Tuesday, April 18, 2006

gnarls barkley (again!)

it's finally come! the gnarls barkley phenomenom has hit mega proportions. with a #1 UK single (from downloading alone!) and one of the most anticipated albums of the year, it's amazing that it's taken so long for all of this to finally happen (if you know nothing of this band, check out my previous posting about them back in feb.

thanks to stereogum for passing this hot rendition on the Uk's TOTP via myspace

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

or check out the video:
gnarls barkley - crazy

personally, i've been listening to highlights from the new album and these are the ones that i keep on returning to.

gnarls barkley - just a thought (this has to be the next single. the beats alone is worth cranking up the stereo for)
gnarls barkley - smiley faces
gnarls barkley - storm coming

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