Friday, March 28, 2008

tift merritt - broken (video premiere)

tift merritt - broken [link 2]
[how much do we love tift? (love LOVE!) her album another country is a wonderful mix of americana meets folk filtered through tift's comfy vocals. this release also has the makings to be her crossover album so go forth and make it happen people!]

miss peter bjorn and john? here's a remedy! on the radar: peter moren - social competence (live at sxsw)

peter moren - social competence [link 2]
[even though peter bjorn and john pretty much contributed to the soundtrack of 2007, lead singer peter moran always had an inkling to record a side project of stripped down acoustic music that reminded him of the days playing with just his guitar in small random venues. called the last tycoon, this low key collection is not only sweet and gentle but also continues to showcase the wonderful songwriting abilities of the peter we grew to love last year.]

song of the week: the last shadow puppets - the age of the understatement

the last shadow puppets - the age of the understatement [link 2]
[the epic strings and giddy-up western grooves is the 1st single off alex turner (from Arctic Monkeys) and miles kane's (from The Rascals) side project the last shadow puppets. a definite nod to their musical influences, the single is a pre-cursor to their debut album the age of the understatement. personally, this looks to be on the top of my indie releases for april. can't wait!]

the leak: beyonce - beautiful nightmare

[thanks to for the pic]

beyonce - beautiful nightmare [link 2]
[whether this is a demo "leaked" out by her own peeps or not, this new track does showcase B trying for a more commercial euro sound. is this the direction of her new album? we shall see, but i'm definitely warming up to this track with every listen.]

it's a madonna-thon: madonna feat timbaland & justin timberlake - 4 minutes (junkie xl remix) / z100 & RTL interviews and more!

madonna feat justin timberlake - 4 minutes (junkie xl remix) [link 2]
[here you have it, the first of a truckload of remixes due for the single release of madge's 4 minutes. vocals are limited in this version, but the dreamy breakdown probably sounds amazing in a club.]

check out these interviews that madge has been making the rounds for the past few weeks:

madonna - z100 interview
[really great phoner interview! it's awesome! hilarious!]

madonna - rtl interview
[oh my god, this is one of the worst interviews ever, but just for the cringe inducing experience, check out how madge dryly responds to the interviewers crappy questions. brilliant.]

if you can't get enough madonna, here's some teasers for both 4 minutes AND her upcoming album:

madonna - 4 minutes (teaser)

madonna - hard candy (teaser)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

duffy - mercy (US video premiere)

duffy - mercy (dunproofin thankful mix) [link 2]
[hot off her showcase performance in NYC, duffy continues to create buzz in the US with this re-shot version of her UK #1 smash. damn, does the duff-ster look great! already playlisted on VH1 and MTV, lets hope all this translates to crossover success! as a bonus, check out this great dunproofin remix of the song just for you!]

if you want to check out some more of duffy, go to MTV buzzworthy to see an exclusive interview.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the raconteurs - salute your solution (video premiere)

the raconteurs - salute your solution
[i know it's kind of blasphemous to be kind of middle ground about this band, but since old skool rock 'n' roll isn't really my thang, i think i have ample reason to put this under my curiousity radar instead of my fanatical one. what's interesting about their new release consolers of the lonely is that EVERYONE got ahold of the album at the same time. the fans, the critics, everyone. therefore there was no pre-release hype and the album hopes to stand alone on it's own merit. not sure if other bands can do the same, but like i said, these boys have crazy fans. we shall see...]

AWESOME blog: la blogotheque - les concerts a emporter (feat yeasayer, vampire weekend, beirut, jens lenkman)

what an amazing website! yes, it's totally in french (but the language barrier has never stopped me from loving anything), but what's causing a ripple in the world of music is their awesome take away concerts series. shot in random areas, director vincent moon gets the artists to perform in a spontaneous fashion, making the environment affect the song equally. the results are live performances that have a real energy that is now associated with "le blogotheque".

check out some highlights below and if you want to watch the rest, check out les concerts a emporter (take away concerts):

yeasayer - 2080 / tightrope (la blogotheque: les concerts a emporter) [link 2]
[check out this brooklyn band as they get led into an apartment on the 11th floor (walkup!) to do this performance]

vampire weekend - kids don't stand a chance / oxford comma (la blogotheque: les concerts a emporter) [link 2]
[could you imagine just walking by and seeing these boys just perform on the street with no one else around? i'd go a tad rabid fangirl!]

beirut - the penalty (la blogotheque: les concerts a emporter) [link 2]
[is the music of beirut just perfect for the streets of paris? and to listen to zach speak in french is really cool too. great performance!]

