Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WE HEART ISAAC GRACIE: isaac gracie - all in my mind / reverie / last words

isaac gracie - all in my mind

isaac gracie - reverie

isaac gracie - last words
yeah... can you tell i'm a fan? around the beginning of 2016 i heard a diy track by an unsigned singer/songwriter named isaac gracie that easily made my year end list. simple yet vulnerable, turns out i wasn't the only one that was floored by the debut, isaac quickly got signed to a major and has since put out two glorious EPs capturing his wonderful vocals while adding some proper orchestration to back this young talent (he's only 21 people!). collected here kicks off his latest single 'all in my mind', then moves into one of my fave songs of the year 'reverie' and then the track that started it all 'last words'. so yeah... we heart isaac gracie SO MUCH!!!

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