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Monday, October 05, 2015

WONGIE HIP HOP SONG OF THE WEEK: travis scott - antidote

travis scott - antidote
with a list of mentors like kanye west and jay z who are more than keen to help this newbie rapper, travis scott is coming into the rap scene with some serious buzz behind him. throw in the fact that his current single 'antidote' is crazy hypnotic (with killer lyrics to boost) and you've got yourself one to watch for the rest of 2015 and beyond. hot damn this song is cool!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: sam smith - writing's on the wall (james bond 007 spectre theme song)

sam smith - writing's on the wall (james bond 007 spectre theme song)
just a few weeks shy of it's highly anticipated release, sam smith offers up his theme song (co-produced by jimmy napes and disclosure) for james bond spectre. instantly #1 in the UK charts, this is a surprisingly subtle (even with those strings) single for 007's long standing tradition of drama theme songs. can't wait to see the film!!!

Friday, October 02, 2015

WONGIE RETRO POP SONG OF THE WEEK: little mix - love me like you

little mix - love me like you
the 2nd official single from their upcoming album 'get weird' this doo wop retro number from little mix is just out and out sweet. honestly they are my fave girl group around (cause there aren't many left really...) with solid fun numbers that deserve a worldwide fanbase. love these gals!

WONGIE COVER OF THE WEEK: ryan adams - blank space (taylor swift 1989 cover)

ryan adams - blank space (taylor swift 1989 cover)
going on the daily show with new host trevor noah, ryan adams performed three numbers from his 1989 cover album for the first time and it was glorious. i've been coming back to this number as his melancholic version has been the perfect soundtrack to our chilly wet northeast climes these days. LOVE this album!!!

NEW HOZIER!: hozier - jackie and wilson

hozier - jackie and wilson
can't believe we are already on single #6 from hozier's debut album! it's been a wonderful journey for this irish singer/songwriter and this video is a perfect encapsulation of his much deserved rise. oh to think we loved him back in the day...

Thursday, October 01, 2015

WONGIE JAM OF THE WEEK: jamie xx feat young thug & popcaan - i know there's gonna be (good times)

jamie xx feat young thug & popcaan - i know there's gonna be (good times)
easily one of my fave jams of the year until you start to listen to the lyrics from young thug & popcaan, then it's like 'ew...' but then the retro jam kicks back in and all is forgiven! the most divisive jam of the year for me really...

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: matt corby - monday

matt corby - monday
after taking 2 years off from releasing new material, aussie singer songwriter returns with the vocally layered "monday" where everything on the song comes from him. recorded in just 10 mins, this is just a teaser of the kind of genius that we can expect from his upcoming album. pardon me as i get lost in this amazing song again.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WONGIE BALLAD OF THE WEEK: sara bareilles - she used to be mine ("waitress" musical)

sara bareilles - she used to be mine ("waitress" musical)
taken from the upcoming spring 2016 broadway musical 'waitress' (based on the classic movie), singer songwriter sara bareilles has expanded her skill set by writing its music and lyrics (which already has had a sold out run at the american repertory theater). if the rest of the music is as touching as this track, then expect some serious play during the award season next year. i'm just saying...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WONGIE FUTURE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: naughty boy feat beyonce & arrow benjamin - runnin' (lose it all)

naughty boy feat beyonce & arrow benjamin - runnin' (lose it all)
the thing about beyonce these days is that every performance is at a level 10 (subtlety what's that?) so this interesting collaboration with naughty boy is nice to experience, cause at least it feels like a toned down 8 (though i would have preferred a more vulnerable vocal). i shouldn't complain cause this just teases what will be a very exciting new album for the producer.

NEW DISCLOSURE: disclosure feat lorde - magnets

disclosure feat lorde - magnets
definitely a highlight of their album 'caracal', lorde brings her indie leanings into the world of disclosure and surprises her fans with a sexy performance (making out!) in the video too. a preview of what we'll be seeing for lorde 2.0?

