Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hot chip - one pure thought (video premiere)

hot chip - one pure thought [link 2]
[i keep on finding gems off the album made in the dark by hot chip. it's not that i'm not a fan, it's just that after the initial enjoyment factor, it takes a period of time for the songs to sink in and eventually they become full fledged anthems. it's how i felt about "ready for the floor" and this is what i'm feeling with this's magic really...]

annie - i know UR girlfriend hates me (video premiere)

annie - i know UR girlfriend hates me (hq myspace rip) [link 2]
[after a long LONG wait, it looks like our favorite sassy norwegian electro pop star is back with new goodies for the coming months. leaked out early march, this song is just a teaser to get you all excited for an upcoming album thats rumored to feature collaborations with franz ferdinand, datarock and girls aloud (!!!). this also marks the welcome return of producer richard x who's electro pop sound was the soundtrack of 2006. oh how we've missed such fun in pop, welcome back!]

one republic - say (all i need) (video premiere)

one republic - say (all i need)
[um... is it just me, or does lead singer ryan tedder look cuter and cuter these days? the hits keep on coming off their album dreaming out loud and this 3rd single (that just keeps building with every verse) is just asking for a cover by a diva-type singer (hey leona lewis!)]

the whitest boy alive - golden cage (video premiere)

the whitest boy alive - golden cage [link 2]
[whenever i see something new by the whitest boy alive, i get a tad worried that new material by erlend oye's other band 'kings of convenience' will get pushed back even further (and that is a really bad thing!). but the concept of the whitest boy alive is cool. create a dance band using zero programmed elements and then perform the songs as if they were jam sessions (albeit jams with a bunch of folkies). it's all good, but then again, i want 'kings of convenience' to come back... argh!]

[check out another version of this video. this one is super trippy and is all about optical illusions.]

scarlett johansson - falling down (video premiere)

scarlett johansson - falling down [link 2]
[though ms johansson sounds like dreck, you gotta give it up to a girl who's willing to stick her neck out by doing a full album of tom waits covers, then manages to convince david bowie to contribute to her 1st single! damn yo! the pretty arrangement totally reminds me of 4AD stuff from the late 80's/early 90's. it's just too bad that the video is just a camera following her around as she shoots two fashion spreads. it's all very strange if you ask me (and not in a good way)... btw, if you can't see the video try this link instead.]

Monday, April 28, 2008

the ting tings - that's not my name (new video) / that new ipod ad song - shut up and let me go

the ting tings - that's not my name [link 2]
the ting tings - that's not my name (soul seekerz dirty vox dub) [link 2]
[FINALLY, the follow up to the awesome 'great dj' song, which ironically is the song that introduced the ting tings to many folks in the first place. no issue here since 'that's not my name' still gives me happy vibes 5 months after the fact! with their debut album we started nothing coming out in may, 'great dj' being featured as the free song of the week on itunes (starting tomorrow!) AND they provide the song to the new ipod campaign, looks like the ting tings are onto big big tings this summer! (sorry couldn't resist). thanks to zeon for the tip]

the ting tings - shut up and let me go (live) [link 2]
[now if you want to get the single for this fun new ipod ad, go to itunes here]

lykke li - so far so gone (the black cab sessions / acoustic live version / new video)

lykke li - i'm good, i'm gone [link 2]
[as you know i'm a big fan of the blogotheque take away concert series, and recently a friend tipped me on yet another spontaneous concert series called the black cab sessions in which artists perform songs in the back seat of a london black cab (everyone from spoon to the kooks have done one song on this series). this time, they got swedish hipster lykke li to give a rousing performance of her latest single. gosh, i just love these flash gig-type performances!]

[like that? now check out this acoustic live version of the song recorded back in january with guests robyn (!!!), adam & bebban (shout out louds), daniel (the concretes), lars (laakso) and mikael (hjalmar). further proving that everyone in sweden seems to know each other!]

[and since i'm showing every version of this awesome song, i might as well offer up the great new video in which our lykke coughs up some fine dance moves!]

guillemots - falling out of reach (video premiere)

guillemots - falling out of reach [link 2]
[how cool is it to get sir ian mckellen to be in your new video? according to an interview with sky news, ian discovered the band through a young relative of his. check out his reason to get involved with the video:

"I heard about this video for the new song, which I really like and I happen to have nothing better to do, and it's quite near home, so I dropped in, and here I am."

awesome! the album red is out now in the uk and released here in may.]

