Thursday, February 14, 2008

on the rader 2008: mgmt - time to pretend (video premiere)

mgmt - time to pretend [link 2]
[what a wonderfully trippy video! brooklyn pumps out yet another hipster band that is buzzing all over the place. made of of ben goldwasser and andrew vanWyngarden, the duo met at uni back in 2002 and over the years crafted the epic psychedelic pop that you hear today. i can't believe there's all this great new music out these days... and it's only FEBRUARY!]


Dave said...

We wrote a little article on 'Time to Pretend', you can find it here. There most certainly is some good music out at the minute, and it's good to see groups like MGMT make it big - Oracular Spectacular is a class album.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you re-up this?