Thursday, June 21, 2007

partners in crime: kelly clarkson & reba mcentire

reba mcentire feat kelly clarkson - because of you [link 2]
[who'd have thought that one of country music's grand dames is having a part in helping out kelly clarksons currently tenuous career? not only that but this version ain't half bad! the video is wonderfully dramatic and kelly clarkson actually looks pretty. now why couldn't her upcoming album my december have some proper gems like this?]

kelly clarkson feat reba mcentire - since you been gone (live @ cmt crossroads) [link 2]
[seriously they should go on a co-headlining tour. moms and their daughters will bond the world over!]

kelly clarkson & reba mcentire - does he love you (live @ american idol 1st season finale)
[the first time they met... look at that hairdo on kelly!]

kelly clarkson gets locked out of her car just after having dinner with reba!


Anonymous said...

You actually think Because of you is better than some of her new stuff? Wow.

wongie said...

compared to 'never enough' or 'sober'... well, yeah!