Saturday, July 19, 2014


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Friday, April 18, 2014

WONGIE FOLK SONG OF THE WEEK: passenger - heart's on fire

passenger - heart's on fire
with the world FINALLY ready for new material ("let her go" still is charting somewhere in the world!), mike rosenberg aka passenger releases the 1st single off his new album 'whispers' and it's wistfully romantic! definitely larger sounding than previous efforts, i'm definitely happy to hear new material from this guy!

check out mike perform this song with his buddy ed sheeran at the o2 arena last year:

passenger feat ed sheeran - heart's on fire

VIDEO PREMIERE!: one direction - you & i

one direction - you & i
the slow move into pop balladeers continues with the latest single by one direction! somewhere a tween girl (or boy) has popped a tear listing to this song. bless!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

NEW SAM SMITH!: sam smith feat howard lawrence (disclosure) - make it to me

sam smith feat howard lawrence (disclosure) - make it to me
co-written by his good buddy howard of disclosure, here is another ballad based affair from the upcoming debut album 'in the lonely hour' by sam smith

NEW MAJOR LAZER!: major lazer feat pharrell williams - aerosol can

major lazer feat pharrell williams - aerosol can
just turn it up!!!

COOL SONGS FOR YOUR WEEK: chet faker - 1998

chet faker - 1998
the hot album track gets a cool animated accompanied video by artist grace lee. calling it a 'banger', chet's latest album 'built in glass' is getting serious buzz and might just break him worldwide. digging this track for sure!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NEW SAM SMITH: sam smith - not in that way

sam smith - not in that way (live @ abbey road)
as part of the pre-order of sam's upcoming album, this heartbreaking ballad (and live favorite) will be available for you to hug your pillow late and night and cry tears of woe as much as you want! yaaay!
wanna hear the studio version? click on play below:

sam smith - not in that way (studio version)

HOT SOUNDTRACK: charli xcx - boom clap (the fault in our stars OST)

charli xcx - boom clap (the fault in our stars OST)
since we're on a fault in our stars kick, here is the other single available for the masses from the hot soundtrack. with charli xcx getting considerable buzz with her collab with iggy azealea and now getting massive exposure being on this collection, it's looking like 2014 might be a turnaround year for this talented pop songstress!

AUDIO PREMIERE: birdy - not about angels (the fault in our stars OST)

birdy - not about angels (the fault in our stars OST)
one of the first singles available from the upcoming fault in our stars soundtrack, this beautiful piano driven track is kind of perfect for what everyone is hoping to be a weepfest of a movie. this is a good start!

Monday, April 14, 2014

VIDEO PREMIERE!: alicia keys feat kendrick lamar - it's on again (the amazing spider man 2 OST)

alicia keys feat kendrick lamar - it's on again (the amazing spider man 2 OST)
it's that time of the year again when pop/r&b/hip hop/rock/indie acts start popping up inexplicably as theme songs for big blockbuster films. the 1st of the summer batch belongs to our soul diva alicia as she reminds us that it's on again for the men in latex summer season.

AUDIO PREMIERE!: lana del rey - west coast

lana del rey - west coast
produced by dan auerbach of the black keys, lana premiered this song at coachella over the weekend and now brings this trippy ballad to the masses with this audio premiere. might need a few listens to let this song sink in, but as a preview to her upcoming 'ultraviolence' album, this tells me that we are heading into a new sonic direction. curious.

COOL SONGS FOR YOUR WEEK: indiana - solo dancing

indiana - solo dancing
indie pop gal indiana is getting alot of buzz with her hypnotic new single that's already got bbc radio 1 fast tracking it to their b-list playlist. looking forward to hearing more in the coming months, but until then, this song will do the trick!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

POP MIX: katy perry - birthday

katy perry - birthday
is it just me or does this weirdly sound like a betty who track?

POP MIX: lola blanc - shut the damn door (stripped performance)

lola blanc - shut the damn door (stripped performance)
already buzzing as a pop songwriter (britney spears) and model (she was 'sia' in the recent angel haze video), lola blanc is ready for her own personal close up with her catchy tunes and post pop looks. the new single is insta-friendly and introduces a new pop gal for our radars. i'm in!