Sunday, April 27, 2008

ne-yo - closer (video premiere)

neyo - closer [link 2]
[my thing about the talented r&b singer songwriter neyo is that on my ipod, i'm a big fan. his brand of r&b is not only extremely easy on the ears, but very nostalgic and emotional. it's when i see him on stage or on video that i kind of have to remind myself that i'm a fan. first of all, the man is no michael jackson (so really, don't try to dance like him). plus, he attempts to be some kind of stud muffin which just doesn't work (no, REALLY doesn't work). so why hype the guy? as i said, i honestly like listening to his music. if only we lived in a radio era again...]

pop song of the week: rihanna - take a bow (video premiere)

rihanna - take a bow [link 2]
[part of the re-issue of her platinum (only?!) selling album good girl gone bad, this ne-yo/stargate penned production is just a perfect pop song (if you ask me). with dramatic lyrics and a hot new haircut, i can't wait to hear what other new gems they'll be adding onto this already brilliant collection.]

jamie lidell - another day (new video)

jamie lidell - another day [link 2]
[i'm always surprised that a soul artist like jamie lidell belongs to a dance/techno label like warp records. but there jamie belongs as he releases yet another quirky collection of tunes that balance old skool soul mixed in with modern influences. his latest album, jim, works surprisingly well and though i've had it for ages, i'm only discovering how much of a gem this album is. hopefully this single will convince to be doing the same!]

Thursday, April 24, 2008

david jordan - move on (baby j remix) (video premiere)

david jordan - move on [link 2]
[there is something so completely late 80's about uk artist david jordan that i can't quite pinpoint what it is about him that piques my curiousity. maybe it's the fact that he happily rides the vague sexual preference train or that his music is kind of happily old skool. if you can put words to describe what i'm feeling, can you please tell me?]

OMG! This bitch is going to the Madonna Roseland gig!!!!

Madonna Hard Candy Hong Kong teaser trailer
[i didn't think i'd have a chance in hell, but my friends over in HK and Singapore came through for me and I'M GOING TO THE MADONNA ROSELAND SHOW on the 30th!!!! i now have a week to get acquainted with the album tracks and yes, i'll be posting photos right after the show!]

alicia keys - teenage love affair (video premiere)

alicia keys - teenage love affair [link 2]
[with over 3 million units sold in the US alone, alicia returns with another wonderful single from her album as i am (there's at least 2 more singles!). the video, which is an homage to the spike lee classic school daze, not only captures scenes to a t, but it continues the beautifying of alicia keys... damn, does ms. thing look really amazing these days!]

video of the week: david ford - go to hell (new video)

david ford - go to hell [link 2]
[OH MY GOD! you just have to watch this! in conjunction with the US release of his album songs for the road, david shot this AMAZING one take performance of his song 'go to hell'. it's just friggin fabulous and i'll just leave it at that.]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

jose gonzalez - teardrops (video premiere)

jose gonzalez - teardrops [link 2]
[i can't believe it's taken this long for jose gonzalez to release this massive attack cover version. one of the highlights of jose's live performances since 2006, gonzales added it to the track listing for his 2007 album in our nature and FINALLY put it out in 2008. btw, don't you dig the 70's inspired animation? i sure do!]

live wongie: adam arcuragi (la blogotheque / takeaway concert)

adam arcuragi - sin is just an old archery term [link 2]
[once again the amazing la blogotheque take away concert series gets an artist to perform live at a spontaneous setting. this time, singer/songwriter adam arcuragi gets coerced in performing in and around the flea markets of chelsea (home turf yo!) and as you can see, the results are truly beautiful. adam's rich rootsy voice and sweet harmonies match perfectly whether in a car or in an open space (see below). i'm a new fan (thank you la blogotheque!) if you like what you hear, be sure to check out adam's upcoming ep soldiers for feet mid may.]

adam arcuragi - bottom of the river
[if you want to see more of adam and co., check out another performance over at la blogoteque]

one more lil gift, check out WNYC's profile of adam arcuragi (including two performances)

captain - keep an open mind (new video)

captain - keep an open mind [link 2]
[my fellow blogger mate xolondon is a big fan of this band and i never really understood it until now. not only are the london quintet back with new material, but their first single sounds very much like prefab sprout (and that is a GOOD thing!). now that i've exposed my age, get over the shock and go out and discover/enjoy these two wonderful acts this week.]

