Friday, February 19, 2016

A NEW WEEK! PLAYS with Wongie: Zak Abel - Say Sumthin

PLAYS with Wongie: Zak Abel - Say Sumthin
so it looks like we're gonna try to make this PLAYS series a weekly gathering! last week nadia brought the sweet storied voice of brandi carlile to you guys, now it's my turn as i kind of turn up the 90's soul jam, refurbished into the very modern "say sumthin" by the 20 year old uk act zak abel.

though we're not too far from a proper debut album release, zak has been busy lending his vocals to hits by gorgon city & joker last year. but what i'm bringing you is a gem from his EP 'one hand on the future' which features this amazing tune that one can't help but bop heavily to.

i'm a total fanboy, and it looks like i found a new convert in nadia too. just press play and see us seat dancing... it's not a pretty sight! enjoy!

rather than watch us growl alot of 'ughs' and jam like dorks, why not listen to zak abel sing this awesome song during an eton messy session? press play below:

zak abel - say sumthin (em sessions)

if you like what you hear, remember to check out more of zak's music on your fave streaming site.

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