Monday, September 27, 2010

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: ed drewett - champagne lemonade

ed drewett - champagne lemonade
[fans of professor green's "need you tonight" should have noticed the cutie patootie (and a dead ringer for a hot young eminem) vocalist ed drewett who offered the catchy INXS hook inspired chorus. well, fast forward 6 months and ed is ready to release his debut collection of songs co-written by producers who have penned hits for lily allen, kylie, robbie williams and cheryl cole. his 1st single is written by ex-xenomania's tim powell (hence the insane catchy track) and its catchy! let the ed drewett hype begin!]

ed drewett - champagne lemonade (swing version)
[omg, i think i'm in love]

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