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Friday, July 03, 2015

WONGIE DISCOVERY: elliot moss - slip / best light / slip (hippie sabotage)

getting serious buzz this week as part of zane lowe's first ever beats 1 playlist on apple music AND featured in the viral dance video choreographed by so you think you can dance alum phillip chbeeb, bedroom electronic soul singer/songwriter elliot moss is having a very important week. with his debut album set for september, this 21 year old looks set to offer up the soundtrack for introspective music lovers in the coming months. we are curious for sure!

elliot moss - slip (phillip chbeeb & renee kester dance video)
oh the dancing here is just beautiful! no wonder it's racked up 12 million views on facebook alone!

elliot moss - best light
definitely more upbeat than "slip" (it even switches it's bpms midway!) check out elliot's new house music inspired single!

elliot moss - slip (hippie sabotage remix)
giving this song some swagger, check out hippie sabotage's sexy take on this chill anthem!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

WONGIE DISCOVERY: alessia cara - here

alessia cara - here
discovered via her youtube channel, toronto based singer/songwriter alessia is getting some serious buzz with her wallflower anthem "here" where she is seemingly vocal freestyling over the classic isaac hayes 'ike's rap II'. signed just a year ago to def jam, this is a very auspicious start for the young talent. radar alert!

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: shura - white light

shura - white light
edited down from the original 6 mins version, shura's latest single is a celebration of all things 80's synth pop (with guitar riffs and everything!) which in my book is never a bad thing!

NSFW VIDEO PREMIERE: rihanna - bitch better have my money

rihanna - bitch better have my money (explicit)
directed by riri herself, there is some serious R rated visuals here that will surprise you (is it misogynist if it's done by a woman?). then again the song is called 'bitch better have my money' so one kind of expects this kind of extreme video.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: disclosure feat gregory porter - holding on

disclosure feat gregory porter - holding on
[UPDATED] we brought you this track late may and now the disclosure boys officially launch their new album 'caracal' with the first of the series of videos directed by ryan hope. can't wait to see the rest of this mini movie!
i mean... this is all sorts of awesome!! the return of disclosure also introduces the husky voice of jazz singer gregory porter to the masses. nothing wrong here!!

VIDEO PREMIERE: kendrick lamar - alright

kendrick lamar - alright
the magic of rapper kendrick lamar is that he can be at once political and poetic under the guise of popular music culture. though the pharrell produced jazzy number is uplifting, the lyrics tell a totally different story about black america propelled even further with this amazing video by colin lilley. just powerful stuff here.

VIDEO PREMIERE: pharrell williams - freedom

pharrell williams - freedom
after world premiering the song at glastonbury over the weekend, pharrell went on to give apple music the exclusive for his dynamic new single 'freedom'. it's instantly sing alongable which also means you'll probably be hating this song in a few weeks time. until now, lets all sing for our freedom!

pharrell williams - freedom (live @ glastonbury)

HOT SOUNDTRACK: paper towns feat sam bruno / santigold / vance joy / grouplove

with less than a month away, the new john green screen adaptation, paper towns, is slowly rolling out tracks from their indie pop skewing soundtrack. with new tracks from galantis, sam bruno, vance joy, grouplove and santigold, mixed with recent faves from haim and vampire weekend, it's a pretty fine collection to soundtrack your inner teen moments this summer. now go and find yourself a life adventure with a twist of romance and mystery will ya!  

sam bruno - search party
even without the paper towns connection, this is a seriously perfect indie pop gem that deserves to be a massive hit. singer/songwriter sam bruno has already lent her vocals on dance tracks by gta and bisbetic, plus had a hand in co-writing kanye west's "the one". hopefully this will propel her into the mainstream spotlight cause the song is just wonderful!

santigold - radio
throwing her catchy hooks into the mix, santigold comes up with one of the most radio friendly tracks of her career (heck, it's even called radio!)

vance joy - great summer
aussie singer songwriter vance joy offers up a wistful post summer number to feel sentimental to. yaay!

grouplove - no drama queen
been a fan of these guys from the beginning and as usual they release a solid number that you can sing along to instantly.

Monday, June 29, 2015

WONGIE SONG OF THE MONTH: jack u (aka skrillex & diplo) feat justin bieber - where are u now

jack u (aka skrillex & diplo) feat justin bieber - where are u now
initially a reluctant single from the justin bieber camp, this song has taken a life of it's own since the jack u album came out back in february and now 4 months later, here is the official video release of the word of mouth smash. sadly seeing justin bieber still makes me dislike him, but thank goodness the song is still SO good!

