Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ADELE MOMENT: adele - NPR tiny desk concert (someone like you / chasing pavements / rolling in the deep)

adele - tiny desk concert (someone like you / chasing pavements / rolling in the deep)
[love this breakdown from the NPR folks:

"There's no one way to define a great voice: Genius might lie in the phrasing, the range, the power, the control, the words themselves, or some sort of indescribable something else. But one way to diagnose genius for sure is to have a singer walk into a crowded room with little to no accompaniment, open his or her mouth, and command breathless attention in a matter of seconds.

Moments before performing, Adele breezed up to our makeshift stage with little fanfare, and proceeded to blaze through her set without so much as bothering to take off her gloves. Between songs, she showcased the mile-wide chasm between her mesmerizing singing voice and her far less polished speaking voice, occasionally even unleashing a truly magnificent cackle. At 22, Adele still isn't quite fully formed as an artist — which, after witnessing this set, is really saying something. She may well get even better, and even now, she's a marvel."]

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Erin said...

Thanks for the video! Adele owns every situation she's put in and always sounds amazing! Have you seen her performance on Iheartradio? Definitely worth checking out. http://www.mydrivefm.com/cc-common/stripped/adelelive/