Friday, April 11, 2014

WONGIE UK SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: gorgon city feat laura welsh - here for you

gorgon city feat laura welsh - here for you
how awesome for gorgon city to bring in the beautiful vocalist laura welsh in on their latest beach friendly summer anthem! they're on the path to be this years disclosure with nary a wrong release so far!

AUDIO PREMIERE: mnek - every little word

mnek - every little word
it's taken a LONG time for mnek to officially put out solo fare (we've been buzzing about him since last year), but the soul singer/songwriter has come up with a nice 90's retro soul number that establishes the kind of sound you'll be hearing from him. we are excited for sure!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

IT'S LYRICAL!: sia - chandelier

sia - chandelier
though she's been writing hit songs for other folks the past few years, looks like sia finally got around to keeping a brilliant number to herself this time around. please mean that this might be a possible album in the works!

Monday, April 07, 2014

AUDIO PREMIERE: ed sheeran feat pharrell - sing

ed sheeran feat pharrell - sing
world premiered just a few hours ago, it's the return of ed sheeran! now that the singer/songwriter has toured the world and made a crapload of celebrity alliances, this funky collaboration with pharrell is just a hint of what fans can expect from ed sheeran 2.0

VIDEO PREMIERE: calvin harris - summer

calvin harris - summer
i love these over produced 'dance' videos where it's all about hot chicks (they drag race and wear la perla negligee!) and the guys look like they barely tried to look in the mirror. throw in a random jason statham cameo and you've got some nerds sad fantasy experience (all fingers lead to calvin, but i sure hope not...)

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: foxes - holding onto heaven

foxes - holding onto heaven
introduced as an album track back in december, this epic pop number gets an official release as foxes' latest single. we like... we like alot!

VIDEO PREMIERE: coldplay - magic

coldplay - magic
directed by jonas akerlund, chris martin takes on dual roles as asian star ziyi zhang (crouching tiger hidden dragon) plays the object of their affections. it's a lovely ode to silent films... and a pretty good coldplay song in the process!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

CATCH UP MIX: klaxons - there is no other time

klaxons - there is no other time
working with indie dance producers such as james murphy (lcd soundsystem), tom rowlands of the chemical brothers and erol alkan, UK band klaxons are definitely looking to bring some beats into their sound. with their 1st single off this club venture, the lads hook up with house producers gorgon city to come off with this very live sounding indie disco jam. how fun!

CATCH UP MIX: john newman - out of my head (club edit)

john newman - out of my head (club edit)
check out this nice drum n bass remix of john newman's latest single which is currently playlisted on bbc radio 1's a-list!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

GOOD MUSIC MIX: catfish and the bottlemen - kathleen

catfish and the bottlemen - kathleen
gaining popularity the old fashioned way (they gig! they're not incessantly blogged about!), these welsh boys just write decent indie rock tracks and win fans over one performance at a time. love the fact that their current lyric video are all things ewan mcgregor... bless.

GOOD MUSIC MIX: royal blood - little monster

royal blood - little monster
who knew that brighton rocked out like this? UK duo royal blood have been compared to black keys and white stripes due to their retro garage rock sound, but like those two iconic bands, they also have a knack for good songwriting. definitely curious to hear more!

GOOD MUSIC MIX: megan washington - who are you

megan washington - who are you
after spending a year in the UK working on new material, aussie singer/songwriter finally gave her fans a taste of her upcoming album with this indie pop gem. nice one.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

WONGIE INDIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: tourist feat will heard - i can't keep up

tourist feat will heard - i can't keep up
signed to disclosure's method records, house producer / dj william phillips (aka tourist) is gaining traction with his slow build of a dance anthem that's been doing the rounds in clubs lately. after showcasing his talents at sxsw and winter music conference the past few weeks, tourist is looking to follow in disclosure's footsteps to be a live dance band as opposed to just a dj. with a few festivals slots lined up this summer, now's a great time to discover one of 2014's next big things.

