Friday, October 09, 2015

WONGIE VIDEO(s) OF THE WEEK: bear's den - elysium / agape

bear's den - elysium
this beautiful video by james marcus haney was initially a celebration of the lyrics of UK act bear's den by spending some time documenting james' brother turner, over a university weekend. what was initially a video about youth and innocence turned into a real life tragedy as a gunman shot and killed one of turner's friends leading to the raw documentation that we see here. it's moving and brilliant added with the gorgeous soundtrack by the lovely indie folk band.

bear's den - elysium (live @ vevo dscvr)
and just to prove how lovely these lads are, check out a live performance of this touching song just for you!

oh and check out their other gem 'agape' directed by ed sayers which is lovely too!

bear's den - agape

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