Wednesday, June 28, 2006

final fantasy

thank goodness he dropped the costumes for proper attire. oh the wacky canucks!

friends of wongie have heard me go crazy for two musical acts this season; beirut (see below) and final fantasy.

the combined talent that these two young geniuses have made me wish that i should have taken all those piano lessons a bit more seriously when i was a kid.

final fantasy was born when music student, owen pallett, was invited to perform at an influential toronto music showcase where acts like peaches and broken social scene first got their start. combining his classical music training with his love of indie, final fantasy quickly became a local darling with invites to perform with arcade fire, jim guthrie band and the hidden cameras.

last month, final fantasy released his amazing 2nd album called 'he poos clouds' which continues his audacious presentation in both name and performance (probably one of the reasons why i love him so).

i was lucky enough to check out owen at a gig last month and what progressed was easily one of the most mesmirizing performances i've seen in awhile. just solo, he managed to create the orchestral feel of the album with a loop machine and serious multi tasking skills. if you ever get the chance, you gotta go see it to believe it.

final fantasy - this is the dream of win and regine
final fantasy - many lives -> 49mp
final fantasy - arctic circle

while you're here, check out a gig that final fantasy did last year (when he had silly hair) via the awesome blog you ain't no picasso
say say say

also this performance of bloc party's this modern love

and a sweet cover of mariah carey's fantasy with ed from grizzly bear

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