Sunday, March 23, 2008

the nike "my better is better than your better" song: saul williams - list of demands

nike - my better is better than your better
[i'm usually not a bit nike as fan, but here is yet another example of how a song can perfectly create an instant connection with it's audience, and may even inspire new ones (heck, i even wanted to go running for 30 seconds!)]

saul williams - list of demands (webrip) [link 2]
[this song is ferocious! produced by trent reznor (NIN), saul has independantly released his album the inevitable rise and liberation of niggy tardust! sold directly off his website, the bargain basement price of $5 USD (in either 192/256kbs or FLAC DRM free format), making it totally worth it (especially with an album this good).]


Arnault said...

I dont love that song. but what i love is the Robyn/Jenny Wilson cover of the same track.
Jenny Wilson is crazy and great!

Anonymous said...


Whats the song in this commercial?


wongie said...

found the track and will post it now