CELEBRITY VIDEO: son lux - you don't know me

son lux - you don't know me
starring my favorite orphan black clone, tatiana maslany (and also noah segan), the ever captivating actress channels the melancholic loneliness in a relationship, all the while really being a cult priestess on in the inside! oh and the song fits the image too!

Friday, June 26, 2015

SONG OF SUMMER 2015: flo rida feat robin thicke & verdine white - i don't like, i love it

flo rida feat robin thicke & verdine white - i don't like, i love it
the utter simplicity and repetition of the chorus is like crack. you will bop along to this song until you want to stomp on it by the end of the summer. wasn't that another song robin thicke was involved in?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEW CHET FAKER!: chet faker - bend

chet faker - bend
originally a track from his last album 'built on glass' but pulled last minute, aussie soul man chet faker officially releases his latest single for his fans. hopefully this is an indication that new material is right around the corner!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


miguel - coffee
i should have been praising this song last week, but better late than never right? definitely the sexiest song out at the moment! thank you miguel!!

WONGIE DISCOVERY: andra day - forever mine

andra day - forever mine
oh that timeless soulful voice! newcomer andra day sounds like a blast from the past, but she is fully entrenched in the now garnering fans as diverse as stevie wonder to spike lee (who directed this video) by offering her takes on current hits via her youtube channel. with her debut album 'forever mine' due for release, check out her current single "forever mine" (and DEFINITELY that crazy note she slides into at the 3'15" mark) and you'll understand why this soul gal is seriously on our radar.

WONGIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: lianne la havas - what you don't do

lianne la havas - what you don't do
this is just joy! lianne la havas has offered up one of the most commercial friendly soul songs of her career and it's just full of pure smiles. the album 'blood' is shaping up to be an interesting release and this awesome track proves that the UK chanteuse is definitely one of the best soul gals around!

NEW YEARS & YEARS!: years & years - foundation / worship

with their debut album 'communion' coming out in two weeks, years & years are posting a bunch of album tracks for their fans to chew on. check out the dramatic balladry of 'foundation' then click on the mid-tempo dance number 'worship' (which can definitely turn into a single if given a bit of a meatier tweak). love these boys and so should you!!!

years & years - foundation

years & years - worship

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


foxes - body talk
[UPDATED WITH VIDEO PREMIERE!] channelling some serious 80's synth fabulousness, louisa rose allen (aka foxes) returns with this new gem that captures some of that stevie nicks fairy dust essence (and that's always a good thing). nice one!

NEW ROBYN!: robyn & la bagatelle magique feat maluca - love is free

robyn & la bagatelle magique feat maluca - love is free
working with the late producer/dj christian falk and her tour keyboardist markus j├Ągerstedt, robyn has created an interesting celebration of dance beats, vocals and jams that'll give your summer mix a perfect boogie down. turn this up and get ready to shake that booty!

WONGIE SOUL HOUSE SONG OF THE WEEK: rudimental feat anne marie & will heard - rumour mill

rudimental feat anne marie & will heard - rumour mill
so nice to see rudimental working with up and coming UK young soul voices for their latest single 'rumour mill'. taking out their usual drum n bass beats for a low key house groove, this is definitely a fun cool number that lasts into the late night. just wonderful!

NEW JANET JACKSON!: janet jackson - no sleep

janet jackson - no sleep
after a 7 year break, comes the much anticipated, surprisingly low key, return of janet jackson. working with jimmy jam and terry lewis, hopefully this is a subtle foray back into 'ms jackson if your nasty' land, cause this track leaves me definitely wanting much more.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

WEEKEND MASH UP: madonna vs taylor swift - bitch i'm bad blood

madonna vs taylor swift - bitch i'm madonna / bad blood
taiwan dj andy wu musicland goes and mashes up madge and taylor's current hits to become your viral buzz track of the weekend

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: madonna feat nicki minaj - bitch i'm madonna

madonna feat nicki minaj - bitch i'm madonna
here is the video premiere of the taylor...i mean, madonna video with all her celeb friends

Thursday, June 11, 2015

NEW LUCY ROSE: lucy rose - like an arrow

lucy rose - like an arrow
uk singer/songwriter lucy rose continues her sweet folksie pop journey with the 2nd single off her upcoming album 'work it out'. like a lovely evening summer breeze this one!

