Friday, April 11, 2008

happy j-pop friday: namie amuro - what a feeling (video premiere)

namie amuro - what a feeling [link 2]
[trust me, i haven't followed asian music (let alone j-pop) in ages, but every now and then, i like to dip my feelers into eastern waters and check out what is making waves over there. currently the 'empress of j-pop', namie amuro, is sitting happy at the #1 spot with an interesting single called '60's 70's 80's'. coinciding with a massive vidal sassoon campaign, three tunes were recorded with the musical essence of each era and then used as the main theme for various hair ads (don't act all shocked, acts are doing it here too!). my favorite of the lot is a bit of a tranny train wreck called "what a feeling" (and yes, the chorus rips from flashdance). a nice bit of 80's electro j-pop for your friday!]

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AJ said...

Check out Play, her album from last year. It's got some hot stuff on it.