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Wednesday, June 08, 2016


i'm off on a work trip (i have a day job yo!) but keep coming back to the site as i'll still be posting some big releases throughout when i get the chance! OH and remember to follow the carmix 2016 for the complete soundtrack to new songs and things i'm obsessed about!

Friday, May 27, 2016

AUDIO PREMIERE: jessie ware - till the end (me before you OST)

jessie ware - till the end (me before you OST)
though it's not an official return of jessie ware, this new track from the upcoming rom weepy, me before you, is a nice reminder of how much we are anticipating new material! gosh we heart jessie so much!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: ariana grande - into you

ariana grande - into you
after some disappointing releases from the ariana grande camp, it looks like the lil diva has finally found herself a sure fire pop smash that'll play well into the summer. nothing new on the songwriting front, this 2nd single is purely a crowd pleasing jam for the season. love it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WONGIE INDIE FOLK SONG OF THE WEEK: billie marten - milk & honey

billie marten - milk & honey
the gentle assured sound of newbie singer/songwriter folk gal billie marten has been on my radar for a few months, but it's her latest single 'milk & honey' that cements my appreciation of this definite one to watch for 2016. at just 18 years old, i'd say the prospects are pretty darn good so far!

Monday, May 23, 2016

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: adele - send my love (to your new lover)

adele - send my love (to your new lover)
world premiered during the billboard music awards, adele's latest single is probably the most commercial 'pop' number from her 25 album (co written by max martin yo!) and still a fave after all these listens. working with patrick daughters (who hasn't shot a music video in ages!) adele goes full on kaleidoscope on us and even does a bit of a dancing in the video! nice one!

Friday, May 06, 2016

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: radiohead - daydream

radiohead - daydream
radiohead's latest offering before the release of their full album (this sunday!) is a lush 6'26" interconnected maze of rooms and locations brought together by director paul thomas anderson. to say more is to take away from the hypnotic visual once you press play, so just do it already!

VIDEO PREMIERE: justin timberlake - can't stop the feeling (trolls OST)

justin timberlake - can't stop the feeling (trolls OST)
setting up a most likely entertaining soundtrack for the upcoming animated film trolls, justin timberlake returns with this max martin summer anthem that you'll be hearing ALOT of in the coming months! featuring his co-stars anna kendrick, gwen stefani, james corden, kunal nayyar, ron funches and icona pop, the whole gang gather up to bop to this uber catchy pop number. will we be getting a proper JT album then? that remains to be seen.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: radiohead - burn the witch

radiohead - burn the witch
after blanking out all of their social media platforms (twitter/ facebook/ radiohead relaunched them all with a brand new single with a stop motion video inspired by the cult horror film 'the wicker man'. whether this will kick off a strand of equally unsettling new songs remains to be seen, but for now this string heavy track is a massive curiosity for their fans!

Friday, April 29, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: ingrid michaelson - hell no

ingrid michaelson - hell no
seriously ingrid needs to get some serious love (or stock) from snapchat cause her latest single was shot entirely using their wacky face capture function in their system. the song itself is just your good ol female empowerment anthem that ingrid is so good at, but really it's the visual hook that'll get the multi clicks this time around.

AUDIO PREMIERE: calvin harris feat rihanna - this is what you came for

calvin harris feat rihanna - this is what you came for
as excited as i should be about the reuniting of calvin & riri, i gotta say this is low key dance number relies way too much on the vocal hook which isn't as amazing as it could be. it's still a nice kick start into your weekend, but it definitely doesn't have the obsessive factor of his previous single 'how deep is your love' or even the classic 'we found love'

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: florence + the machine - third eye

florence + the machine - third eye
the 9th and final chapter of the florence odyssey video series, ends with a stirring acapella vocal and powerful mantra from one of our fave songs of last year. once again vincent haycock directs with ryan heffington on choreo making this collaboration truly wonderful!

Monday, April 25, 2016

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: jack garratt - surprise yourself

jack garratt - surprise yourself
directed by tom clarkson, the simple concept of everyday people overcoming their anxieties by working thru them, is something quite beautiful and profound (especially with jack's excellent new single as it's soundtrack). a tear may have been shed but definitely cause it made me happy!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

beyonce - lemonade (visual album)

beyonce - lemonade (album film)
seriously there are no words to describe the great album that is lemonade. between the raw tales of being cheated on, to the plight of black women in this world, to admitting true love, there is something both deeply personal and completely stellar as a storyteller to the masses. the woman is a queen bey for a reason and this visual album has taken her to a new level!