Monday, September 21, 2015

ALBUM STREAM: chvrches - every open eye

chvrches - every open eye
definitely a more confident sophomore release, 'every open eye' continues to showcase chvrches strong pop songwriting sensibilities filtered with their 80's synth celebratory skills. of course lauren mayberry makes the best frontwoman for all this perfection. between ryan adams and this album, today has been a great day for music!

VIDEO PREMIERE: ellie goulding - on my mind

ellie goulding - on my mind
i get it when an artist wants to break from their usual sound and try new things. but if this max martin produced track is any indication, ellie goulding may be in for a surprise if the response isn't as excitable from her fans. i'm not too sold on the song, but at least ellie looks great (and flaunts it) in the emil nava video!

ALBUM STREAM: ryan adams - 1989 (taylor swift album)

ryan adams - 1989 (taylor swift album)
a total curiosity, singer songwriter ryan adams spent the summer covering taylor swift's '1989' album and the result is this celebration of her songs. allowing us to hear her music through a different filter, some of these covers are surprisingly wonderful. awesome!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

NEW CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS: christine and the queens feat tunji ige - no harm is done

christine and the queens feat tunji ige - no harm is done
we've been fans of heloise letissier (aka christine and the queens) for quite awhile and with the upcoming US repackaging of her debut album, heloise has added a few new tracks to bridge the language gap between her french hits and potential english fanbase. it's a smart move and with this chill number, new listeners will get an idea of the cool electronic pop sounds of this dynamic singer songwriter. nice one!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: kda feat tinie tempah & katy b - turn the music louder (rumble)

kda feat tinie tempah & katy b - turn the music louder (rumble)
it's a big week for this underground dance track as it gets a serious overground makeover with a rap by tinie tempah and some hawt vocals by katy b on the mix. already getting major play all over radio 1 and kiss fm, this is gonna be falls big dance smash!

Friday, September 18, 2015

WONGIE COVER OF THE WEEK: disclosure & sam smith - hotline bling (drake cover - live @ bbc radio 1 live lounge) / jaded / hour glass feat lion babe

disclosure & sam smith - hotline bling (drake cover - live @ bbc radio 1 live lounge)
holy shizz is this cover of the current drake single good! disclosure and sam smith ventured into the live lounge studios and surprised everyone with this excellent reggae soul rendition of an already buzzy single. can someone release this please!

want more? check out more tracks from their upcoming album caracal:

disclosure - jaded

disclosure feat lion babe - hourglass


due to work commitments in toronto, i'll be taking a mini break from this site and will be back mid month with some new posts. of course if there are big releases out, i'll definitely add them on, so keep coming back to discover what gems are in the world of my music sphere!

also the spotify carmix 2015 has been updated with new gems, so play this for the time being!

if you really want to see what i'm working on, check out my movie facebook page with reposts, reviews, highlights and thoughts of the upcoming toronto film festival

Monday, September 07, 2015

NEW TROYE SIVAN: troye sivan - wild

troye sivan - wild
aussie youtuber/actor/singer troye sivan offers up the title track from his new EP 'wild', continuing his worldwide success as a pop singer with indie electronic leanings. definitely making his mark for the fall season, get to know this kid if you haven't been into him already.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

LIVE PERFORMANCE: beyonce - made in america 2015 concert

beyonce - made in america 2015 concert
[please note to watch the video you need to press play twice and close the pop up windows in order to watch]
headlining saturdays evening, beyonce went on stage and gave yet another flawless concert to her fans. though there was a rumor that new material would be premiered at the performance, bey stuck to her catalog of hits and gave her fans exactly what they wanted. it's intoxicating to watch this woman perform! check out her masterclass now (while the video is still up)!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: james bay - scars

james bay - scars
i'm a little bit surprised that it's taken so long for this live and album favorite to be an official single. but it's better late than never cause after all these months, this power ballad is still a rousing dramatic piece that showcases why james is definitely one of the best artists to come out of 2015. love it!