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: clean bandit feat sharna bass - extraodinary

clean bandit feat sharna bass - extraodinary
whoa! with the audio premiere buzzing the internet just two days ago, clean bandit continue their hot streak with this beautiful video shot entirely in cuba AND a brand new lusher mix of their new single that is so much better than the original! will this follow up to clean bandit's MASSIVE smash 'rather be' do just as well? i think so! btw, all you fans in the states (including me) they've also announced two US dates (NY and LA) in june, which go on sale this friday!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

VIDEO PREMIERE!: betty who - heartbreak dream

betty who - heartbreak dream
looks like betty who is finally ready to launch her new ep 'the movement' with a brand spanking video accompaniment to a song we buzzed about back in feb! took awhile, but for the fans i'm sure it's been worth the wait!


mapei - don't wait
oh this is on repeat!!! stockholm based soul singer mapei has gotten the blogs buzzing about this song for a few months and now she offers up this beautifully lazy love ode video for all. it's my romantic jam of the week and should be yours!! just brilliant!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

VIDEO PREMIERE!: katy b - still

katy b - still
i think it's interesting that katy b and co have gone with this electronic infused ballad as her latest single. as dynamic as it is, katy b surely has some serious house stormer from her album to share to the world. maybe there's some kick ass remixes right around the corner...

Monday, March 31, 2014

VIDEO PREMIERE!: rita ora - i will never let you down

rita ora - i will never let you down
produced by alleged boyfriend calvin harris (what a hot coupling!), this is a perfect pre-summer happy jam that brings the best smile in pop back into the charts. can you tell she's my girl crush of the season!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

LIVE PERFORMANCES: sam smith - stay with me / lay me down (live @ snl)

so sam went on snl last night and you could just feel much of mainstream america collectively discover him for the first time. it was pretty electrifying. sadly this also means that our boy sam is no longer our little secret as he breaks into the mass. bless.

sam smith - stay with me / lay me down (live @ snl)

WONGIE FOLK SONG OF THE WEEK: john smith - there is a stone

john smith - there is a stone
uk folk troubadour john smith offers up yet another gentle number from his wonderful 'great lakes' album. a long live favorite, it's nice to see an official video for the fans... just beautiful.

check out john smith perform this song live (and listen to his amazing guitar playing!)

john smith - there is a stone (live @ the crypt sessions)

Saturday, March 29, 2014


meg mac - every lie
oh the vocal control of this melbourne singer/songwriter! not only is this one of the coolest soul songs i've heard in awhile, but it's actually megan mcinerney's 2nd ever single! definitely an exciting new voice that i'll be keeping an eye out on.

Friday, March 28, 2014

WONGIE INDIE FOLK SONG OF THE WEEK: birdy - words as weapons

birdy - words as weapons
yeah... this ryan tedder produced number is pretty darn good! throw in the haunting video where birdy gets all angry ghost and you've got a strong new single that deserves multiple listens!

NEW FRIDAYS: rixton - me and my broken heart

rixton - me and my broken heart
uk boyband rixton are coaxing the screams of teen gals all over the world now that they've signed with super manager scooter braun (ariana grande, justin bieber). it also helps that they have a highly catchy (yet very maroon 5 sounding) single geared for perfect world domination. you have been warned...

NEW FRIDAYS: annie drury - some day

annie drury - some day
nothing like discovering some sweet music from an up and coming UK singer songwriter for your friday. based in yorkshire, annie drury is getting some love over at bbc radio 2 these days. it's a gentle tune, perfect to kick start your weekend.

VIDEO PREMIERE: ellie goulding - beating heart (divergent OST)

ellie goulding - beating heart (divergent OST)
with the YA film adaptation of 'divergent' currently holding it's #1 spot on the box office, there's alot of pressure for everything around the film to also succeed. so it's really nice that they've chosen our gal ellie to jump start the soundtrack (she also has two more songs on it!) though the lyrics are ahem... a bit schoolgirl... the song is a fine epic-lite number that will appease the fans or both the book and ellie.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

VIDEO PREMIERE!: sam smith - stay with me

sam smith - stay with me
as he's touring the east coast of the US and scheduled for a massive performance on SNL this weekend, our vulnerable 'lonely' boy sam smith releases his next single and it's a heartfelt power balled (chok with full choir) for the season. girls and gays, you have your next midnight ballad to swoon to!


