Thursday, October 11, 2007

my 10 favorite songs of the mo: paddy casey, yoav, newton faulkner, adele, rogue wave, fink, brandi carlile, kate walsh, emmy the great, david ford

for the past few weeks i've been meaning to share the following songs that have been swirling in my ears via the ipod. perfectly capturing my street/travel soundtrack and my mood for the fall, these 10 acts have broken through my playlist to be my favorite tunes of the moment.

rather than write long bios (and therefore take longer to post this), i've supplied their videos and their wikipedia links (if you want to find out more about them). for now, just let the music do the talking.

hope you like my 10 fave songs of the mo in no particular order!

paddy casey - addicted to company [link 2]

yoav - beautiful lie [link 2]

newton faulkner - all i got [link 2]

adele - hometown glory [link 2]

rogue wave - lake michigan [link 2]

fink - this is the thing [link 2]

brandi carlile - turpentine [link 2]

kate walsh - your song [link 2]

emmy the great - easter parade [link 2]

david ford - decimate [link 2]


Anonymous said...

Nice blog and great post...i was looking for Adele and i'm dicovreing ten great guitar tunes

songbird said...

Thanks for introducing me to some great new songs/artists! I hadn't heard of most of them before, so this post was a big treat.