Sunday, July 21, 2013

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: laura welsh - cold front

laura welsh - cold front
directed and choreographed by daniel 'cloud' campos and tamara levinson-campos (tamara is also the dancer in the video), their simple yet captivating video (the interaction between shadow and body is crazy awesome) only highlights the hauntingly lovely tune by UK singer/songwriter laura welsh. already being touted as a next gen jessie ware, laura is definitely on the right track with beautiful songs like this.

want more? check out this equally mesmerizing but more 70's remix of "cold front" below:

laura welsh - cold front (cfcf remix)

can't get enough? check out this lovely tune released by laura earlier this year co-penned by hot producer dev hynes (who did the awesome mutya keisha siobhan song "flatline")

laura welsh - unravel

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