Thursday, May 03, 2018

WONGIE POP SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: shawn mendes - in my blood / lost in japan / youth (feat khalid)

shawn mendes - in my blood
[UPDATE 4/24: here is the video premiere of shawn mendes single (finally!)]
welcome to the power ballad section of the shawn mendes discography! at it's midnight release fans were given a nice surprise new single that starts off like an acoustic ballad but kicks into full on rock pop territory that showcases a possible more adventurous direction with his upcoming album. we shall see, until then, play. swoon. repeat.

shawn mendes - lost in japan
a week later, shawn gave his best soulful pop presentation in the form of 'lost in japan', offering a breezy jam that is more than what basic folks are calling a JT knockoff. this song is just a solid number that easily will play through the rest of the summer. love this!!

shawn mendes feat khalid - youth
[UPDATE 5/3: check out the lyric video of the new track which also features khalid]

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