duffy - warwick avenue (video premiere)

duffy - warwick avenue [link 2]
[according to fansites, the original video had duffy walking around warwick avenue with balloons and red boots, instead we get an almost one shot of duffy crying. kind of calculated and distracting, especially when she doesn't wipe that mascara tear that smudges her face halfway the video. love the song though.]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just cause they're so darn cute: pitchfork tv presents - vampire weekend perform at columbia university literary society

vampire weekend - campus [link 2]
[check out this piece that pitchfork tv did when vampire weekend recently went to their alma mater of columbia university and performed a few songs with a trio from juillard. whenever i see them, i just want to pinch their cheeks!]

those diamond is forever ad songs: landon pigg - falling in love at the coffee shop / cat power - how can i tell you

landon pigg - falling in love at the coffee shop [link 2]
[how can you resist this? it's sweet and simple, swoon worthy and well... appeals to the sap in me. add to the fact that i saw this ad awhile back and finally realised that i had the track hidden in my vast collection for a few weeks! having been featured in greys anatomy and touring with gavin degraw, it was the attachment to the de beers diamond ad that finally allowed landon pigg to make a musical impression. now go on and enjoy this gentle lovely song. sigh... oh and if you want to see the full video, check it out here.]

cat power - how can i tell you [link 2]
[now, this cover of the cat stevens song actually doesn't exist. cat power only recorded 30 seconds and well... it's all in the ad.]

amy macdonald - poison prince (video premiere)

amy macdonald - poison prince [link 2]
[though this single had a limited release last year, it looks like the powers that be have deemed it strong enough for a new push; along with a brand new video! i have a quiet appreciation for amy macdonald. maybe it's something about her deep alto voice and folky brogue that just keeps me discovering gems from her every few months. the album, this is the life, is out now and well... it's really good.]

mark ronson feat amy winehouse - valerie (baby j remix)

mark ronson feat amy winehouse - valerie (baby j remix)
[hot remixed version of a most favored tune featuring a slew of mc's in the form of Rukus (Antourage), Precha (C.O.V), Alex Blood (Soul Alliance), and Malik (MD7). i could feign total 'in-ness' but i have no clue who they are ;)]

Saturday, April 19, 2008

reeemix for the weekend: the ting tings, kanye west, justice, sam sparro, lupe fiasco feat matthew santos

maybe it's the fact that spring has officially hit NYC and i'm just gearing for a bit of a boogie, but definitely check out these new takes on some familiar songs that you can use to get ready for your weekend! enjoy!

the ting tings - that's not my name (tom neville remix) [link 2]
kanye west - flashing lights (diplo remix) [link 2]
justice - dvno (la riots remix) [link 2]
sam sparro - black and gold (sanna and pitron mix) [link 2]

lupe fiasco feat matthew santos - superstar (acoustic) [link 2]
[this is for those of you who get ready for the weekend with some good ol' chill music ;)]

Friday, April 18, 2008

sia - the girl you lost to cocaine (video premiere)

sia - the girl you lost to cocaine [link 2]
[omg sia is one CAH-RAY-ZEE gal! she's always been a nutter, but now she brings all her incarnations via a cindy sherman-esque video performance piece. i love it!]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

natasha bedingfield - pocketful of sunshine (video premiere)

natasha bedingfield - pocketful of sunshine [link 2]
[i'm weirdly fascinated by this song only because it's pretty much a chorus repeated over and over again with a bridge thrown in for measure. i don't get it, but from a commercial standpoint, it's ripe for some ad campaign for tampax or some kind of feminine hygiene product. this will probably end up being a massive hit. bleh!]

can't get this outta of my head: jesse mccartney - leavin'

jesse mccartney - leavin' [link 2]
[oh yes, i listen to jesse mccartney. actually it's this totally catchy song that has me singing along to it on a daily basis. the fact that it's a jesse mccartney tune is kind of an unfortunate reality, but i'm not a perfect pop song hater! upon doing some research, this song is actually co-written by the dream ("umbrella") which is probably why it grabs you so instantly. oh and two other reasons why i'm thawing on jesse, first, he co-wrote "bleeding love" and secondly, um... this video is borderline kiddie porn! (that's a pretty ballsy image makeover if you ask me)]

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

video of the week: bon iver - wolves (act 1 & 2)

bon iver - wolves (act 1 & 2) [link 2]
[i'll let the press notes explain why i've chosen this as the video of the week:

Directed by Matt Amato for The Masses
Filmed on location in Fall Creek, Wisconsin
January 2008

