Saturday, February 03, 2007

hear good music: loney, dear

meticulously recorded in his stockholm apartment, the swedish popster loney, dear (aka Emil Svanängen) finally releases his 1st major label debut loney, noir via the influential subpop records.

though emil has single handedly sold thousands of copies of self-recorded cd-r's to his fans back home, the buzz around him is starting to swell into sweet indie world proportions with good press stemming from the uk and now the states. with music that is at once dreamy, exhilarating, melancholic and innocent, on stage, loney dear transforms into a seven man band with each member playing various instruments.

based on a few mp3 listens, i've already purchased my tickets for their march show in nyc! definitely my fave new band of the month!

loney, dear - i am john
[off the debut album loney, noir, this is the song that introduced me to the band. looove it!]

loney, dear - the city, the airport (live performance)(CSS remix)
[taken from his previous album solonge, this is a good idea of what to expect from loney, dear live. is it just me or does everyone travel in a band of like 10 people these days?]

loney, dear - i love you (in with the arms)(live performance)
[he gets all manic a la damien rice, and that's a good thing!]

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