Tuesday, July 25, 2006

justin timberlake - sexyback world premiere

video stills from the sexyback shoot. JT is all seriuos and shizz...

the highly anticipated sexyback video by justin timberlake world premiered on trl and mtv's overdrive today (US only). shot by michael hausmann (madonna's take a bow), the video was filmed in barcelona with a cast of sexy people posing around while JT goes from hallway to room to corridor to bathroom stalls and eventually the bed of a hot spanish babe.

apparently there's a plot line, but i couldn't tell from the heavy editing.

decide for yourself if you like the video or not, but it's worth a look see no matter what. as for the rest of you not living the states, here is the youtube version just cause i'm so nice!

justin timberlake - sexy back

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