Saturday, February 03, 2007

FAVE video of the week: snow patrol - open your eyes

snow patrol - open your eyes
[oh my god this is just plain brilliant!!! shot in 1976, the images for this video actually come from a short film called "C'├ętait un Rendezvous" by the french filmmaker Claude Lelouch. the director has never allowed the footage to be used for any purposes (making it a cult film in the process) until now. add to the fact that it fits perfectly to snow patrol's single. amazing really!]

claude lelouch - c'etait un rendez vous (1976)
[because i'm such a film nerd, here is the full experience! shot during a 5:30am drive through paris, this is just crazy how fast the driver went that day (this was shot in a single take with NO editing whatsoever). which makes the ending completely dramatic and all the more beautiful.]

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