Saturday, June 09, 2012

WEEKEND CATCH UP: kelly clarkson - dark side / princess of china (coldplay bbc radio live lounge cover) / feat jordan merideth - mama's broken heart (miranda lambert cover)

kelly clarkson - dark side
[out for awhile and i figured i'd do a bit of catch up over the weekend just in case you haven't seen this video yet!]

kelly clarkson - princess of china (coldplay cover) (bbc radio live lounge)
[oh my gosh she sounds so good! and it's SO much better than the original!]

kelly clarkson feat jordan meredith - mama's broken heart (miranda lambert DUETS cover)
[taken from the current singing contest 'duets' kelly not only mentors the talented jordan meredith, but sings on stage with her! check out this awesome cover of the miranda lambert hit!]

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