Friday, April 22, 2016

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: little mix feat sean paul - hair

little mix feat sean paul - hair
there's something super drag about this song, which in the case of rupaul drag race loving little mix, is a total compliment! once again the gals come up with a super catchy singalong girlpower anthem with a side of dorky which makes me love them even more. yaaas!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NEW TOM ODELL: tom odell - magnetised

tom odell - magnetised
the official first single off tom's upcoming 'wrong crowd' album (we offered up the title track video a few weeks back) has a hint of coldplay's foray into 'dance' music last year, but thank goodness sounds much better! once again, elements of dance play a big part in tom's sound, yet he still gives the tune an organic songwriter vibe (and killer choir) that made us love him in the first place. nice one this!

Monday, April 18, 2016

WONGIE FUTURE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: alunageorge - i remember

alunageorge - i remember
looks like alunageorge's new album is turning into a highly curated collaboration lab as the title track joins forces with aussie producer flume in this syncopated soul jam. though there's no release date set for the album (they're still recording it yo!) the duo are definitely on the right track with what they've put out so far. damn is this song good!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

ROCK GAL: mitski - your best american girl

mitski - your best american girl
the fact that we have a new rock gal to admire is something to make note of (there's alot of electronic or folkie indie gals but rock... it's few these days). then mitski miyawaki goes and writes a great kick ass song about not being able to find her 'american' identity due to her bi-racial background and you've got someone with a solid voice that will influence and inspire people (she's already a big tumblr star). i'm new to this gal, but damn, i'm totally into it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WONGIE FUTURE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: mura masa feat bonzai - what if i go?

mura masa feat bonzai - what if i go?
alex crossan (aka mura masa) has been on our radar since his collaboration with uk soul singer nao made our best of list last year (#25 yo!). he's now back with another wonderfully romantic jam with the help of bonzai that's just been a favorite on our carmix 2016. with a whole new generation of modern soul music coming from the UK these days, mura masa is definitely one of the buzziest acts making the rounds now. we like this guy ALOT!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: the temper trap - fall together

the temper trap - fall together
after a 4 year 'time-off', aussie indie band the temper trap returns with this singalong anthem that just reminds everybody how good they are as crafters of catchy music. already on multiple plays over here, we welcome back to the charts boys!

Monday, April 11, 2016

WONGIE SOUL DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: le youth feat tay beckham - boomerang

le youth feat tay beckham - boomerang
LA based dj/producer le youth returns with an original single that continues his celebration of 90's soul jams with a pop house twist. it's a pre-summer formula that totally works and deserves a few loud plays. oh and if you love this tune you can get a free download of it here!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

POP GAL: carly rae jepsen - boy problems

carly rae jepsen - boy problems
ewww.... boy problems are so annoying! what's NOT annoying is the continued discovery of carly rae jepsen's amazingly celebratory 80's pop 'emotion' album. working with fashion photographer petra collins, the collective of cool gals 'over it' (including actress/blogger tavi gevinson) is something that'll make you happy for the weekend. joy of joys!

Thursday, April 07, 2016

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: odd mob feat starley - into you

odd mob feat starley - into you
reworking the tamia soul classic "i'm so into you" into this dance banger (which we initially placed in our minimix), the brisbane duo odd mob is definitely turning into serious ones to watch status with their hot remixes and now this what will sure be a massive crossover release. turn this one up cause you'll be jammin to this throughout summer!
want more? check out their fun remix of destiny's child "lose my breath" below:

odd mob x destiny's child - lose my breath (odd mob bootleg)
TURN IT UP!!!!!!

WONGIE HOUSE SONG OF THE WEEK: katy b x chris lorenzo - i wanna be

katy b x chris lorenzo - i wanna be
as katy b's 3rd album 'honey' release is right around the corner, she gives us another hot track, this time featuring the chill production of dj chris lorenzo. we've already hyped another deeper cut (with fourtet and floating points) on our beats mix yesterday and together with this jam, it just proves that katy's album will be entrenched in the sounds of the underground. which is why we love her so!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

wongieFM april beats 2016 feat Cassius / Odd Mob / Gorgon City / Tourist / Tom Zanetti / TCTS / Katy B / Mele / Motez / Boys Noize

with spring allegedly here (the weather sure doesn't reflect this) what better way that to kick it off with a 10 track beats mix of dance, tribal, house, future tech just to get your booty boppin'! turn it up cause these are your jams of the month!

