Tuesday, August 21, 2007

live wongie: interpol, final fantasy, kt tunstall

interpol - mammoth [link 2]
[so they're saying this is the official video for interpol's 2nd single off their our love to admire album, but i'm not quite sure about that. if it is, then, woohoo video premiere! nevertheless, this was recorded live at the astoria in london, so enjoy!]

final fantasy - cliquot (beirut cover) [link 2]
[final fantasy is obviously a big fan of beirut (and vice versa since they tour together all the time), but to do a cover of an unreleased song from beirut's upcoming album the flying club cub, now that's love! check out owen's beautiful cover as he performs it live at le divan du monde in paris. big thanks to deaf indie elephants and musicslut for the tip and then some!]

kt tunstall - funnyman (live) [link 2]
[from her upcoming album drastic fantastic, check out this exclusive t4 performance of the new track 'funnyman' featuring her wonderful backup singers Gita Harcourt and Cat Sforza (the harmonies on this are killer!)]

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