Monday, August 31, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: miley cyrus and her dead petz - dooo it!

miley cyrus and her dead petz - dooo it!
with a budget of $50,000, miley unleashed her secret music project, miley cyrus and her dead petz (which features collaborations with big sean, ariel pink and sarah barthel of phantogram) immediately after world premiering the song 'dooo it!' on stage at this years mtv vma awards. though this release isn't part of her major label contract (they didn't know about the album until recently), it's definitely an interesting look into the kind of non-conforming musical artist miley cyrus wants to be in the years to come. it's wackadoo but that's not a bad thing!

if you want to hear the rest of the psychedelic album (all 23 tracks!!), you can listen to the whole thing here!

VIDEO PREMIERE: justin bieber- what do you mean?

[updated with video premiere straight after his MTV VMA appearance, co-starring john leguizamo!]

if you wanna watch the video without justin (which i'm sure some of you do, here is the one i um... prefer

justin bieber - what do you mean?
i gotta say, when you don't see justin bieber on your youtube screen, you realize that you're kind of ok with the new material that he's putting out. probably getting the most cred in his career with his jack u smash, that dance influence has filtered through to his latest single which has a chill dance pop edge that is pretty darn catchy. can't believe i'm saying this, but it's not bad...

VIDEO PREMIERE: nick jonas - levels

nick jonas - levels
nick jonas is on a roll! with two very successful pop tracks (and this looks to continue his hit streak) under his belt, a supporting role in the family drama 'kingdom' and a possible dead man walking target in the upcoming 'scream queens', the actor, singer songwriter is definitely having a good much deserved moment. my only complaint is he's wearing too much clothes for this video!

VIDEO PREMIERE: taylor swift - wildest dreams

taylor swift - wildest dreams
the song is yet another wonderfully swoony track from her '1989' album, but this time it has the even more swoony scott eastwood as the male lead and lush african landscapes shot by joseph kahn. there is nothing wrong here (tswift even plays over emotional in this!), just press play and well... swoon!

Friday, August 28, 2015

AUDIO PREMIERE: omi - hula hoop

omi - hula hoop
with his #1 worldwide smash "cheerleader" still on everyone's minds, jamaican singer omi now has the tough job of coming up with a follow up hit. with his latest track hula hoop using every trick in the book (the sax is back!), it feels more like a companion piece than a massive smash. i could be wrong... here's hoping there are more tricks up omi's sleeve in preparation for his debut album.

AUDIO PREMIERE: ceelo - sign of the times

ceelo - sign of the times
to be honest, this new ceelo green track is made even more awesome with the theme song from the classic tv series 'taxi' as it's backing sample. other than that, it's a fine soul number that doesn't really scream 'comeback' for this artist.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: macklemore & ryan lewis feat eric nally - downtown

macklemore & ryan lewis feat eric nally - downtown
holy land of the wackadoo! the return of macklemore & ryan lewis (who i can't seem to see anywhere in this video, but then again, he was probably busy co-directing this amazing video) features crazy set pieces (with mopeds), respect to the likes of 80's rappers kool moe dee, melle mel and grandmaster caz, some serious dance moves, an insane vocal from glam rocker eric nally and a massive finale that feels like it should be a broadway number instead. oh yes, it's all these things and more! turns out we were missing macklemore & ryan lewis all along, welcome back you awesome weirdos!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

WONGIE DANCE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: deorro feat erin mccarley - i can be somebody

deorro feat erin mccarley - i can be somebody
how nice to see deorro collaborating with singer/songwriter erin mccarley and coming up with this subtle future edm pop anthem (don't get me wrong all the tricks are there, but it feels perfectly natural). it's a smash, now it's just a matter of when!

