Wednesday, November 01, 2006

hear good music: gomez

after hyping throwaway pop singles/acts for the past month, i decided that at least once a week, i need to go back to talking about acts that deserve some coverage (though don't expect some crazy hipster 1st-in-line introduction to hot underground blog-friendly new acts, there are 1000 of those blogs around!)

the band that have been on my high rotation this week are gomez. though the quintet have been around for a good decade, their blend of quirky roots rock meets retro soul has always allowed me to appreciate them but not go apeshit over their sound.

even when i heard that they got dropped by their label last year, i was a bit ambivalent to what happened. then about two weeks ago, i was on a ride upstate to look at foliage and the song "see the world" came on the radio. the song resonated so strongly that i went on a gomez rampage just to get reacquainted with their music.

turns out their latest album 'how we operate' was not only recorded with outside producer gil norton (pixies), but also under very limited budget resources, meaning they went into the studio knowing exactly what songs to record.

the final result is amazing. streamlined, mature and emotional, 'how we operate' is not only their most widely appealing album to date, but the guys don't sound like a hodge podge posse anymore.

i'm a newfound fan.

gomez - see the world

gomez - how we operate
(also featured on the grey's anatomy soundtrack)

gomez - girlshapedlovedrug

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