This is by any description, a project that almost never happened. Rushing to get to Wisconsin for fresh snows and still frozen air, Director Matt Amato arrived in Eau Claire, hometown of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, in late January. In the midst of warming up after a long journey and excitedly telling Justin about all the projects he had on the horizon, Matt received a phone call. One of his best friends had suddenly and tragically passed away. All logic and reason were thrown out. Nobody knew what to do. Matt didn't know whether to stay or go, or how he would even manage to get back to the airport in his state of shock. Justin just tried to stay calm. Between a flurry of phone calls and attempting to contact some of Matt's family to accompany him home, night fell. Almost by default, Matt remained in Eau Claire in the company of his newest acquaintance. Something about it was safe, and that was enough. The next morning, Matt read the lyrics to "The Wolves" and felt as if those were the exact words he needed to hear from his departed friend. That pretty much sealed it. Matt would stay and work, even as the thought of making a video became the last thing on their minds. They built a bonfire and just let it burn all day and into the night, and Matt filmed. The weight of the circumstances propelled the collaboration to a place these sort of projects don't often go. The cathartic spirit of Bon Iver's music had found its kindred spirit in imagery.

sweet discovery: kings have long arms feat candie payne - big umbrella

kings have long arms feat candie payne - big umbrella [link 2]
[what a cute song! of course i knew candie payne from her collaboration with mark ronson last year, but the sheffield based guise of adrian flanagan is definitely new to me. so imagine my surprise to read that 'kings have long arms' have already recorded with philip oakey (human league) but also members of the smiths! looks like i'll have to do some back logging of this act soon.]

Monday, April 14, 2008

live wongie: colin meloy - we both go down together (live performance)

colin meloy - we both go down together (live performance) [link 2]
[with his live album, colin meloy sings live!, just out, i thought i'd give you a teaser of what to expect when you go and check out the wonderful decemberists lead singer on his solo tour this season (if you can get a ticket, i heard it's sold out in some cities!).]

4/15 Somerville, MA Somerville Theatre
4/16 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall Of Williamsburg
4/17 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall Of Williamsburg
4/21 Chicago, IL Park West
4/22 Milwaukee, WI The Pabst Theater
4/23 Madison, WI Barrymore Theater
4/25 Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall
4/26 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre
4/28 Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre
4/29 Santa Cruz, CA The Rio Theatre
4/30 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
5/2 Seattle, WA Showbox
5/3 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom

death cab for cutie - i will possess your heart (video premiere)

death cab for cutie - i will possess your heart (album version) [link 2]
[i'm really on the fence with this comeback single by death cab for cutie (don't quote me, but it kind of sounds like a sub-standard coldplay track. plus the fact that the album cut is 8 minutes long is just kind of self involved for my own tastes). apparently influenced by heavy metal and the band brainiac, the new album, narrow stairs, sounds like it'll be a real test for their rabid fanbase. oh well, the video is lovely though.]

song of the week: ingrid olava - only just begun

ingrid olava - only just begin [link 2]
[from the confines of her apartment in oslo, norway, comes singer/songwriter ingrid olava. creating quite a buzz back home with her lush melodies and intimate vocals, the debut album juliet's wishes is surprisingly a confident collection by such a new young talent. thanks to vegard for the heads up!]

want more? check out a recent live cover that ingrid did of adele's chasing pavements below:

on the radar 2008: natty

natty - cold town [link 2]
[check out this new uk artist with a reggae/politico twist. after performing on the influential later with jools holland show last week, natty looks set to bring some good vibes for the rest of 2008. a new finlay quaye for the 2000's?]

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the roots - 75 bars (black's reconstruction) (new video)

the roots - 75 bars [link 2]
[what a great weekend for fans of hip hop! the roots are set to release their 10th (!!!!) album rising down later this month. based on the stuff that's been released (and this video), it looks like ?uestlove and co are putting out a more political album that reminds me of the great raps albums of the late 80's. if you want more info on this awesome band, check out okayplayer's coverage here.]

pop song of the week: alphabeat - 10000 nights of thunder

alphabeat - 10000 nights of thunder [link 2]
[what more can i say about this danish band other than they make me happy whenever i hear their songs. with spring coming up, i'm definitely adding this song to my happy playlist! want more? perez hilton has an exclusive new version of the video that they shot for the UK release here]

UPDATE: 4/15 (or you can watch it below)

we heart this: kate walsh USA (profile video)

kate walsh - don't break my heart [link 2]
[check out this lovely profile of uk singer/songwriter kate walsh as she spent two weeks in the US travelling from NYC to sxsw to LA. explaining how she came about naming the album and writing the tracks, the profile is interspersed with live performances which just remind me why i loved her album tim's house so much last year. hopefully she'll come through again with a more full fledged tour soon.]

lupe fiasco - paris, tokyo (video premiere)

lupe fiasco - paris, tokyo [link 2]
[my feeling about lupe is that he's still one of the most underappreciated rappers around. this track reminds me of the good ol jazzmatazz vibes of yore and further proves that lupe is a master of storytelling without having to resort to ghetto tactics. love this guy!]