jens lekman - f word (la blogotheque: les concerts a emporter)
[and one last one from jens... sigh]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

live wongie: the swell season (aka glen hansard / marketa irglova from ONCE) - live from the artists den

they're baaack! yes, my favorite couple glen hansard & marketa irglova, aka the swell season, are back on the wongie blip as they release a live dvd from the stages of the good shepard center chapel in seattle.

titled, the swell season: live from the artists den, the dvd concert not only includes some wonderful tunes taken off of both the swell season and once soundtrack, but also 30 extra minutes of footage not broadcast on the original ovation tv broadcast "live from the artists den".

also featuring two of glen's bandmembers from the frames, check out two of the performances below:

the swell season - falling slowly (live @ the artists den) [link 2]
[i've heard this a million times and i still sing along like a fool. sigh. plus, i love glen's intro to the venue.]

the swell season - lies (live @ the artists den) [link 2]
[love this song and can't wait to see the rest of this live show!]

dvd is released april 15

reeeeemix: mariah carey - touch my body (matt price remix)

mariah carey - touch my body (matt price remix) [link 2]
[what a surprise when i recieved this hot remix from dj matt price today in my inbox. add to that, matt went ahead and edited his track to the cute haruki murakami LV promotional video. so from my inbox to yours, enjoy!]

a cause des (um... something in french): yelle performs in NYC!

not only is she MTV's artist of the week, but yelle's record label just announced a US tour that includes a blast of franco-fabulousness in NYC's Highline Ballroom. i have until May to find as much neon clothing to suit the evening!

yelle - je veux te voir [link 2]
[just more yelle for your day (god, i feel like a teenager when i blog about her...arnault what have you done?)]

lupe fiasco feat nikki jean - hip hop saved my life (video premiere)

lupe fiasco feat nikki jean - hip hop saved my life [link 2]
[how completely refreshing is it to hear a rap song that doesn't throw a non-sensical catch phrase or teach a lame dance step! lupe gives props to his houston peers and writes a song that actually tells a story (and an inspirational one to boot!). bring back THIS kind of rap again please!]

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the nike "my better is better than your better" song: saul williams - list of demands

nike - my better is better than your better
[i'm usually not a bit nike as fan, but here is yet another example of how a song can perfectly create an instant connection with it's audience, and may even inspire new ones (heck, i even wanted to go running for 30 seconds!)]

saul williams - list of demands (webrip) [link 2]
[this song is ferocious! produced by trent reznor (NIN), saul has independantly released his album the inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust! sold directly off his website, the bargain basement price of $5 USD (in either 192/256kbs or FLAC DRM free format), making it totally worth it (especially with an album this good).]

song of the week: kleerup feat titiyo - longing for lullabies (video premiere)

kleerup feat titiyo - longing for lullabies [link 2]
[dj/producer kleerup returns to the charts with a melancholic dance track featuring titiyo (aka sis of neneh cherry). it reminds me of the dreamy ballads of the new wave 80's, but then again, everything does these days. simple and pretty darn awesome at the same time. which makes it easily my favorite song of the week.]

the presets - this boy's in love (video premiere)

the presets - this boy's in love [link 2]
[omg! are they fighting in milk? embracing the 80's sound even further than their last outing, aussie dance duo the presets return with another round of edgy electro influenced pop ditties, all the while straddling their homo-friendly image. taken off their upcoming album apocalypso, check out their latest single (which kind of reminds me of information society). enjoy!]

pop song of the week: headlights - cherry tulips

headlights - cherry tulips [link 2]
[this sweet lovely song kind of speaks for itself. layered harmonies that offer up images of sundresses and beehives reflecting a bygone era that we all wish we experienced; these are just some of the elements that i hear in this song. too much analysis? then listen to this trio hailing from illinois and just allow yourself to drift away.]

dance bitch dance: rochelle - fer de lance (video premiere)

rochelle - fer de lance (myspace rip) [link 2]
[i didn't discover this uk electro pop trio via popjustice (who loves this act) or any of the hipster blogs, i literally came across the video in my youtube subscription inbox and liked the song. nothing more, nothing less, so enjoy!]

that schweppes burst song: cinematic orchestra feat patrick watson - to build a home

what a delight to see an original commercial for a soft drink. haunting and whimsical at the same time, this is just plain amazing work!

now, believe it or not, every burst in this beautiful ad was shot simultaneously with the people around them. as the director garth davis explains, nothing is a composite.

