Monday, November 12, 2007

two alt vids for the day: digitalism / maps

digitalism - idealistic [link 2]
[a day in the life vid with a twist. i just have to ask if living in paris is really this wonderful (croissant in the morn, bike ride to the park, dancing then sex). if it is, i'm moving there today!]

maps - to the sky [link 2]
[one man band james chapman aka maps releases a brand new ditty with a strange religious themed video to boot. it's all a bit unsettling.]

the stars - the night starts here (video premiere)

stars - the night starts here [link 2]
[it's weird how the interweb works these days, torquil campbell and co (aka stars) released their 'new' album in our bedroom after the war online in july. for many of us (who rarely step foot into a record store these days), the album has already been processed and we've moved on to newer things. so imagine my surprise to see the 1st video for their 'new' retail release in my inbox today. lucky for the band, this prefab sprout/deacon blue (am i exposing my age?) inspired song still makes me happy!]

Friday, November 09, 2007

tom baxter - better (video premiere)

tom baxter - better [link 2]
[i downloaded tom baxter's self released album skybound off itunes awhile back and waited with baited breath for the moment that he would put out the soppy, but beautiful, ballad you hear above. weirdly enough, the release of run fat boy run didn't expedite things either (it was the theme song), so imagine my surprise when i saw this lovely ditty in my inbox this afternoon! i swear that weddings will be using this song for years to come! yeah!]

estelle - wait a minute (just a touch) (video premiere)

estelle - wait a minute (just a touch) [link 2]
[DAAAAYUMM when did uk rapper/singer estelle get so hot? looks like the label is going full on with her upcoming 2nd release cause this 1st single features john legend in the video and is produced by a certain]

jack penate - have i been a fool (video premiere)

jack penate - have a been a fool
[cutie-patooty uk singer/songwriter comes back with a nice 3rd single for the masses. definitely more commercial than his previous releases, will this be the song that brings him over the 'buzz' counter to the mainstream charts? hope so!]

live wongie: jamie scott & the town - bleeding love (cover version)

jamie scott & the town - bleeding love (cover version)
[gosh, i wish i could share this with you! once again proving that leona's single is really crossing into public zeitgeist, here is the wonderfully talented jamie scott making the already lovely song his own. gorgeous!]

Sunday, November 04, 2007

live wongie (amazing even when f**ked up): amy winehouse (EMA 2007 performance)

amy winehouse - back to black (2007 MTV EMA performance)
amy winehouse - back to black [link 2]
[just to prove how completely naturally talented amy is, even when off her head and slurring in klingon, she still sounds amazing!]

diva performance of the month: leona lewis - run (snow patrol) (radio 1 live lounge performance)

leona lewis - run (snow patrol) (radio 1 live lounge performance) [link 2]
[most of you know that i've been nothing but gushatory towards this 2006 x-factor winner, but damn, this epic cover version of the snow patrol classic is just AMAZING! fracking hell!]