Friday, June 08, 2012

WE HEART FLORENCE!: florence and the machine - spectrum (calvin harris remix) / feat josh homme - jackson

florence and the machine - spectrum (say my name)(calvin harris remix)
[i'm not too big of a fan of the original song (which you can see below), so when i heard the wonderful calvin harris remix, i was TOTALLY floored how he enhanced the track into a summer floor filler. just genius!]

florence and the machine feat josh homme - jackson
[OMG the voices of josh homme and flo covering this johnny cash song is sick! SICK!!! i LOVE this cover!]

florence and the machine - spectrum (say my name) [maybe cause this sounds too much like a track from the sessions of the last album, but the song just leaves me cold. doesn't help that david lachapelle offers up an uninspired video (ballet dancers dance around flo! how creative!) meh...]

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