Tuesday, April 01, 2008

bjork - wanderlust (video premiere)

just case you can't see the video, go here (but remember to come back!)

bjork - wanderlust (ratatat remix) [link 2]
[OMG! if you think this 2D version directed by encyclopedia pictura is amazing, imagine seeing the 7 min masterpiece in 3D!!!! (if you're obsessed like i am, then go to this site to find out where they will screen the 3D version in a city near you, during record store day on the 19th of april.) now as amazing as this video is, i have to say that i'm more partial with the ratatat remix of the song, which is why i share that version with you. gosh, i'm nice!]

want more? check out the NY Times piece here, plus a making of video below:

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