cinematic orchestra feat patrick watson - to build a home [link 2]
[so imagine my delight when i found out the gorgeous song accompanying the commercial belonged to the chill out posse cinematic orchestra with a little help from montreal's patrick watson (who in my book has one of the best male voices around). taken from their somewhat overlooked release from last year, ma fleur, i'm glad a superb ad like this can reignite my interest in this lovely album.]

live wongie: duffy / adele (3/17)

i swear it felt like my birthday came early, when i managed to get into both the duffy and adele showcase last monday (thank you akemi and erica!)

sold out way in advance, it was a real shame that both of these talents were on at the same night because inevitably you had to compare the two back to back.

first up was the lovely duffy performing with a full band at the hiro ballroom.

with her album rockferry due for a major US release in may, a larger percentage of attendees were fans familiar with her current UK success AND a contigent of high powered label folks (the amount of escalades at the entrance gave it away) that wanted to see how she does in front of a packed crowd.

dressed in a simple black dress, the songstress gave a polished performance that showcased her dynamic northern soul vocals, making every highlight from the album even better live. purring her love of new york city, the crowd just ate it up.

check out her opening song rockferry performed live here (warning BAD camerawork and crappy audio. but even then the lady performs perfectly)

or if you can't deal with shoddy framing, here is an idea of her performance through bbc radio 2's music club:

duffy - serious (live @ radio 2 - music club) [link 2]

after 7 songs, i hopped out of the club and crossed town to joe's pub to check out adele.

different in vocal style, but like duffy, firmly appreciative of their soul/jazz musical influences, adele showed up on stage, apologised for having a bad cold and then went on to rip through a setlist of songs predominantly acoustic (if this is what a 'cold' voice sounds like, imagine a healthy fully functional one!)

happily cackling when she caught herself saying silly things, adele gave proper introductions before each song, explaining that she likes to do acoustic tours first because then people can appreciate the songs more when they hear the fully orchestrated album (which she announced will be released through columbia records in the US!).

check out her gorgeous redition of bob dylans "to make you feel my love" below!

adele - to make you feel my love (live @ joe's pub)[link 2]

so which performance did i end up enjoying more? to be fair, i didn't finish duffy's full set, but i think deep down i'm more on camp adele only cause i like the 'realness' she projected (heck, she said f**k a few times when she felt silly). both deserve massive love stateside and i can't wait to see them again in the coming months.

but what a night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

dance bitch dance: yelle - a cause des garcons / (tepr tektonik remix)

yelle - a cause des garcons [link 2]

yelle - a cause des garcons (tepr tektonik remix) [link 2]
[rising up the internet buzz rounds is the cute electro french singer yelle. though she's already racked up a #1 single back home in france, it looks like hipsters in the UK and US are getting on the bandwagon, embracing her quirky lolita dance sounds. my parisian buddy arnault tipped me on her (and the tektonik dance movement) in jan, but i'm finally 'getting' it. btw, i LOVE this remix version!]

UPDATE 3/18:

yelle - je veux te voir [link 2]
[more fabulousness from the yelle camp! this song was her 1st release way back in 2006, but damn it sounds good! you can call me a teenage girl cause i love this track so much! go ahead...]

new 'kinda' soul: estelle feat kanye west, leon jean marie, funkerman, sam sparro, taio cruz feat luciano

estelle feat kanye west - american boy [link 2]
[this wonderful second single by uk rapper/singer estelle is not only produced by (isn't it weird how he continues to produce better songs for artists other than himself), but also features kanye as a collaborator. damn! moolah is being spent on this gal and all this effort sure is working! love her!]

leon jean marie - bed of nails [link 2]
[leon jean marie seems to be part of this new breed of acts that incorporate retro uk influences with soul funk to create something completely their own (see david jordan). produced by a certain mark ronson are you surprised this track has all these diverse influences involved?]

funkerman - speed up [link 2]
[considering that this tune is at least 2 years old and STILL causing buzz really tells you that a good song is hard to squash. disco-y and soulful, this usually falls under club music, but strip away the beats and you have a really wonderful tune here!]

sam sparro - black & gold [link 2]
[there's something really complex about this song (even though it sounds like 'fever' pt 2) and much has to do with sam's intricate vocal harmonies mixed in with a chilled out sexy groove. though the track has been around for ages, it continues to snake around in my psyche and linger. genius.]

taio cruz feat luciana - come on girl [link 2]
[though taio cruz has been making a name by doing ne-yo uk knockoffs, he ends up getting the biggest hit of his career by merging the current electro craze with soul music. the end result now sounds like a craig david knockoff. sigh... the guy just can't win!]