WONGIE COUNTRY SONG OF THE WEEK: kacey musgraves - biscuits

kacey musgraves - biscuits
pretty much a sequel to her smash hit 'follow your arrow', country singer/songwriter kacey musgraves once again gives her fans something catchy and cheeky to sing about. throw in a kooky colorful old skool hee haw of a video and you got our fave country song this week!

SONG OF SUMMER 2015: prince royce feat jennifer lopez & pitbull - back it up

prince royce feat jennifer lopez & pitbull - back it up
bringing on his bronx buddy jlo into the mix, this is pretty much a straight up happy go lucky summer jam that sets out to bring a nice bop to your step. looks like prince royce has a big crossover hit on his hands!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SONG OF SUMMER 2015: sage the gemini feat nick jonas - good thing

sage the gemini feat nick jonas - good thing
the song is fine until the chorus hits and WHAM you're instantly hooked. who knew that the oakland rapper and soul pop singer would make such a good collaboration together!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

NEW CROOKERS: crookers feat jeremih - i just can't

crookers feat jeremih - i just can't
been playing this collaboration between the italian dj/producer and hot rapper/singer jeremih on the carmix for a bit and it finally gets a pretty darn clever video to boot!

NEW TOURIST: tourist feat josef salvat & niia - holding on

tourist feat josef salvat & niia - holding on
getting the cool male vocals of josef salvat (one of our new fave acts of the year) and the gorgeous singer songwriter niia is a bit of a smart move for tourist. the end result is a smart aching house number that looks to be a grower.

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: martin solveig feat sam white - +1

martin solveig feat sam white - +1
not only is the new single by martin solveig hyper catchy, but the video comes with enough crazy images to make your tuesday a brilliant one! turn it up and dance yo!

WONGIE REMIX OF THE WEEK: mark ronson feat keyone starr - i can't lose (duke dumont remix)

mark ronson feat keyone starr - i can't lose (duke dumont remix)
holy shizz, blowing up the energy of original version by 1000%, this duke dumont remix is all sorts of insane all the while still showcasing the wonderful vocals of keyone starr. turn it the F up!!

curious about the funkier jam original? check it out below:

mark ronson feat keyone starr - i can't lose

Monday, June 08, 2015

NEW YEARS & YEARS: years & years - shine / king

years & years - shine
with their debut album 'communion' right around the corner, the boys of years & years put out a new single after the massive success of their track "king". though this is a more mellow track from their previous releases, it still continues their winning streak as one of the better synth indie pop bands out at the moment. big fan!

years & years - king
i TOTALLY missed out on posting this track back when it was released in january and it has since turned into one of the biggest smashes of the year. not that i wasn't humming along to this song for the past few months, i just never posted it. so as a catch up experience (and for those who aren't already in love with this song) here it is!!

NEW JOHN NEWMAN: john newman - come and get it

john newman - come and get it
he's back! the retro soul growl of john newman returns with this instantly catchy new single that borders on disco! it's gonna be huge and a welcome return for the young crooner.

i'm obviously not the only one who thinks this is a solid dance song too check out the tobtok remix below:

john newman - come and get it (tobtok remix)

WONGIE INDIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: jarryd james - do you remember

jarryd james - do you remember
already a smash back in his home of australia, singer songwriter jarryd james is poised to do some serious crossover especially on the back of chilled out soulful introspective jams like this. get to know this name, cause you'll be hearing quite a bit of him in the coming year.

Friday, June 05, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: rudimental feat foy vance - never let you go

rudimental feat foy vance - never let you go
gearing for the release of their new album 'we the generation', rudimental offer up their latest single with singer songwriter foy vance. it's a more lush drum n bass sound but sadly underusing the songwriting skills of it's vocalist (more lyrics please). hopefully the other album collabs with talents like mnek and lianne la havas will be more brilliant. fingers crossed!


once again my day job is taking me away for a few weeks. i will attempt to throw in a few big updates during this time, but it will be a good 2 weeks before i get around to posting more frequently. keep coming back to check in!! see you soon!!

Monday, June 01, 2015

INDIE MIX: prides - messiah

prides - messiah
with their debut album 'the way back up' set for release in july, scottish trio prides re-release their anthemic single 'messiah' to the masses. it's an uplifting retro 80's indie jam that just begs to be turned up for a bit of a dance. love these guys!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

SUNDAY JAM: sigma feat ella henderson - glitterball

sigma feat ella henderson - glitterball
nothing too ground breaking here, but it's nice to hear ella doing some cool vocals on this drum n bass lite future pop hit.

