Wednesday, December 27, 2006

indie wednesday: watch great music

if you're just hanging and want to listen to some good music, here are some videos i found just for you!

just jack - starz in their eyes

guillemots - annie, let's not wait [link 1/2]

the automatic - raoul

damien rice - live on kcrw

Monday, December 25, 2006

happy holidays from wongie's music world

it's been an amazing year and i just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season over the next week.
since i'm away myself, here are some holiday gems that i thought i'd leave for you.

the pogues feat kirsty maccoll - fairytale of new york
[definitely one of my favorite songs of ALL time. in the process, might have possibly made me less sappy in life as i was growing up!]

declan o'rourke feat nina kinert - christmas wine (acoustic version)
[a new discovery from ireland which i keep on going back to these days. really beautiful and wistful in the best way.]

abba - happy new year
[um... need i say more?]

Friday, December 22, 2006

kind of music related: music & lyrics (trailer)

music & lyrics (trailer)
[i'm a sap for this kind of stuff, but it actually looks like this movie might be good! opening on valentines day 07. you have been warned!]

cool video: jarvis cocker - don't let him waste your time

jarvis cocker - don't let him waste your time
[tipped on both stereogum and popjustice, this is a really fun video to a really crap song.]

hot song! kleerup feat robyn - with every heartbeat

kleerup feat robyn - with every heartbeat
[a last minute release for 2006, this is one of the best songs of the year AND it features the awesome swedish singer robyn!]

has robbie williams gone off the deep end?

robbie williams - she's madonna (teaser)
[what a weird internet leak to tease the upcoming 3rd single for robbie williams. does anyone care anymore?]

rhythms del mundo (feat arctic monkeys, coldplay, franz ferdinand, u2 and then some)

with an impressive lineup of collaborations, the rhythms del mundo: cuba project has the legendary buena vista social club re-recording and sometimes performing with a diverse array of acts that include u2, sting, franz ferdinand, coldplay and the arctic monkeys.

all proceeds go to Artists Project Earth (APE), a non-profit organization that offers disaster relief via music based projects. this album seems like a wonderful place to start.

check out this brief intro to the project:

and then their first release featuring the arctic monkeys!

rhythms del mundo feat arctic monkeys - dancing shoes

Thursday, December 21, 2006

battle of the worldwide idols - us vs uk vs australia vs canada


damien leith - night of my life
[30 year old aussie idol winner was actually a chemist before joining this years contest. but what brought him to the winning line was his sensitive rock voice thats clearly represented in this release. for a 1st single, this is a pretty good song. final word: listened to this song three times. i think he just found a fan]

taylor hicks - the runaround
[ok, there's nothing wrong with having a michael mcdonald for this generation, and there's nothing wrong with a guy looking like he's already 40. but the tight jeans with the bulge need to really! final word: surprising, kind of like his win]

leona lewis - a moment like this (live)
[ok, i know, she's an x-factor winner, but since idol doesn't exist in the uk anymore, this is the equivalent. leave it to simon (yes, the same one) to choose this horribly cheesy cover as her 1st single. leona is much better than this, luckily she's talented enough to rise above it all and well... the song isn't that bad when she sings it. ugh! final words: fave idol of the bunch, crap song.]

eva avila - i owe it all to you
[canada's winner is a half quebeqois/half portugese sassy gal. going the pop teen route, this song is not bad either. final words: not offensive, not life changing]

fall out boy - this ain't a scene, it's an arms race (world premiere)

fall out boy - this ain't a scene, it's an arms race
[just to prove that i have just as much love with the pop world, here is the 1st video for fall out boy's new album infinity on high. referencing all their past videos and events during the past year, the song is uber catchy and proves that they're definitely more interesting (and cheeky) than some other bands out there. thanks to ali's blog for the video]

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

brett anderson (suede/tears) - live in his apartment

brett anderson - scorpio rising (live in his apt)
[a live acoustic preview from his upcoming 2007 solo album 'brett anderson'. scorpio rising is the 1st single. from the press release, it seems like brett is aiming for a very low key release. btw, he looks like he's in some parisian apt doesn't he?]

brett anderson - europe is our playground (live in his apt)
[gorgeous and his voice is most reminiscent of classic suede. god i miss those days!]

brett anderson - song for my father (live in his apt)
[as you can see, brett has mellowed waaaaaay much. lovely song though]

brett anderson - beautiful (live in his apt)
[now he's just taking the piss... what's going on?]

