Thursday, October 11, 2007

3 happy videos for the day: regina spektor, catherine feeny, tunng

regina spektor - better [link 2]
[though the album is almost 2 years old, regina spektor's begin to hope still continues to give the gift of music. people just can't stop discovering songs on their own and the fact that her label is still comissioning new videos is a real testament in this age of throwaway artist. one of my fave songs off the album gets a cute/creepy visual undertaking!]

catherine feeny - mr blue [link 2]
[like regina spektor, the 2 year old album hurricane glass, by philly (via london) singer songwriter catherine feeny continues to find new fans who are discovering her songs via word of mouth. hopefully this posting will boost a few more fans in the process.]

tunng - bullets [link 2]
[there's something about these art school 'folktronica' guys that really draw me to them, but they just haven't been able to come up with a single that'll take them to the next level. perhaps this one from their latest album good arrows will do the trick. btw, i totally love this video!]


songbird said...

Glad to see Catherine Feeny getting some love! Her song "I Come Home" is stunningly beautiful.

xolondon said...

Not sure Regina is going to beat off the Tori comparisons with that doll posse in the video...