Thursday, August 02, 2007

on the fence: the go! team - doing it right

the go! team - doing it right [link 2]
[i have always been on the fence with the go! team. though i really love the fact that band leader ian parton created their distinct sound of merging heavy guitars with double dutch and car crash noises in his basement, i honestly can't go through a whole album without the music getting on my last nerves. one minute it's like cheerleaders on crack, the next it's a retro 70's movie spinning round and round and round and round (you get the picture). but when it works, it's almost magical. case in point, their latest single "doing it right" seems to represent a bright and hopeful britannica youth of the 60's. it's enough to make you want to take a time machine and grow a beehive! if you like this, get ready for more when their upcoming album proof of youth drops in september.]

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The second download link is also dead.