shift k3y - touch
damn! this old skool garage soul number is HOT! lewis jankel (aka shift k3y) gained recognition the past year as a remixer and dj, but this track is definitely going to propel him into high chart territory. it's on serious repeat and should be your fave song of the day too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NEW 2ne1!: 2ne1 - come back home

2ne1 - come back home
currently sitting atop the kpop charts at #1, this reggae influenced pop number does what 2ne1 does best, which is swerve into other genres at the drop of a hat (check out the hip hop dubstep breakdown midway through the song). the song is so weird that its hot!!

want more? check out the more conventional poppy "happy" that's being released as come back home's b-side:

2ne1 - happy

NEW GORGON CITY!: gorgon city feat liv - no more

gorgon city feat liv - no more
the ever classy gorgon city duo offer up this lovely house tune (with the heartbreakingly catchy chorus) for the season as they head over to miami for the annual massive dance winter music conference. i'm sure this number will go down huge! just awesome!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WONGIE DRUM N BASS SONG OF THE WEEK: sigma feat kanye west & charlie wilson - nobody to love

sigma feat kanye west & charlie wilson - nobody to love
sampling the piano riff of kanye's 'bound 2' and charlie wilson's catchy vocal hook, this bootleg got so popular that dj/producers sigma had to officially release the song. who knew that a dnb track could be an epic summery anthem? bring on the sun!

VIDEO PREMIERE: shakira - empire

shakira - empire
shakira's most alt-rock track to date, it's actually a joy to see the most liked artist on facebook (86 mil!) continually try new things to entertain both herself and her fans. great song.

WONGIE HOUSE SONG OF THE WEEK: dansson & marlon hoffstadt - shake that

dansson & marlon hoffstadt - shake that
HUGELY popular last summer in ibiza, this nate dogg sampled jam proves that a great song continues to play well almost a year after it's initial popularity. it's friggin groovy as all heck and i've already played the song 3 times while writing this post. awesome!

WONGIE INDIE DANCE SONG OF THE DAY: tove lo feat hippie sabotage - stay high (habits remix) / habits

tove lo feat hippie sabotage - stay high (habits remix)
what happened when producers hippie sabotage remixed swedish indie pop singer tove lo's new single 'habits'? well ellie goulding fell in love with the single and recommended it to her legions of fans, making it an instant viral hit that has only gained more momentum with each play. with it's hip hop groove and catchy chorus, this hot remix definitely sets up tove lo for international recognition. i think it's my new jam of the day!

wanna hear the original version? check out tove lo's MUCH poppier, but just as wonderful single "habits" below:

tove lo - habits

Monday, March 24, 2014

INDIE POP GAL: allie x - prime / catch

allie x - prime
channeling some serious marina and the diamonds  with her latest release (but with some seriously beautiful arty visuals supporting her), torontonian pop songwriter allie x (she's playing the anonymous real name card) is getting serious blog loving these days. it helps that both her current singles are collaborations with cirkut and billboard (they are regular contributors to the dr luke hitmaking factory) and luckily, they speak for themselves. new pop wunderkind for 2014... we shall see!

wanna hear more? check out the pop electro ballad 'catch' which had katy perry buzzing on twitter a few weeks back:

allie x - catch

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: broods - bridges / never gonna change

broods - bridges

broods - never gonna change
[UPDATED WITH TWO NEW VIDEOS!] new zealand is churning out some serious pop bands with indie leanings these days! brother and sister duo caleb and georgia nott (aka broods) gained some serious blog buzz the past few months and got signed to a worldwide deal on the basis of this particular song. with an EP of gems ready for you to listen. check out these two new videos that give you an idea of the exciting year they'll be offering up!

WONGIE SOUL POP SONG OF THE WEEK: tinashe feat schoolboy q - 2 on (video premiere)

tinashe feat schoolboy q - 2 on
nothing like a chilled soul voice over a sexy groove (and hopefully some slick choreography) to make me take notice. besides being the new gal on the block, tinashe also has a day job as an actress (two and half men), which probably explains why she's so confident on the dancefloor. she's on our radar watch.