SUNDAY JAM: diplo vs cl vs riff raff vs og maco - doctor pepper

diplo vs cl vs riff raff vs og maco - doctor pepper
cl from 2ne1 gets her first official english single release with ALOT of help from rapper riff raff and og maco. kind of wish it was more of a solo affair (i mean, the girl has the chops to be the next M.I.A.) so hopefully the next release will be more cl less other...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

WEEKEND MIX: ryn weaver - pierre (acoustic)

ryn weaver - pierre (acoustic)
so here's the thing about ryn that i love and hate at the same time her obvious talent is so front and center, that it sometimes comes across as try hard and show off-y. alot has to do with her ambition to succeed, you can just see that her every move is pre-planned (those sideways looks!). but then again, ryn's songs are uber dynamic and insta hipster pop ready. don't get me wrong, i'm a big fan... i'm just calling it as i see it...

WEEKEND MIX: kelly clarkson - invincible

kelly clarkson - invincible
co-written by the almighty sia, this is a nice power ballad anthem that kelly can belt out in her sleep. not my fave track off her current 'piece by piece' album, but it's not bad either.

Friday, May 29, 2015

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: little mix - black magic

little mix - black magic
co-written by camille purcell and ed drewett, this is a wonderful return to the pop charts by my fave uk girl band. though it's catchy as all heck, the girls also seem to have picked up some weird poses (neck snaps and eye stares) which i hope will be dropped soon, cause it looks hella false. all good, still love them to bits!

WONGIE HOUSE SONG OF THE WEEK: hayden james - something about you

hayden james - something about you
this relaxed house jam has been playing on my carmix for quite some time, but now it looks like aussie producer/dj is ready for some serious international crossover buzz as his single is gearing for a worldwide release next month. get on the awesome sauce now!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: ryn weaver - octahate

ryn weaver - octahate
we've been fans of this awesome indie pop song since back in october of last year, now with fresh relaunched support from the label, it looks like 2015 is going to be the year of ryn weaver. between this still awesome gem and her album title track 'the fool, we are officially having a moment with this gal!

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: josef salvat - till i found you

josef salvat - till i found you
aussie singer josef salvat is slowly turning into 2015's debut solo male singer making epic dramatic pop for the masses. it's hella wonderful (with solid videos to match) and definitely on our radar!

Monday, May 18, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: david guetta feat nicki minaj & afrojack - hey mama

david guetta feat nicki minaj & afrojack - hey mama
world premiering on vessel, we continue our love of nicki with this fun jam for the summer.

VIDEO PREMIERE: nicki minaj feat beyonce - feeling myself

[BooMTowN Edit #14] Nicki Minaj ft Beyonce - Feeling Myself [Intro Clean] from Stephan BooM on Vimeo.

nicki minaj feat beyonce - feeling myself
world premiering on tidal, check out this perfectly cheeky jam from nicki minaj and beyonce. loads of fun!

VIDEO PREMIERE: taylor swift feat kendrick lamar - bad blood

taylor swift feat kendrick lamar - bad blood
it's a crazy cast, but t-swift has some serious a-list connections:

Bad Blood Cast:
Taylor Swift as Catastrophe
Selena Gomez as Arsyn
Karlie Kloss as Knockout
Kendrick Lamar as Welvin Da Great
Martha Hunt as HomeSlice
Jessica Alba as Domino
Serayah as Dilemma
Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiori
Hailee Steinfeld as The Trinity
Ellie Goulding as Destructa X
GiGi Hadid as Slay-Z
Hayley Williams as The Crimson Curse
Zendaya as Cut-Throat
Lily Aldridge as Frostbyte
Ellen Pompeo as Luna
Mariska Hargitay as Justice
Cara Delevingne as Mother Chucker
Cindy Crawford as Headmistress

Friday, May 15, 2015

NEW BRITNEY!: britney spears & iggy azalea - pretty girls

britney spears & iggy azalea - pretty girls
i still stand by my 'it's barely a song' statement, but it does make me happy to see britney embracing her silly and dancing with her crew again.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

WEEKEND NSFW: cazwell - downtown

cazwell - downtown
blunt smoking, porn loving, bootie shaking, gay rapper cazwell returns with yet another naughty video that both titillates and entertains at the same time. it's the weekend, so watch this in the privacy of your home you pervs!

WONGIE AWWWW SONG OF THE WEEK: ed sheeran - photograph

ed sheeran - photograph
honestly just press play and watch ed sheeran go from baby to superstar. awwwwww!