Monday, November 07, 2011

WE HEART BEN HOWARD!: ben howard - the fear / keep your head up / old pine (live) / the fear (live @ secret sessions)

there definitely seems to be a 'moment' buzz circling around singer/songwriter ben howard these days (or maybe it's just in my world ;), but the music of ben is tapping just perfectly into our daily soundtrack and hopefully should be part of your world too. check out three amazing gems from his glorious album 'every kingdom' below:

ben howard - the fear
[brand new single and we LOVE it!]

ben howard - keep your head up
[to think that i never posted anything of ben on this blog til now! guess i've been hogging him to myself these past few months! this track is easily my fave (with an awesome video to boot)!]

ben howard - old pine (live @ watch listen tell)
[another gem from the awesome ben!]

ben howard - the fear (live @ secret sessions)
[a reprise of the wonderful 'the fear' this time in acoustic mode! hope you can have a nice cup of morning coffee with this lovely performance and mini interview with the ever talented ben howard! oh how we love him!]

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