Saturday, December 29, 2007

wongie top songs of 2007: (honorable mention) sugarland - stay

sugarland - stay [link 2]
[NOTE: WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST! ok, i'm kind of cheating here since i just discovered this song about an hour ago (it was late and they were showing a repeat of the 2007 CMA awards), but their live performance just blew me away. then i go online and i find myself watching the emotional video for this song a few times and BAM! i'm a new fan! i'm not the only one, sugarland members jennifer nettles and her partner kristian bush have released a surprise smash that has not only brought back their 2006 album into the top 20 this week but also non-country music listeners, like me, into their world. call me a cheeseball, but this song really works!]

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