update: 12/25

brett anderson - back to you

tv on the radio - i was a lover (world premiere)

tv on the radio - i was a lover
[you can probably tell that i'm slowly listening to these guys alot these days. honestly, "wolf like me" is one of my favorite songs of the year. well... hot on the heels of the last posting, TVOTR release this bizarre new video featuring wedding footage of a seemingly random couple sherry and mark. if this was re-enacted, then they are geniuses. if not, what the frick?!]

hear good music (and watch awesome videos): cornelius

fans of quirky pop electronica have long been privy to the genius of japanese artist cornelius (aka: Keigo Oyamada); a multi instrumentalist with a knack for mashing everyday sounds with layered bleeps and vocals.

but rather than alienating the listener with a self indulgent repetoire, cornelius creates a fun and wacky world that you can't wait to be a part of.

with influences that range from the beach boys to beck to my bloody valentine, when popping in his latest album 'sensuous', you can't help but anticipate that you're in for a bit of an aural treat.

here's a taster:

cornelius - music
[i love this song!!!! the video is just plain awesome! simple yet totally trippy and creative at the same time. it's just genius really, totally like the song]

cornelius - beep it
[once again a really simple yet hypnotic video. this time channelling a bit of daft punk with this song, then mixed in with a live version.]

cornelius - fit song
[the video is amazing!!!! stop motion never looked so good]

cornelius - gum
[not as catchy as 'music' but the vocal bleeps set to this rock-out track shows you the diversity of cornelius' madness]

check out justin timberlake in this snl viral video

SNL viral video (featuring justin timberlake) - d*** in a box
[kinda funny, but not hilarious]

Monday, December 18, 2006

(on the fence) hear good music: mika

the blog world has been going apeshit the past few weeks over the lebanese, but raised in paris/london, wunderkind singer/songwriter, mika.

i'm not quite sure if i'm on the fawning camp that many fans have sided on, but i have to admit that the songs are doggone catchy (think scissor sisters trying to make rufus wainwright music. the final results are interesting...but not quite perfect).

between you and me, mika reeks of record label tampering (his website features 6 songs that are all over the place in style, yet strangely familiar at the same time). but if success follows this young campy performer now, then i believe mika in three years time will be an exciting artist to go loopy for. decide for yourself.

check out the 1st video "grace kelly" (and some live performances) from his upcoming album life in cartoon motion here on yahoo music.

then check out more stuff below:

mika - relax, take it easy (live at ronnie scotts)
[so is he an electro pop act?...]

mika - grace kelly (live on jools holland)
[...or a piano playing swooon-inater? btw, this performance is too forced to be interesting. he's so lucky he's cute and has a crazy voice!]

mika - happy ending
[just cause i'm nice]

mika - love today
[finally, this song is the current theme song for the (r)ed campaign in the US, check out chris kattan and model alina get their groove on]

the shins - phantom limb (world premiere)

for one week only, mtvu will exclusively show the latest video, 'phantom limb' by the shins. the whole medieval fantasy theme is dorky, but i love these guys too much to care (click on the videos tab then do a search for 'shins, the' under artists).
[update, here's the youtube link!]
over at al gore's current tv, a project went underway with hundreds of concert goers asked to shoot the shins with their digital cameras and cel phones. the resulting concert footage can be seen on current tv.
here is the all eyes on the shins version of phantom limb.

seth cohen's phantom limb
[finally a fan of the OC posted clips of seth cohen's uber gay relationship with ryan set to the shins. it's silly, but i watched the whole thing reminiscing on how i used to love this show]

Sunday, December 17, 2006

merry xmas from wongies music world

for one week only, here is the xmas mix that i've made for all my friends this year. and since you've been so good to me in 06, i'm allowing you to grab this album for the next 7 days.

don't say i'm not in the giving spirit!

under the compilation name of 'pop pop', this vol contains some of my favorite xmas tunes ever mixed in with some brand new ones! enjoy

pop pop xmas 2006 (xmas in pop pop) [alt link]
1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Power Of Love
2. Ron Sexsmith – Maybe This Is Christmas
3. Sufjan Stevens – That Was The Worst Christmas Ever
4. Belle and Sebastian – O Come, O Come Emmanuel
5. Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas
6. Barenaked Ladies feat Sarah McLachlan – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
7. The Puppini Sisters – Jingle Bells
8. Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You
9. John Legend feat The Stephens Family – It Don’t Have To Change
10. Wham – Last Christmas
11. John and Yoko and the Plastic One Band with the Harlem Community Choir – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
12. Sufjan Stevens – O Holy Night
13. The Pogues feat Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York
14. Declan O’Rourke feat Nina Kinert – Christmas Wine
15. Leigh Nash – Wishing For This
16. Travis – The River
17. Kate Bush – Home For Christmas
18. The Carpenters – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
19. Low – Little Drummer Boy
20. Enya – Amid The Falling Snow
21. Abba – Happy New Year

i love imogen heap! watch her perform just for now live!

