Saturday, March 17, 2012

NEW GOSSIP!: gossip - perfect world

gossip - perfect world
[returning with new material since 2009, gossip are back and sounding more mature than ever (call me crazy, but i kind of hear fleetwood mac here). with an upcoming album called 'joyful noise', the collection originally started as a collaboration with mark ronson and eventually moved to the UK with the xenomania crew. it's an interesting mix and from the sounds of the 1st release, gossip are focusing on slow burns as opposed to their instant reaction past hits. i dig!]


Flavourforhire said...

Do I have chub fetish? I can't stop loving Beth, Adele and Alison Moyet.
Love gossip. I can definitely see Stevie Nicks in Beth.

wongie said...

nothing wrong with loving a full figured woman! it's all good ;)