Thursday, March 06, 2008

on the radar 2008: santogold - l.e.s. artistes

santogold - l.e.s. artistes [link 2]

i much prefer this remixed version below:
santogold - l.e.s. artistes (xxxchange remix) [link 2]

[like a mix between MIA and yeah yeah yeahs (fact checkers - it's true, ALL of these acts consider brooklyn home these days), santogold (aka santi white) has everyone talking about her fresh approach to music. part rapper, part vocalist and all sass, santogold's fuses everything from synth beats to reggae to rock in order to fit her unique catchy sound. with an album due next month, you'll definitely be hearing more from this act this year.]


Arnault said...

You should check the xxxchange remix. its really really good.
Love the track. The video is good, but the pastiche of "Holy mountain" is actually more of a copy!

wongie said...

arnault... it's there mate!