Monday, August 24, 2015

SOUL JAM: jarryd james feat julia stone - regardless

jarryd james feat julia stone - regardless
writing this late night soul jam with aussie single julia stone only took a day, but oh boy the amount of babies that will be made from these 4'33" of sexual energy! with the release of his US ep and debut album back home, jarryd is having a bit of a buzzy moment and for this talented singer songwriter i'm super pleased! nice one this!

want more? check out an ep track 'sure love' below:

jarryd james - sure love

Sunday, August 23, 2015

NEW CL: cl x diplo x riff raff x og maco - doctor pepper

cl x diplo x riff raff x og maco - doctor pepper
like the song, this video is going down some lo-fi spring breakers aesthetic which just comes off a tad thrown together. i can only hope that the rest of kpop princess cl's debut english EP will be better cause this is just groove with no meat.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

NEW BAND PERRY: the band perry - live forever

the band perry - live forever
as a country act, the band perry have always been primed for a serious crossover moment, but now that it's actually happening, i'm not quite sure if it's working. nothing wrong with their first single working with redone, it just feels a little bit forced. but hey if the rumors that collaborations with diplo, audra mae and pharrell are true, then i'm game to hear the rest of this pop makeover!

Friday, August 21, 2015

NEW ONE DIRECTION: one direction - drag me down

one direction - drag me down
the curious thing about the new one direction single isn't the fact that it's post zayn, or the fact that it pretty much was released out of the blue. the real curious thing is that there is NO way in heck that these boys would pass the first round of tests to even get close to a space program. not dissing them, just the fact that 90% of any of us won't be able to either. just saying...

HOT DUET: omi feat nicky jam - cheerleader (felix jaehn remix)

omi feat nicky jam - cheerleader (felix jaehn remix)
turns out what was missing from this #1 smash were spanish verses. who knew that it could get better than this? kind of loving it even more now.

NEW BIRDY: birdy + rhodes - let it all go

birdy + rhodes - let it all go
this is a bit of a match made in heaven as singer songwriters birdy and rhodes all fall within the same realm of the kind of mellow paced lush pop that seems perfect for soundtracks. case in point their latest single 'let it all go' will no doubt be part of trailers and sad faced montages in the months to come. yaaay!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


white - blush
um... what is this post punk disco with a funky groove and crazy sax thrown in? it's from new scottish 5 piece white and it's kind of genius in that sweaty 3am beyond drenched boogie kind of way. how lovely!

NEW PRIDES: prides - little danger

prides - little danger
welcome to your hokiest video of the week! the prides boys fight mafia bullies in order for get the girl! throw in some bad acting and you've got a totally cringe worthy gem that make me love the scottish pop trio even more. with their debut album 'the way back up' out now, one can only hope for more video adventures of this sort in the coming months!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WONGIE DISCOVERY: e^st - the alley

e^st - the alley
with just two tracks under her belt, aussie singer songwriter is getting some premium buzz as a possible indie leaning pop gal with lorde success potential. there's something interesting here, so i'd keep a radar on her in the coming months.

AUDIO BUZZ: chvrches - never ending circles

chvrches - never ending circles
offering up an album track from their upcoming 'every open eye', the good news is that the scottish trio haven't fallen too far from their successful tree, BUT they have improved on their songwriting skills and the two tracks i've heard so far is just pop bliss! can't wait to hear more!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


coasts - oceans
fans of the wongie FM car mix should be more than familiar with this insta anthem by coasts since we've been loving it since last year (plus the 4 million streams by fans on soundcloud!). looks like the track is finally getting some major love as bbc radio 1 claimed it as their track of the day of august. let the crossover success story happen now!

WONGIE SONG OF THE MONTH: jack garratt - weathered

jack garratt - weathered
i can't explain what happened when i first heard this song. the mix of nostalgia, hopefulness and regret all rolled into it's 4'36" runtime definitely gave me pause to walk around my block an extra time to listen to the song again. i've always felt that jack's previous releases were a bit distracting with it's sudden jerky arrangements, but in this case, he's crafted a near perfect song that i easily my favorite thing out at the moment. i am obsessed.

wanna check out jack performing this song acoustically? :

jack garratt - weathered (live @ maida vale sessions)

WONGIE ELECTRO POP SONG OF THE WEEK: chvrches - leave a trace

chvrches - leave a trace
[UPDATED with video premiere!]
continuing to release songs for fictitious 80's movie soundtracks, it's the welcome return of chvrches! setting up the release for their 2nd album 'every open eye', this is definitely your perfect late summer jam!