cassius feat cat power & mike d - action
odd mob feat starley - into you
gorgon city feat vaults - all four walls
tourist - run
tom zanetti - darlin'
tcts - jelly
katy b x fourtet x floating points - calm down
mele - body thing
motez feat tkay maidza - down like this
boys noize feat remy banks - euphoria

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

AUDIO PREMIERE: drake - one dance (feat wizkid & kyla) / pop style (feat kanye west & jay z)

in one fell swoop drake released two new singles hyping up his upcoming album 'views from the 6' coming out later this month. the one i'm feeling is the dancehall tinged track that samples kyla's "do you mind" which i hope will generate another awesome drake dad dancing video. following that single's release, drake offered up another track featuring a pairing simply called the throne (aka kanye & jay z). just enough serious hype for all his fans. i'm SUPER excited to hear more of this album now!

drake feat wizkid & kyla - one dance

drake feat kanye west & jay z - pop style

Monday, April 04, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: tom odell - wrong crowd

tom odell - wrong crowd
besides the unnecessarily long intro, the return of tom odell marks a interesting new sound that builds into a borderline dance (!) number filled with choral wails and electric guitar riffs. it's all kind of brilliant if you ask me! looks like the 2 year wait for a follow up is going to be worth it!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: rihanna - kiss it better

rihanna - kiss it better
the official 2nd single off the 'anti' album, riri's latest is a slow prince like jam that features the lovely guitars of nuno bettencourt (remember extreme!) throughout. it's a simple sexy skimpy video so maybe watch this when you're NOT at work. ahem...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: gorgon city feat vaults - all four walls

gorgon city feat vaults - all four walls
as the first release teasing their as yet unamed sophomore album, the gorgon city boys offer up a breezy light house tune with uk synth pop band vaults lead singer blythe pepino, on vocals. spring is in the air and what better tune to bop along to than this one!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: dj snake feat bipolar sunshine - middle

dj snake feat bipolar sunshine - middle
directed by colin tilley, this wongieFM fave of last year (#35!) FINALLY gets a video treatment in this superhero laden love story (or is it) starring hunger games josh hutcherson and dope's kiersey clemmons. honestly it's alot more interesting than some of the big budget vehicles out there plus the song still holds on to it's wonderfulness so many months onwards. nice one this!

Monday, March 14, 2016

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: miguel feat kacey musgraves - waves (remix)

miguel feat kacey musgraves - waves (remix)
working with a diverse artists (tame impala / travis scott) to reinterpret his single 'waves', my favorite of the lot is this beachy, with hints of retro country (slide guitar yo!), duet with kacey musgraves. obviously i'm not the only one who thinks this version of miguel's single is hit worthy, a video version will be available in the coming weeks (i'll update it when it comes out). but for now, chillax with the audio and dream of sunsets on the horizon. sigh.

Monday, March 07, 2016


ry x - only
it's hard to believe that aussie singer/songwriter ry cuming (aka ry x) has taken his time to release his debut album 'dawn' since his indie hit "berlin" two years back. according to ry, much was about finding the right sound for him and giving him the space to do so. well the wait is finally over and ry x returns with this gorgeously delicate new song that kickstarts the release of his upcoming album. file this under yaaaaay!!!

WONGIE SONG OF THE MONTH: alessia cara - wild things (video premiere)

alessia cara - wild things
we buzzed about this gem last weekend and now 'wild things' gets an official video! nothing new to add to our already massive admiration for this singer/songwriter, just turn it up and sing along at this point!

alessia cara - wild things
like troye sivan, alessia's song was featured on our best of 2015 list (#10!!) and we have since given very special attention to this wonderfully joyous and catchy number many times over. if you haven't found the genius that is singer/songwriter and lovely youngin' alessia yet, you really should get to know her debut album 'know it all' which is filled with gems like this one. LOVE HER!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: the 1975 - the sound

the 1975 - the sound
every time i hear a new track by the 1975 i'm surprised how confident they are as songwriters to wholly embrace the pop aesthetic of the 80's era yet still make the music completely their own. throw in the fact that frontman matty healy is openly fluid and a bit of a showman, and you got yourself a fun band that always keeps you guessing. press play and hum along to one of the catchiest numbers around at the moment!

Friday, February 26, 2016

WONGIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: corinne bailey rae - been to the moon

corinne bailey rae - been to the moon
the return of corinne bailey rae is both joyous and mysterious as she has taken the discreet road over the years as an artist to only reveal herself when new material is ready. with the new album 'the heart speaks in whispers', corinne offers up a beautiful jazzy number accompanied by this gorgeous video by directors favorite colour black. we have missed you, but you're back so happy news for all!

