Friday, March 07, 2008

can't get this outta of my head: chris brown - with you (plus some sweet cover versions!)

chris brown - with you [link 2]
[obsessed i am! i listen to it in the morning, i hear it on ipods in subways, i sing along to it in the shower! it's been out for eons (ok since december), but i still can't forget it. damn you stargate for producing this catchy track! oh, the video is all over the place, so just listen to the song. happy weekend kids!]

check out some of the killer cover versions out, these are my faves:

ingram hill - with you (cover)
[i love how the 2nd guitarist kicks the lead singer to start off this sweet sweet cover (with a bit of down-south americana thrown in!)]

boyceavenue - with you (cover)
[lowered the key, but he sounds amazing!]

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renrut said...

For me... one of the catchiest tracks of 2007.. from the minute I heard it. And I still love it! Cheers.