Wednesday, April 12, 2006

imogen heap

imogen heap is a kooky one. part mad scientist, part girly girl and genius vocal layerist, imogen left a very successful venture as one half of frou frou to follow her soul in creating a solo album. mortgaging her home, imogen gave herself a year to record her album 'speak for yourself' and the result is an ingenious pop collection that is both complex and simple at the same time.

i've had this album since last year and brushed through it over xmas. but lately, i find myself going back and really concentrating on two songs in particular (i've included their videos above). every time i listen to these songs, i'm finding new things in these tunes. whether you already have this album or not, hopefully you'll go back and discover something new too. oh to be obsessed.

imogen heap - hide and seek (ciaran strings remix)
imogen heap - goodnight and go

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Ciaran said...

Hey, glad you liked the strings remix. ;)

I should say, though, that the mix isn't actually on the original album - it's just something I did myself. The original song can be heard at . You probably already know this, but just letting anybody who might read this know about that.

Thanks again. :)