WONGIE SONG OF THE MONTH: troye sivan - youth

troye sivan - youth
#12 in our best of 2015 list it's right to say that we have LIVED this song thoroughly by now! but watching troye with his friends in this new video just brings back all the joy that we experienced upon hearing this song for the first time. we heart troye and we definitely heart this song from his wonderful 'blue neighbourhood' album!


zayn - iT's YoU
this hypnotic track is quite a promising tease into zayn's upcoming debut 'mind of mine'. sounding quite frank ocean-y, i'm actually quite curious to hear more from the ex-boy bander. might this be a proper album?

WONGIE GUILTY PLEASURE OF THE WEEK: fifth harmony feat ty dolla $ign - work at home

fifth harmony feat ty dolla $ign - work at home
seriously this is probably one of the silliest songs i've heard in awhile, so of course the video has to be an amped up camp fest filled with himbo's and completely 'appropriate' contractor outfits for the harmony 5. so dumb that it's kind of genius! i can't help but bop to this!

IN ANTICIPATION OF THE OSCARS: PLAYS with Nadia: David Lang feat Sumi Jo - Simple Song #3 (Youth Soundtrack)

PLAYS with Nadia: David Lang feat Sumi Jo - Simple Song #3 (Youth Soundtrack)
nadia is back again with her PLAYS for the week and this time she looks at one of the nominees from the Oscar nominated best original song category "Simple Song #3" from the paolo sorrentino film 'Youth'.

though you can hear us pontificate about our personal thoughts about the movie (and also get a glimpse of what we talk about during our day jobs as film journalists), we are both in agreement that director sorrentino loves music and art as much as we do, hence our appreciation for a song like this.

the song is up against some heavy hitters, but it sure does make us swoon the easiest!

like what you hear? check out the song in full below and remember to keep checking in on fridays for our weekly PLAYS session!

david lang feat sumi jo - simple song #3

Monday, February 22, 2016

NEW RIRI!: rihanna feat drake - work

rihanna feat drake - work
i love how the people in the riri camp feels like "work" is so epic that it needed TWO versions (directed by director x AND tim erem) back to back for the fans. from what i've read, the 2nd more 'hotline bling' visual is an extension of another upcoming video, but really? two videos? still, the song has definitely grown into a chill banger so there's always that...

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: shura feat talib kweli - touch

shura feat talib kweli - touch
getting together shura's friends to make out for her latest video, director ammr khalifa has crafted together a wonderful postsexually fluid visual that flips between actual coupling and gorgeous illustration. it's hypnotic just like shura's song which conveniently comes as a teaser for her debut album 'nothings real' due in a few months!

Friday, February 19, 2016

WONGIE SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: dua lipa - last dance / be the one

dua lipa - last dance
forget about the mesmerizing beauty of the albanian british dua lipa (the girl made dosh as a model yo!) and just check out the captivating releases of this new artist that spans pop, indie with a sprinkle of electronic fabulousness that most debut artists have confidence fronting. it's kind of breathtaking really to witness the potential of dua before she gets super massive. you have been warned.

want more? check out what is already one of my fave songs of the year below:

dua lipa - be the one
omg i LOVE this tune!!!

WONGIE INDIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: jack garratt - worry

jack garratt - worry
with his debut album 'phase' just released this weekend, wongie fave of 2015, jack garratt, graces us with a brand new album track in the form of "worry". like all of his previous tracks there is ALOT going on but strip away the multi-instrumental pile up is a solid songwriter who knows how to craft near perfect tunes. oh and the video is a hoot too!

A NEW WEEK! PLAYS with Wongie: Zak Abel - Say Sumthin

PLAYS with Wongie: Zak Abel - Say Sumthin
so it looks like we're gonna try to make this PLAYS series a weekly gathering! last week nadia brought the sweet storied voice of brandi carlile to you guys, now it's my turn as i kind of turn up the 90's soul jam, refurbished into the very modern "say sumthin" by the 20 year old uk act zak abel.

though we're not too far from a proper debut album release, zak has been busy lending his vocals to hits by gorgon city & joker last year. but what i'm bringing you is a gem from his EP 'one hand on the future' which features this amazing tune that one can't help but bop heavily to.

i'm a total fanboy, and it looks like i found a new convert in nadia too. just press play and see us seat dancing... it's not a pretty sight! enjoy!

rather than watch us growl alot of 'ughs' and jam like dorks, why not listen to zak abel sing this awesome song during an eton messy session? press play below:

zak abel - say sumthin (em sessions)

if you like what you hear, remember to check out more of zak's music on your fave streaming site.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

