Tuesday, November 14, 2006

hear good music: chad vangaalen

hailing from alberta, canada, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/artist chad vangaalan has had the words 'insular' and 'distant' thrown at him due to the fact that much of his music was recorded in his basement. but with his growing popularity among indie fans, chad has learned to actually perform in front of crowds these days.

don't expect some kind of twee male vocal performance here, what makes chad's music so interesting are the bursts of guitar/keyboards that totally take you for surprise. add to the fact that he animates all his music videos is worth the price of admission alone.

with two albums under his belt, skelliconnection and infiniheart, it's going to be interesting to see what this kid will be planning on next.

chad vangaalan - red hot drops

check out more singles from the subpop site here:
graveyard [love this song]

clinically dead [from his first album]

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