imogen heap - just for now(live on studio 11)
(alt link)
[i am a total sucker for the loop performance artist. watching acts like final fantasy and kt tunstall piece together full songs from one layer after another is just a total joy! now we can add the amazing imogen to the list. thanks to the awesome hipster blog i guess i'm floating]

justin timberlake - what goes around (comes around) (live on snl)

justin timberlake - what goes around (comes around) (live on snl)
[thanks to the awesome ali's blog for this posting... the song, as much as i like it, tell me this song doesn't sound like 'cry me a river' pt2]

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the fray - how to save a life (vers 2) (world premiere)

the fray - how to save a life
[what's the point of spending a crapload of money on a new video by mark pellington when it doesn't add anything to anything? the song is already a hit... duh people!]

Monday, December 11, 2006

Friday, December 08, 2006

sia returns with a new single and then some

it's like an early xmas present especially since i wasn't really looking for this. but within a 5 minute interval, i not only found two demos from sia that she leaked online, but also an internet only new single via itunes. all this is in preparation for her upcoming 2007 album which from the sounds of it, will be even more eclectic and larger than colour the small one. i can't wait!

sia - pictures (itunes link - go buy the new single already)
sia - little black sandals (demo)
[more along the lines of pictures]
sia - lentil (demo)
[amazing song! very much like breathe me]

if you want to hear more, the late greats music blog has sia's recent performance on kcrw.

fall in love with don juan dracula

back in early november, a friend of mine from oslo texted me and told me to check out a band that was in town for cmj. with high praise, a wacky name and the word 'camp' thrown in, how could i not check out the norwegian band don juan dracula?

luckily i did cause whatever moody funk i felt was quickly alleviated with this post glam, clad in white, rockin electro four piece. add to the fact that their solid songs incorporated hilarious choreography and some pyrotechnics, their awesome showcase basically won over the room by the end of the gig.

i'm just surprised that these guys don't have a bigger cult following outside of home turf. hopefully something good will come out of the gig that i saw (heck, even pitchfork liked it).

so i trolled the interweb and found some musical and video gems of DJD just for you:
like what you hear? buy the album

don juan dracula - take me home
[bunnies from outer space, celebrities from norway (or at least that's who i think they are) and self referential anime, what more do you want?]

here's one without a video:
don juan dracula - changing you, changing me
[my favorite song of the batch!]

don juan dracula - runaway with you
[the casio keyboard is in full effect and they look so happy at the end of the video! i just love it]

Don Juan Dracula - Fashion Girl (live)

the killers feat toni halliday - a great big sled (world premiere)

the killers feat toni halliday - a great big sled
[in conjunction with the (r)ed charity, this song is available for download on itunes. go do it cause you're a good person like that]

justin timberlake performs on the victoria's secret fashion show

if you missed JT's recent performance on this years victoria's secret fashion show, here he is again just for you.

but if you want to see the complete show, check out my pop culture blog, wongie's world, where i have the whole thing online.

part 1
[justin timberlake performs sexy back]

part 4
[justin timberlake performs two more tracks including my love]

i just love this song! tv on the radio - wolf like me

tv on the radio - wolf like me
[not much more to say about this awesome nyc band except that i love to jump around to this song in my room like i'm in a 80's new wave video. i'm a dork, i know!]

Thursday, December 07, 2006

bloc party - the prayer (world premiere)

they're baaack!

kele okereke and co are prepping the highly anticipated return of their post punk, post klub, post rock, post-post outfit bloc party.

back in the day, their debut album silent alarm was easily one of my favorites of 2004 and from the sounds of the 1st single, "the prayer", off of 'a weekend in the city', bloc party continue to be one of the more exciting talented bands around!

wanna see the video? check out the prayer exclusively on radio 1's zane lowe site (or until someone posts it on youtube!).

krush groove remixes! introducing hot remixer kyaal: beyonce - irreplaceable (kyaal remix) / ciara - promise (kyaal remix)

finally! irreplaceable is getting a much needed reworking. though it's not as drastic as a complete makeover, sweden's awesome bootleg remixer kyaal does offer up a nice 80's reggae groove for b.

