Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LIVE WONGIE: mumford and sons feat dharohar project - to darkness / lover of the light (live)

[as we reported earlier, mumford and sons went with laura marling last year on a 5 city tour of india. while there, they did a cultural recording project with the rajasthani folk collective dharohar project, reworking each others songs which were then released last week on itunes. the result is not only captivating, but further showcases the talents of these acts. check out the extended clip of their journey from the upcoming doc goodbye india below:]

goodbye india
if you like what you see, the guardian has another scene from the doc. just remember to come back!]

mumford and sons feat dharohar project - to darkness
[just sublime. i'm sure the live version would be amazing!]

mumford and sons - lover of the light (live @ bangalore)
[while on tour, mumford offered up a new song for their audience. the song is just epic!]

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