Monday, August 17, 2015

NEW LANA DEL REY: lana del rey - high by the beach

lana del rey - high by the beach
nothing like creating a weed loving breakup anthem for the late summer. with a random bazooka blasting video accompanying her chill single, this is a welcome return to a more poppier sound after the psychedelica of her last album. nice one.

NEW DISCLOSURE!: disclosure feat kwabs - willing & able

disclosure feat kwabs - willing & able
i'm just gonna say this, three tracks out and i've yet to freak fawn over any of these new disclosure songs. perhaps they wanted to go a more subtle adult route this time around, but there's just something missing here. shame, cause getting the awesome kwabs on vocals is a great thing. too bad the song is lacking...


v v - shift
[UPDATED with new video!] world premiering on popjustice, v v (aka vv brown) is bringing a futuristic fabulousness to her fans. sounding a tad japanese-y in it's musical references i can only imagine the video that is going to accompany this fun new gem!

Friday, August 07, 2015

SOUL GAL: sinead harnett - do it anyway

sinead harnett - do it anyway
uk soul gal sinead harnett comes back with another fun new track fusing electro pop and even a smidgen of drum n bass. the new single just begs to be blasted with the car windows down so get ready for some stank face driving when this song plays from your speakers!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: josef salvat - open season

josef salvat - open season
aussie singer songwriter josef salvat continues to release lush indie pop songs with equally smart visuals to match. in the case of his latest release, director rob jelley uses all the visual tropes of current music videos and packs them all into one sassy 4 mins clip. just chalk this up to yet another cool release of one of our fave acts of 2015. nice one!

UPDATE: obviously resonating with the frenchies, josef went and recorded a version francais for his fans! check out that version below!

josef salvat - une autre saison (open season)

SOUL GAL: melissa steel feat wretch 32 - you love me?

melissa steel feat wretch 32 - you love me?
co-written by romans and produced by rodney jerkins, this new single by UK soul gal melissa steel is gonna be huge! with a perfect summer groove and catchy hooks, this might even be the track to crossover to the US with. i sure hope so, cause there's something very intriguing about melissa that seems to be missing in the soul scene in the states these days.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

AUDIO PREMIERE: macklemore & ryan lewis feat ed sheeran - growing up (sloane's song)

macklemore & ryan lewis feat ed sheeran - growing up (sloane's song)
with words to his newborn, ben haggerty (aka macklemore) exposes his inner thoughts to the world with a rousing chorus supplied by ed sheeran and beats by ryan. this also sets up the follow up to their massive album 'heist', which fans have been waiting almost 3 years for. welcome back boys!

WE HEART SOAK: soak - tiny desk concert (npr music) / blud / b a nobody

soak - tiny desk concert
oh to be 19 and able to tour the world with your highly buzzed debut album 'before we forgot how to dream'. filled with teenage musings from a very talented young singer/songwriter, filtered through the indie charm of an irish lass and you have a pretty good idea of what you'll enjoy when you press play. stopping by npr music's tiny desk concert series, bridie monds-watson gives us a 3 song set of her current work.
set list:
sea creatures
B a noBody

want more? check out some of her dreamy tunes that have been on repeat for the past few months:

soak - blud

soak - b a nobody


cam - burning house
oh the clarity of country singer/songwriter cam's voice (plus you can hear influences in both folk and country in the way she writes her songs)! the end result is something pretty sparse and spectacular that is not only different from what's popular at the moment but also gaining deserved word of mouth traction. with only an EP called 'welcome to cam country' under her belt i can't wait to hear more from this exciting talent!

like what you hear? check out cam singing "burning house" live at the grand ole opry

cam - burning house (live @ grand ole opry)

wanna know more about cam? check out this video intro by cam herself:

welcome to cam country