Monday, March 17, 2008

jason mraz - i'm yours (video premiere)

jason mraz - i'm yours [link 2]
[ok, this comeback single rides the fine line of being a jack johnson track (and that's NOT a good thing), but jason and this song is just too cute for school. plus, hawaii looks just perfect in this video!]

danity kane - damaged (video premiere)

danity kane - damaged [link 2]
[what a mess of a song! so much so that they almost remind me of the other tranny mess across the pond, girls aloud, but with better voices. not sure about this supposed 'comeback' single, but since i've been watching making the band 4, i'm weirdly invested in their career. if only the songs got better...]

Sunday, March 16, 2008

indie love: we are scientists, mystery jets feat laura marling, amy mcdonald, radiohead, the courteeners

we are scientists - after hours [link 2]
[with their album brain thrust mastery coming out this week, it's really great to see these brooklynites release a fun catchy indie pop song to accompany their welcome return. plus any band that is willing to make their lead singer come off as a d**k is a good thing!]

mystery jets feat laura marling - young love [link 2]
[this post pop act based on the eel pie island off the thames river has crafted a catchy tune and had the forsight to get folkster laura marling to offer up some choice vocals. not quite this season's "young folk", but pretty darn close!]

amy mcdonald - run [link 2]
[she's from glasgow and she's got a really nice thick voice and a wonderful song to boot. um... that's all i have to say about this talent really...]

radiohead - nude [link 2]
[i LOVE their album in rainbows, but i have to admit that this song just relaxes me to the point of sleepy (which is a good thing when you have insomnia like i do! thank you radiohead ;)]

the courteeners - not nineteen forever [link 2]
[manchester hype is in the house. are these guys going to be one of the biggest new acts of 2008? i like this song fine, but i'm wary of the massive attention they are getting so much of. guess i'll have to wait for the album st jude to come out in a few weeks to make my final decision.]

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

reeeeemix: roisin murphy - you know me better (trevor loves / toddla t / nightmoves remixes)

[i'm wearing givenchy yo!]

in conjunction with the single release on march 31st, roisin and co have comissioned a massive amount of remixes to filter onto our playlists. i've checked out a few on her myspace remix site and they are fab! below are the full release listings for you to keep an eye out for (and a few preview gems just for you guys). it's roisin day if you ask me!

"You Know Me Better" (Radio Edit)
"Keep It Loose"

"You Know Me Better"
"You Know Me Better" (Guy Williams Vocal)
"You Know Me Better" (Toddla T Mix) [link 2]
"You Know Me Better" (Video)

7" Picture Disc
A1. "You Know Me Better" (Radio Edit)
B1. "Pandora"

12" Double Pack
Vinyl #1
A1. "You Know Me Better"
A2. "You Know Me Better" (Trevor Loveys Vocal) [link 2]
B1. "You Know Me Better" (Guy Williams Vocal)
B2. "You Know Me Better" (Samim Remix)
Vinyl #2
A1. "You Know Me Better" (Instrumental)
A2. "You Know Me Better" (Nightmoves Mix) [link 2]
B1. "You Know Me Better" (Trevor Loveys Dub)
B2. "You Know Me Better" (Guy Williams Dub)

and if that's not enough, here is a HOT recent performance on lily allen's bleh talk show lily allen and friends.

roisin murphy - you know me better (live @ lily allen and friends)

video of the week: roisin murphy - you know me better

roisin murphy - you know me better [link 2]
[oh my god! the gorgeous hair (brunette makes roisin look like dannii minogue)! variations on the 60's desperate housewife! a nod to todd haynes' "safe"! the dusty springfield mascara tear ensemble! it's just too fabulous for words! oh and the song is awesome too!]

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

yo dance bitch dance: the count and sinden feat kid sister - beeper / kid sister - pro nails (bag raiders remix)

the count and sinden feat kid sister - beeper [link 2]
[you will either love this song instantly or think it's the most annoying piece of sh*t on the planet. nevertheless, it's damn catchy and hot enough to have garnered a bit of a pop makeover (the new version features the more commercial friendly kid sister on the mic). trust me, this will be a hit whether you like it or not (and about time too since this song has been around for a good 1/2 year)! hit me on my beeper...beeper...beeper... yo!]

kid sister - pro nails (bag raiders remix) [link 2]
[turns out that kid sister has a little underground smash of her own! with kanye west's stamp of approval AND two slammin songs out at the moment, looks like 2008 is going to be a good one for this chicago mc. check out this awesome remix by bag raiders that i found along the way.]