beyonce - irreplaceable (kyaal remix) [alt link]

if you're feeling beyonce's remix, check out what kyaal does for ciara's promise! it's like the 80's never left! sweeeet!

ciara - promise (kyaal remix)

[update 12/7: check out this awesome performance of promise on trl. the vocals are mediocre, but damn that girl can dance!]

indie thursday: the format, silversun pickups, earlimart

the format - dog problems
[after being dropped by their label... twice, the format had the ultimate revenge by self releasing the best album of their career. ah love these stories! check out their latest video which is literally a hand-ful. (thanks to music for kids who can't read good for naming this one of his top 10 favorite songs of the year.)]

silversun pickups - lazy eye
[another 'music for kids who can't read good' top 10 fave, but i actually discovered this hipster blog fave by watching their video on mtv2 (whaaaat? they still play videos on tv?). the video is just a celebration of a bygone 70's youth era when girls looked like boys and boys looked like girls and all was good... kind of like now, but not really]

earlimart - we drink on the job
[classic earlimart circa 2003, but this is really to remind you that the wonderful band have just finished their new album and offered three tracks via their site for fans to check out! if you're too lazy ass, here they are via pitchfork:
never mind the phonecalls
don't you think about me
everybody knows everybody

this one is just for the fans: gwen stefani yummy remixes

don't know where he gets it, but the pop blog chris picks has offered up some remixes of gwen stefani's milkshake rip off song yummy.

these don't sound like official remixes (anything would improve on this song at this point), but they're interesting enough for the time being. like i said, this one is strictly for the fans...
yummy (shine like this remix)
yummy (disco tetris remix)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hear good music: scott matthews

the comparisons to jeff buckley will be plentiful, but there are worse things for a debut singer songwriter from wolverhampton to called these days. scott matthews is the most recent of talented male artists that seem to be popping out of the uk this year (paolo nutini and james morrison being the other two), but can you claim to have a world renowned tabla artist as the musical thread of your debut album? scott does.

after independently releasing his album passing stranger in early 06, a label bidding war (in which island records won) has allowed scott to be repackaged and re-released with bigger fanfare this season (hey it made my blip!).

hopefully it'll make yours. check out two of his videos below:

scott matthews - elusive
[if jose gonzales actually wrote interesting self-penned music, channeling the spirit of jeff buckley, then this would be the end result. though that sounds like a dis, i really really love this song!]

scott matthews - dream song
[the new single and video, radio 1 seems to be on the bandwagon (currently on their c-list), so hopefully it'll be a good boost.]

want more? here's scott doing a live performance of sweet scented figure

new video wednesday: james morrison, jay-z, danity kane

james morrison - the pieces don't fit anymore
[the guy definitely deserves his own hear good music spot, but i'm just too lazy to make one for him today (maybe next week). love him and this 50's-esque doo wap soul song to bits though.]

jay z feat chrisette michele - lost one
[one of the better tunes off his mediocre kingdom come album. i don't know about you, but the whole album just sounds like a rush job]

danity kane - ride for you
[there's something really false about these girls, but then again they're released by diddy so what would you expect. i keep on thinking that someone rooted in honest talent might have made this song an amazing experience...remake this someone!]

Monday, December 04, 2006

amerie - take control (world premiere)

amerie - take control
[the song is ok (produced by cee-lo), but she's so darn pretty that it doesn't matter...thanks to ali's blog]

speaking of which, if you haven't listened to amerie's hot, and now rare, mixtape 'because i love it' (which also features a preview of her upcoming 2007 album), you should definitely try to download it at various online mixtape sites (that's what google is for y'all).

but here is easily my fave song on the bootleg
amerie - that's what you are

Friday, December 01, 2006

it's a sufjan stevens kind of friday

had a pretty draining day and part of my unwind was tracking down a few online gems of sufjan stevens. as you probably know, his latest album songs for christmas came out a few weeks back and it's chock full of gorgeous xmas variations of holiday songs. to get you in the zone of what i've been feeling today, here is a live concert version of "the worst xmas ever"

sufjan stevens - that was the worst christmas ever (live)

another check out another track from his xmas album just cause i'm so nice
o holy night

[update 12/7: perez hilton (of all people) just posted this new vid from sufjan's xmas album!]

finally here's something completely different

sufjan stevens - john wayne gacy jr.
[a spec video of what i feel is his best song ever!]