Thursday, February 03, 2011

WONGIE DISCOVERY: sea of bees - marmalade / wizbot / willis / gnomes

julie baenziger aka sea of bees, is just the kind of self taught singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist that guys like me flock to. discovered by accident, julie was tinkering away on a guitar while hanging with friends recording at a studio. the studio owner heard something interesting and asked julie to put some songs down in demo form. the subsequent recordings were so dense and polished that they released the tracks as is under EP format. since then, 'sea of bees' has not only signed with indie major heavenly records, but is spreading her sound with the release of her debut album 'songs for the ravens'. a sound that i am very happy to discover and share with you guys! (thanks ken for the tip!)

sea of bees - marmalade
[first single off her debut album]

sea of bees - wizbot

sea of bees - willis
[i'm a sucker for these layered songs where every few segments a new element gets introduced, then stripped down, then returning again in cacophony form. i know, i'm SUCH a music nerd, but what is happening in this song is just glorious!]

sea of bees - gnomes
[this is actually the first track i ever heard by julie (thanks to my muso buddy ken) and it was the country tinged longing that swims through every note of this song that drew me to find out more. and boy am i glad i did!]

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