Friday, April 11, 2008

happy j-pop friday: namie amuro - what a feeling (video premiere)

namie amuro - what a feeling [link 2]
[trust me, i haven't followed asian music (let alone j-pop) in ages, but every now and then, i like to dip my feelers into eastern waters and check out what is making waves over there. currently the 'empress of j-pop', namie amuro, is sitting happy at the #1 spot with an interesting single called '60's 70's 80's'. coinciding with a massive vidal sassoon campaign, three tunes were recorded with the musical essence of each era and then used as the main theme for various hair ads (don't act all shocked, acts are doing it here too!). my favorite of the lot is a bit of a tranny train wreck called "what a feeling" (and yes, the chorus rips from flashdance). a nice bit of 80's electro j-pop for your friday!]

i just passed 200,000 visits!!!!

thank you for making it happen!

portishead - machine gun (video premiere)

portishead - machine gun [link 2]
[this will probably not win me any cool points, but i'm kind of on the 'meh' side of their upcoming album third. maybe i was expecting the world since their previous efforts were such playlist staples. though i bow down to the voice of beth gibbons, the kind of raw instrumentation and off kilter vocals are just kind of too art school for me these days. maybe i'll just have to allow everything sink in... get back to me in a month.]

Thursday, April 10, 2008

dance bitch dance: kraak & smaak feat ben westbeech - squeeze me (video premiere)

kraak & smaak feat ben westbeech - squeeze me [link 2]
[check out this hot video by dutch dance trio kraak & smaak. featuring the sweet vocals by ben westbeech, this is easily one of the best songs of the week! enjoy.]

sara bareilles - bottle it up (video premiere)

sara bareilles - bottle it up [link 2]
[interesting what success can do to a person. self-proclaimed acapella nerd sara toiled in and around the states last year getting her music heard via any means possible. fast forward to a top 5 single and look at our sara now, she's now styled as a full fledged BABE! luckily her music is still the same sweet catchy tunes that we all fell in love with the first time around.]

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

that kia spectra ad song: joe purdy - can't seem to get it right today

joe purdy - can't seem to get it right today [link 2]
[there's nothing like a good simple song used in a car ad to bring attention to a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter. with seven albums under his belt, joe purdy has found a wider net of fans by getting his music placed on various tv shows including lost, greys anatomy and house; now he can add advertising success under his belt. there's something about the sweet melancholia of joe's music that draws you in instantly (heck, they're running the ad way beyond the usual time frame of 2 months, so i'm obviously not the only one who's enamored with this song), so if you want to hear more, check out his 2006 album you can tell georgia from which this comes from.]

pop song of the week: robyn - who's that girl (video premiere)

robyn - who's that girl [link 2]
robyn - who's that girl (seamus haji mix) [link 2]
[the 2005 album continues to crank out hit after hit (this would be the 5th single for the UK market alone!) and with a US release set for later this year, robyn hopefully will translate her success here on our shores. produced by the amazing brother/sister duo the knife, this is easily one of my favorite pop songs of the moment!]

french indie love: m83, sebastian tellier

m83 - graveyard girl [link 2]
[french based anthony gonzales returns with yet another lush retro guitar album called 'saturdays = youth' produced by ken thomas (sigur ros, cocteau twins) and ewan pearson (tracey thorn, the rapture). personally i feel like this song sounds like a theme song for a john hughes movie starring a goth girl as the lead (will someone make a john hughes-like movie already? we need them in our lives again!)]

sebastian tellier - divine [link 2]
[french multi-instrumentalist and all around kooky artist returns with a new album sexuality AND the title of the french representative for the 2008 eurovision song contest. THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST! oh the wonderful surrealness of it all!]

usher - love in this club (video premiere) (brothers strause directors cut)

usher - love in this club [link 2]
[i'm not quite sure why it's taken THIS long for a video to be released for this single. the song itself has already peaked at #1 and seems to be on the way down the charts. what gives? it's sure not the 'elaborate' video directed by the brothers strause. did they have to wait for availability by the barely there kanye west, diddy and other guests? strange...]

