved immensely) and Speakerphone (an electro feast which lists an array of dance moves and ways to listen to music... i can definitely relate since i never go anywhere these days!)

now check out the video of the 1st single 2 hearts!

kylie - 2 hearts [link 1] [link 2]
[yes, it's a bit goldfrapp but that doesn't matter cause the kylie love overwhelms whatever objectivity i usually hold for music. plus, it rocks out with a fabulous 'wooo' in the chorus! love the killer mic while we're fawning!]