video of the week: justice - dvno

justice - dvno [link 2]
[taken off their album [cross] french dance duo justice return with yet another amazing video that's just absolutely mesmerizing. who knew retro logos and fonts would be so hypnotic? too bad the song isn't as amazing as their previous anthem 'd.a.n.c.e']

indie dance bitch dance: buraka som sistema (feat dj znobia, M.I.A., saborosa and puto prata) - sound of kuduro

buraka som sistema (feat dj znobia, M.I.A., saborosa and puto prata) - sound of kuduro [link 2]
[wow these portugese guys really know how to throw a party! taking on the underground dance movement of kuduro (which mixes angolan influences with house/soca/techno), thia ia just a preview of buraka som sistema's debut album which is due to be released later this summer. if they managed to get such an illustrious group together for this single, imagine what the album will sound like! props to my gal MIA for throwing in some flow into this crazy mix!]

young galaxy - come and see (video premiere)

young galaxy - come and see [link 2]
[my favorite track off the self titled debut album by the montreal pop duo (even though their sound makes them seem like a massive band). reminding me of the brit stuff that i used to listen to in the early 90's, i'm glad that last years highly overlooked album is finally getting some newfound milage. great video too!]

Monday, March 10, 2008

yoav - club thing (video premiere)

yoav - club thing (funkerman remix) [link 2]
[one of the instant highlights from yoav's album charmed and strange gets a nice remix from the current buzz dutch dj funkerman. i'm a big fan of the original, but have been waiting for some tasty remixes for awhile. glad they finally showed up!]

Friday, March 07, 2008

can't get this outta of my head: chris brown - with you (plus some sweet cover versions!)

chris brown - with you [link 2]
[obsessed i am! i listen to it in the morning, i hear it on ipods in subways, i sing along to it in the shower! it's been out for eons (ok since december), but i still can't forget it. damn you stargate for producing this catchy track! oh, the video is all over the place, so just listen to the song. happy weekend kids!]

check out some of the killer cover versions out, these are my faves:

ingram hill - with you (cover)
[i love how the 2nd guitarist kicks the lead singer to start off this sweet sweet cover (with a bit of down-south americana thrown in!)]

boyceavenue - with you (cover)
[lowered the key, but he sounds amazing!]

Thursday, March 06, 2008

on the radar 2008: santogold - l.e.s. artistes

santogold - l.e.s. artistes [link 2]

i much prefer this remixed version below:
santogold - l.e.s. artistes (xxxchange remix) [link 2]

[like a mix between MIA and yeah yeah yeahs (fact checkers - it's true, ALL of these acts consider brooklyn home these days), santogold (aka santi white) has everyone talking about her fresh approach to music. part rapper, part vocalist and all sass, santogold's fuses everything from synth beats to reggae to rock in order to fit her unique catchy sound. with an album due next month, you'll definitely be hearing more from this act this year.]

janet jackson - rock with u (video premiere)

janet jackson - rock with u [link 2]
[oh this is quite special... janet not only celebrates her first #1 album in seven years with discipline, but her current jermaine dupri/neyo penned single is actually really good! add to the fact that the video, directed by saam, reminds me of the iconic one shot 'when i think of you' video and well, all is good in the world!]

gnarls barkley - run (video premiere)

gnarls barkley - run [link 2]
[the kooky soul-sters are back with a new album (the odd couple) and a hyper magnetic single. guest starring a certain justin timberlake in a weird MJ wig, apparently the video got banned by MTV for being too visually trippy. what? MTV play music videos?]

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

dance bitch dance: delinquent feat kcat - my destiny

delinquent feat kcat - my destiny (bassline mix) [link 2]
[bassline is basically a new term for early 2000 garage which in itself took all the elements of late-80's r&b and sped everything up to a 4/4 house beat. everything old really is new again, which is probably why i actuallly like this current resurgence of soul dance in the charts these days. it's cheesy but turn it up anyway!]

Monday, March 03, 2008

pop song of the week: matt costa - mr pitiful

matt costa - mr. pitiful [link 2]
[since i'm travelling again for work, my only free time tends to be the 30 minutes before i go to bed with a channel like vh1 playing in the background. the nice thing about that channel is that every now and then i catch a song that i may have missed the first time around. this is the case of singer/songwriter matt costa. a name that i've heard about for awhile, but just never got around to hearing what he had to offer (i think the jack johnson connection was the main reason). but the boy ain't half bad. his current single mr pitiful is actually quite a little gem of a pop song. from my blip to yours, check out this talent that looks set for bigger and better exposure in the coming months.]