Tuesday, May 01, 2007

hear good music: josh pyke

taking up the guitar at a young age, singer/songwriter josh pyke quickly found popularity back in 2005 when the influential australian station triple J pinpointed him as an artist to watch. his subsequent singles all ended up on their year-end list and culminated to josh's nomination in the ARIA's as one of the best pop artists in australia for 2006. all this from his feeding the wolves EP!

with the recent release of his 1st full length album memories and dust, josh is also extending his popularity and is taking his gentle sweet vocals over to UK touring with the awesome scott matthews. hopefully his label will want to push him stateside so we can check him out in the US soon.

josh pyke - middle of the hill
[check out the single that caught my attention a few months back. autobiographical and catchy, no wonder the aussies went loopy so quickly]

josh pyke - memories & dust
[title track to his full length album, there is just a hint of crowded house here; and that's a good thing!]

josh pyke - lines on palms
[josh's latest single in australia. enjoy!]

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