Thursday, February 12, 2015

HOT SOUNDTRACK: the music of 50 shades of grey - and where they are placed in the film (feat annie lennox, laura welsh, ellie goulding, the weeknd, sia, beyonce, vaults and skylar gray)

whatever you think of the upcoming 50 shades of grey film, you can't deny that the soundtrack is pretty darn sexy with a good cross section of solid tracks to fulfill all your BDSM scenarios (heck it's heading to #1 on the billboard charts!)

but if you wanna know where these lovely songs fit in conjunction with the film (which i've just seen) here is your spoiler filled breakdown for those who can't wait until tomorrow to find out!

annie lennox - i put a spell on you
featured in the opening credits introducing both christian grey (jamie dornan) and anastasia steele (dakota johnson) to the world, we also get a good look at grey's impressive tie collection and ana's vw beetle!

laura welsh - undiscovered
laura's wonderful track is sadly placed as background music as ana and her roommate kate babble on about the interview where our heroine first meets her future spanker.

the weeknd - earned it
christian takes ana on a helicopter ride! she's trying to keep her swoon in check (lips are bit), but little does she know it's to sign the non-disclosure agreement for what's to come!

sia - salted wound
after finding out about ana's V card, christian decides to show her a great first time... and it's like, TENDER!

beyonce - crazy in love
after a few times in the sack, ana finally gets to go into the REDRUM and uh oh... we've started getting tied up for sex now!

ellie goulding - love me like you do
no sex! grey takes ana for a car ride and it's a great and gasp, normal date kind of day for all!

vaults - one last night
um... they have sex again...

skylar grey - i know you
the big reveal to how ana feels about all this gets said and bam! it's time for the credits!

well there you have it! it's like watching the movie right? want more? check out the full soundtrack below:

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