Monday, April 07, 2008

that snapple antioxidant water / bubble wrap ad song: bad eliot - cat's meow

bad eliot - cat's meow [link 2]
[with an ad where you can barely hear the music playing in the background, you'd be surprised at how many people have been posting on bulletin boards looking for this franz ferdinand/cribs type song. since i'm nice like that, i found it for you. of course if you want to find out more about snapple water or download the track for yourself, check out all the info here]

have you been rick rolled today? check out the muppet rolled version

rick astley - never gonna give give you up (12" remix) [link 2]
[i've been rick rolled a few time since april 1st, but weirdly enough i still leave the song playing in the background cause i actually like this cheesy 80's stock aitken waterman classic. now throw in a muppet show re-edit and you've got yourself a nice monday morning celebration! hoorah for rick rolling!]

Sunday, April 06, 2008

roisin murphy - you know me better (acoustic live on channel 4: freshly squeezed)

roisin murphy - you know me better (acoustic live on freshly squeezed)
roisin murphy - keep it loose [link 2] ('you know me better' b-side)
[i love how roisin's brand of music is coined electro-soul. why not fabulous-soul or soulful fierceness. those would be my categories for her. these musical labels are a hoot.]

[crap questions, but hot damn is roisin's demeanor of talking darn sexy! i've never noticed it before.]

Friday, April 04, 2008

live wongie: kylie minogue - all i see (live on craig ferguson)

kylie minogue - all i see [link 2]
[for the past week kylie has been making the rounds on US tv to promote the release of her album X. last night she performed her new single "all i see" recorded for the US release on the late late show with craig ferguson. though craig barely had any idea of our pop princess since her late 80's neighbours days, it was the performance of the mid tempo number that made the even (made only better with the gaggle of hot dancers going at the song as if it was sped up). weirdly wonderful. kind of like the song.]

madonna feat justin timberlake and timbaland - 4 minutes (video premiere)

madonna feat justin timberlake and timbaland - 4 minutes (junkie xl tidus vocal re-edit) [link 2]
[this video will probably be pulled by the time you see this, but i figured i'd share it anyway since it got leaked a day before it's world premiere on madge's official video channel tick tock. i'd love to hear your thoughts on the video. what is that flesh eating prism anyway? (remember to check out the official launch at 4:44 on april 4th EST)]

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

video of the week: goldfrapp - happiness (video premiere)

Goldfrapp - Happiness

goldfrapp - happiness [link 2]
[how'd you get to be happiness? by listening to a spring ready song like this! a genius video (i counted 6 edits) accompanying a wonderful song thats just in time for the change in the weather. if i could jump that much, i'd aspire to be just like the bouncey boy in the video ;)]

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

adele - cold shoulder (video premiere)

adele - cold shoulder [link 2]
[new adele! produced by mark ronson and has a bit of an early massive attack feel. it's a great song attached to a crappy video. luckily adele looks flawless and well, i love her, so it all equals out ;)]

paddy casey - fear / you'll get by (video premiere)

paddy casey - fear

paddy casey - you'll get by [link 2]
paddy casey - i'm not out to get you [link 2]
[i love the irish troubadour that is paddy casey, but i have to be honest and admit that i'm kind of on the fence with the US release of fear as his 1st single (especiallly since it was released a few years back for another album). personally, i'm a bigger fan of the mid tempo ballad "you'll get by" (which was recorded for THIS album). but if you don't care, definitely pick up his latest album addicted to company pt 1 which features ALL these tunes in it's collection.]

bjork - wanderlust (video premiere)

just case you can't see the video, go here (but remember to come back!)

bjork - wanderlust (ratatat remix) [link 2]
[OMG! if you think this 2D version directed by encyclopedia pictura is amazing, imagine seeing the 7 min masterpiece in 3D!!!! (if you're obsessed like i am, then go to this site to find out where they will screen the 3D version in a city near you, during record store day on the 19th of april.) now as amazing as this video is, i have to say that i'm more partial with the ratatat remix of the song, which is why i share that version with you. gosh, i'm nice!]

want more? check out the NY Times piece here, plus a making of video below:

dorky yet cutie: tally hall - good day

tally hall - good day [link 2]
[how much you wanna bet these guys were in an acapella group together? formed back in 2002 at the university of michigan, the boys of tally hall not only have a quirky sound, but decided at an early stage to keep their uniform of white shirts and colored ties to be their trademark. if they aren't gay, then they sure are nerds! probably why i'm oddly interested. like what you hear, go check out their debut album marvins marvelous mechanical museum now]