SONG PREMIERE: zayn - it's you (live @ the tonight show starring jimmy fallon)

zayn - it's you (live @ the tonight show starring jimmy fallon)
i gotta say that zayn is definitely not taking the easy route with his debut album 'mind of mine'. world premiering the album cut "it's you" on jimmy fallon last night, zayn not only killed the vocals (kind of flawless yo!) but introduced a song that is both complex and dreamy at the same time. might need a few listens to decide if i like the song, but for sheer interesting factor, it's definitely not throwaway pop. i'm curiously intrigued on what else he has in store now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

GRAMMYS 2016 HIGHLIGHTS: kendrick lamar, hamilton, stevie wonder + pentatonix, little big town, alabama shakes, lady gaga, taylor swift

though this years grammys clocked in at a solid 3 1/2 hours (!!!), the show managed to get some seriously exceptional performances from the nominees/winners. here are my fave performances of the night (and no, adele's painful mic clanging performance didn't make the cut)

kendrick lamar - the blacker the berry / alright
seriously this is one of the best things i've seen on grammys PERIOD. intense, political and just showcasing the lyrical genius that is kendrick, no wonder he walked away with 4 awards by the end of the night!

hamilton cast - alexander hamilton
the closest thing that most of us will get to seeing hamilton up close and personal (sold out thru the summer yo!!), the show also picked up a grammy soon afterwards!

stevie wonder & pentatonix - that's the way of the world
this awesome vocal moment is what happens when stevie wonder collaborates with the acapella act pentatonix to celebrate the music of earth wind & fire's maurice white. bliss.

little big town - girl crush
i've seen so many excellent live performances of this song, but stripping it down to just strings is pretty darn wonderful. congrats on the 2 grammys btw!

alabama shakes - don't wanna fight
seriously brittany howard is pure vocal goddess. 3 wins. nuff said.

lady gaga + intel - david bowie tribute
gaga's tribute to bowie was also an interesting visual experiment that was at once beautiful to watch and camp extravaganza. which in the spirit of bowie is exactly what he would have enjoyed.

taylor swift - out of the woods
i gotta say our tswift hit some serious notes in this performance and then gave a solid third finger speech to kanye when she picked up the album of the year award. nice one t!

adele - all i ask
ok fine, here is the adele performance that not only started messed up (the mic fell on the piano and made clanging noises) but you can see it jarred her singing until she just decided to sing through the mistake. but yeah, not a great one...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: hozier - cherry wine

hozier - cherry wine
continuing the tradition of releasing powerful videos to match his music, hozier gets oscar nominee saiorse ronan to star in this simple yet impactful video that highlights domestic violence (on valentines day no less). all proceeds of the song go to support 22 charities around the world that focus on this abuse. love the song and love what hozier is doing with it.

Friday, February 12, 2016

SOMETHING NEW: PLAYS with Nadia: Brandi Carlile - The Things I Regret

PLAYS with Nadia: Brandi Carlile - The Things I Regret
so we're starting a brand new thing here on wongie's music world in which i asked my music loving buddy nadia to join me on a (hopefully) weekly PLAYS series in which we play each other songs that have been on repeat on our playlists.

of course that doesn't mean i won't still update you with some of the latest music vids and hot tunes, but these PLAYS are just a way to introduce longer term music tracks that are definitely standing the test of time.

kicking off our PLAYS series, nadia gives us an album track from grammy nominated brandi carlile's 'the firewatchers daughter' called "the things i regret" which as you'll see, we do get to do a bit of swooning while listening to the song!

will brandi take away the best americana album award remains to be seen, but hopefully you like what you hear to check out the full album!

wanna hear the full version (without our commentary) here is brandi performing the song at kexp back in may:

brandi carlile - the things i regret (live @ kexp)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: ok go - upside down & inside out

ok go - upside down & inside out
another day another jaw droppingly wonderful video by the ok go boys! this time the band go into space with S7 airlines and have come up with a seamless action packed zero gravity gem that was actually shot 8 different times with some special morphing of the edits in the end by director trish sie. press play and just smile away cause it's the best thing you'll see today!

NEW SIA!: sia feat sean paul - cheap thrills

sia feat sean paul - cheap thrills
sometimes a song just needs a little bit extra to push it into that hitzone. such is the case of sia's current single 'cheap thrills' which in it's original version is perfectly catchy, but somehow sean paul's additional verses just kicks the cheese factor into an awesome zone and well... maybe rihanna or icona pop wouldn't have said no then.