Friday, May 25, 2007

cannes 2007: les chansons pop du festival

it's official, cannes 2007 is finally over for me and though i will leave with less filmic highlights than in previous years, there have been a few surprisingly conventional films that i have a feeling will end up on my year-end list.

but since this is a music blog, i thought i'd share with you some of the pop songs that have been accompanying me (whether i liked them or not) during this hectic fest.

shym - t'es parti
[catchy mid tempo r&b track from one of the contestants of nouvelle star. looks like there's some buzz around this girl. truthfully i was too tired to find out.]

emmanuel moire - ca me fait tu bien
[cutie that sings songs that remind of the simplistic chinese ballads that i grew up listening to.]

enur feat natasja - calabria 2007
[this song was everywhere. using the calabria track and throwing on a completely new vocal over it, this one works so much better than that other version that features crystal waters.]

christophe mae - on s'attache
[from theater to the pop world, there is something wonderfully sweet about his voice. definitely works for me.]

superbus - lola
[kind of cool band with an indie edge, but not quite...]

christophe willem - double je
[last year's nouvelle star winner sings like the french cousin of mika and the scissor sisters. it's weird but i like it!]

lord kossity feat chico - hotel room
[absolutely nothing original here, but they play this song everywhere and it's filtered into my conscious. oh well...]

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