Tuesday, June 21, 2016


birdy - words
as the official 3rd single off her album 'beautiful lies', i have to admit that i haven't been as vocal about these releases as i've been of birdy's work in the past. call it a case of good music that just falls by the wayside of 'sexier' releases, but every time i hear tracks from this album i think to myself 'i must talk about it', then forget. well... forget no more as the latest track is a gorgeous ballad (co-written by aussie conrad sewell) that showcases the 20 year old's maturing confidence in her vocal styles. i gotta say, i've been playing this a few times already!

but don't think I haven't been listening to birdy, for those following my carmix 2016, you'll be well versed in these lovely remixes of birdy tracks below (which i've been listening to more than the originals)

birdy - wild horses (matrix & futurebound remix)

birdy - keeping your head up (jonas blue remix)

birdy - wild horses (sam feldt remix)

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