Sunday, March 23, 2008

live wongie: duffy / adele (3/17)

i swear it felt like my birthday came early, when i managed to get into both the duffy and adele showcase last monday (thank you akemi and erica!)

sold out way in advance, it was a real shame that both of these talents were on at the same night because inevitably you had to compare the two back to back.

first up was the lovely duffy performing with a full band at the hiro ballroom.

with her album rockferry due for a major US release in may, a larger percentage of attendees were fans familiar with her current UK success AND a contigent of high powered label folks (the amount of escalades at the entrance gave it away) that wanted to see how she does in front of a packed crowd.

dressed in a simple black dress, the songstress gave a polished performance that showcased her dynamic northern soul vocals, making every highlight from the album even better live. purring her love of new york city, the crowd just ate it up.

check out her opening song rockferry performed live here (warning BAD camerawork and crappy audio. but even then the lady performs perfectly)

or if you can't deal with shoddy framing, here is an idea of her performance through bbc radio 2's music club:

duffy - serious (live @ radio 2 - music club) [link 2]

after 7 songs, i hopped out of the club and crossed town to joe's pub to check out adele.

different in vocal style, but like duffy, firmly appreciative of their soul/jazz musical influences, adele showed up on stage, apologised for having a bad cold and then went on to rip through a setlist of songs predominantly acoustic (if this is what a 'cold' voice sounds like, imagine a healthy fully functional one!)

happily cackling when she caught herself saying silly things, adele gave proper introductions before each song, explaining that she likes to do acoustic tours first because then people can appreciate the songs more when they hear the fully orchestrated album (which she announced will be released through columbia records in the US!).

check out her gorgeous redition of bob dylans "to make you feel my love" below!

adele - to make you feel my love (live @ joe's pub)[link 2]

so which performance did i end up enjoying more? to be fair, i didn't finish duffy's full set, but i think deep down i'm more on camp adele only cause i like the 'realness' she projected (heck, she said f**k a few times when she felt silly). both deserve massive love stateside and i can't wait to see them again in the coming months.

but what a night!

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