Saturday, June 23, 2007

new video saturday: yeah yeah yeahs, the go team, lupe fiasco, david ford, kevin michael, young joc, mims vs rihanna

yeah yeah yeahs - down boy
[taken off their forthcoming EP isis, this awesome track was one of the b-sides recorded while they were on the road for their last tour. personally i think it deserves to be on a proper album!]

the go! team - grip like a vice [link 2]
[i have to admit that sometimes the soundclash of the go team really get on my nerves. but i still like em!]

lupe fiasco - he say she say
[love him!]

david ford - go to hell [link 2]
[it's been almost 2 years since singer/songwriter david ford's debut i sincerely apologise for all the things i've done was released. in between he's toured with kt tunstall, elvis costello and gomez. this song is the 1st release of his as yet untitled follow up album. can't wait!]

kevin michael - vicki secrets
[there's something kind of borderline twee about this artist, but then the groove and that smooth voice kicks in and all is forgiven.]

kevin michael - it don't make any difference to me
[more from this cutie patootie]

young joc - coffee shop [link 2]
[hot new song! thanks to ifmv for the tip]

mims vs rihanna - like this umbrella (tizwarz remix)
[i wasn't a big fan of the mims original, but somehow with rihanna as the background beat, it's not half bad!]

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