Sunday, April 18, 2010

AD MUSIC: edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - home (kin ad)

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - home
[well obviously this online ad campaign filtered through into my consciousness. hawking a new microsoft phone called 'kin', the whole setup is this idea of 'real' facetime with your facebook friends. so they send this hipster chick across america to meet people that she generally has acquiantance-like friendships with and see if they really are her 'friends'. of course using this phone will somehow help her on this journey. anyway, the tv campaign also utilizes this concept that the phone will bring people together and creates this rustic feel good family country vibe that sadly speaks to me in volumes. much has to do with the song. so if you catch yourself feeling a smidgen sentimental when watching this, you gotta give manipulation kudos to the people that came up with the whole campaign.]

the tv ad

the online ad

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